The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 305

Chapter 305

Elizabeth goes into the living room, seeing Brian sitting on the sofa holding their son. As Tylor and her girls sit with him watching tv. Joan just stands in the back of her, smiling.

“Well isn’t that a wonderful picture.” Joan states.

“It sure is. All the people I love together, and getting along. I couldn't ask for anything more.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian just smiles at Elizabeth as she comes over and takes a seat next to him. She takes his hand and kisses it, as she sits close to him.

“Are you ready to go, babe? Is everything ok?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I am. It was a nice day thank you.” Elizabeth says.

“No need to thank me. I enjoyed it also. We will talk more later.” Brian answers, not wanting to say much in front of her girls.

“Sounds good, Let's get our things and say goodbye to everyone,” Elizabeth replies.

They get their bags and everything they need. Elizabeth hugging her girls and her mother goodbye. Not feeling so badly leaving this time, as she would be seeing Izzy soon enough and maybe even her mother.

“I will see you soon mom,” Izzy says.

“I can’t wait. We will get you your ticket and everything for after Thanksgiving. I will have everything ready for you. I am really happy you are coming to stay with us.” Elizabeth responds.

“Me too, if everything goes well, I plan to move there for good. Not only while I am in college. There is nothing here, I am not like Sofia, I just don’t want to get married and be happy with that.” Izzy comments.

“I am glad to hear it. We will talk more once you are there. Try to spend time with your dad before you leave. I know he will miss you. I know how it feels.” Elizabeth states.

“I will, its why I agreed to stay for Thanksgiving. I just don’t want to be at grandmom Karens for it. Which I am sure she won’t do much and we will have to go to Aunt Patricia’s. ” Izzy says.

“Just make the best of it. Don’t forget to visit mom-mom either.” Elizabeth replies.

“I will stop worrying,” Izzy answers giving her mother a hug.

Elizabeth and Brian say goodbye to everyone, getting into the car with the boys and heading to the airport.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Tylor?” Brian asks.

“Yes, it was nice. I am glad Izzy is going to come to stay with us. Do you think Joan will to?” Tylor asks.

“I am glad you did enjoy yourself. I am not sure about Joan. She may come to visit again. She is thinking about it, so we will just have to wait and see. It would be great if she does, I am sure we can talk it into her.” Elizabeth replies.

“We will see after we get the Bonus. We really do need to see if you want a new home or just to expand this one? We need more room. Everyone should feel comfortable there and have their own space.” Brian suggests.

“I know, I am really attached to our house. All our firsts are there. We took our son home, got married, it means something to me.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know, and as much as those times were nice, some of it wasn’t. Maybe it's a good idea to start fresh? Leaving all the past behind us, the time we build everything the way we like it, we may just get a house that has everything we need. Without all the work and craziness.” Brian remarks.

“We will see, let's see the bonus before we get ahead of ourselves. ” Elizabeth comments.

“Ok, But I don't think we have anything to worry about. Adam will give me anything I need. The firm is doing well, and So are we. It’s not like when we first got here. Not to mention the book is also doing extremely well. We can upgrade a bit without doing any harm to our funds. We can live a little and enjoy it. We have been working really hard, not to mention when book three comes out.” Brian states.

“Let me think about it, I know your right, I just need time. That house means a lot to me. It would be more changes, in our life. I thought that part was over.” Elizabeth says.

“Ok. Just let me know. And sometimes changes are good. We are expanding. Our family is growing, its a good thing.” Brian answers.

"I know it is, I am glad it is. I never expected any of this." Elizabeth replies.

"Neither did I, everything happens for a reason." Brain states.

They all get to the airport, Brian is happy to be going home. This trip wasn’t as bad as he thought it would have been once he lightened up. He knew Ethan was still an ass, he just now saw him as no threat. He knew it was over, at least for Elizabeth if nothing else. It was closure. The closure she needed. He was also glad that her daughter would be coming to stay, and one way or another he had plans of making Joan follow. He knew he couldn’t do much with Sofia, two out three would work. It would leave Ethan behind and everything they ever shared in the dust.

It would give them both finally the space they needed to heal even more. Elizabeth would have her family here, with her. She wouldn’t feel so bad for leaving them for Brian anymore. He knew she carried that quilt around, and that Ethan loved to hurt her more with it. Just now that joke would be on him.

They all get on the plane, it's late and they are tired. The time they get home it will be even later and time for bed. Brian couldn’t wait. He just takes a long deep breath and says to himself, this trip was a good one.

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