The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 306

Chapter 306

After a few hours they are finally home, now it was almost midnight and everyone was tired and wanted to go to bed. Elizabeth walks into their home, bringing Zach straight to his bedroom, to change, feed and put to bed. It was way past his bedtime. Tylor goes to the frig. getting himself a snack and then heading to bed, as his father heads to Zach's room to talk to Elizabeth. Wanting to see what she really thought about the trip and how it went, now that they were alone.

“Hey babe, I just wanted to ask if everything was ok? I didn’t want to bring anything up in front of the kids earlier. I noticed Ethan spent some time in the kitchen with you..he seemed a little different on the way out.” Brian says.

“Everything was fine, he did try to start to be his old self but I put him back into his place.” Elizabeth answers.

“What did he say?” Brian asks.

“He said that I chose you over my children basicly. He was also not very happy when I told him I would be writing a book about my life. He said I would make him out to be the villain. That seemed to piss him off the most.” Elizabeth answers.

“He is the freaking Villian. Damn, he just doesn’t know how to cool it does he? Not even for five minutes. He had to get the dig in. How did you put up with him all those years?” Brian says.

“It's ok really, I know where he was coming from. I did leave and come here, Brian. I know what I did. It was just something I needed to do. I wanted to get away from him, that also meant to leave my girls there. To be free of him, I did what I had to. I asked them both several times if they wanted to visit us or be here. Both saying no. I am happy Izzy changed her mind. I hope that is ok with you? I didn’t get the chance to ask, and I didn’t want to in front of Ethan.” Elizabeth admits.

“I don’t mind at all, I am perfectly happy with her coming and your mother also. I think it's great. I don’t want you to regret what you did, you did what was best for you and as you see they are all coming to you now. Ethan can think whatever he wants. I really just hope, that we don’t have to go back there again. I see now why you wanted to say goodbye to the house. You did. I just want it to be over.” Brian responds.

“It is. There isn’t any reason to go back there, except for Sofia. She is my child also, but for now, I will keep inviting her here. And even if we ever did go back, there is no reason to see or be around Ethan. Do you believe he was trying to be nice and everything is ok now?” Elizabeth asks.

“At first, I have to say he got me to believe he was starting to grow when we talked with each other, he seemed to move forward. Now I just think its what he wants us to believe. The way he looked at me, holding our son. The way he was at dinner, he is very unhappy with everything going on, he just learned to curb it a bit. Then at times with you alone, he went back to his old self. Not able to hold it. He still hates me, and feels I took you away even though he said he doesn't.” Brian confides.

“I thought the same. When I talked to him the first time, he seemed moving on, and even at dinner, but when he came into the kitchen, he ruined it. His true self was there. Unless he is trying and like always put his foot in his mouth. But either way, I don’t care. It should be over now. Which I am relieved for. I said goodbye to everything I needed to. I feel a ton better.” Elizabeth says as she lays Zach in his crib.

“I am glad. I think we need to go to bed. I am dead and I have to get up early tomorrow for work.′ Brian says.

“Me too. Thank you for being there with me. This talk was like old times, just me and you. I saw a glimpse of us again while we were there. I so want that back.” Elizabeth states.

“Me too babe, and really it's ok. Hopefully, everything can go back to normal now.” Brian answers.

"I sure hope so. I am coming to bed with you. I just want to cuddle up and be close to you." Elizabeth replies.

"Sounds like a plan, also looks like the little man was tired. He is out cold even with us talking." Brian says with a smile putting his arms around her.

"He isn't the only one," Elizabeth responds, smiling up at him.

They both head to their room and their bed, getting there PJs on, and curling up to each other. Before they knew it, they were out cold as well.

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