The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 307

Chapter 307

The next morning, Brian is up early, taking his shower and ready to head to work. He had so much to do, he didn’t know where to start. He was trying to take care of some of it while he was away, but that seemed to only piss Elizabeth off, so for the last day, he spent time with her and her family. Which he doesn’t regret, it made him feel closer to her. It was like old times. Which he knew lately, they were getting only here and there. He also saw that last night was a good night as well, no fighting. Just being close together and enjoying each other. Just like things were supposed to be. He just hoped it stayed.

He gets in the car driving to the city to get to the firm, going into his office and taking a seat. Feeling finally things can go back to normal taking a deep breath Seeing the pile of work sitting on his desk. As he is sitting there the detective comes waltzing in, not even knocking.

“Hello there, Brian, I see you are back from your trip? I hope you had a good time. I hope the in-law was good to you.” Greg says.

“Yea it was fine. What can I do for you now? Have you found out anything that happened to Victoria? Or are you just wasting our tax dollars?” Brian asks.

“I did find out who the father is. I have to say, I am very surprised.” Greg admits.

“Good for you, who is it?” Brian asks.

“You don’t know? I thought for sure you would.” Greg replies.

“How the hell, should I know, who she is sleeping with? And why would I ever really care? She wasn't my problem anymore.” Brian responds.

“You sure are sure of yourself for being one of them that she was sleeping with. You can deny it all you want, proof says otherwise.” Greg plays.

“Look, whatever you want to think, go right ahead, but I know for a fact that child wasn’t mine. You just like to put crap into my wife’s head. Which I have to say, I don’t really appreciate it at all. You're making a mockery out of this investigation.” Brian remarks.

“You are right, the child wasn’t yours. Which I have to say, surprised me to the fullest. It wasn’t Matt’s or even Adam’s. Which leads to someone else she was sleeping with. I am doing my job, it's not my fault, you don't like the results. Maybe you should have stayed away from her more.” Greg comments.

Brian feels a sense of relief, he knew, now things could go back to normal, and nothing would be popping up about him.

“Maybe now you can leave this family alone and find the real killer?! Whoever she was sleeping with and made that baby is probably the person. Damn, are you going to tell Matt this? Don’t you think this family has been through enough?” Brian responds.

“That's very nice of you to care about his feelings, even after he was downright sure you were the father and the killer. Even trying to pin some of it on your wife.” Greg remarks.

“You know what, I only half believe you. You are trying to work us against each other. You already played that game with me and my wife. And even if he did say those things, it would only be because I slept with her while they were married and he was pissed. You now know that I didn’t impregnate her. You can surely see she has been around, and at this point, she had many lovers and who knows who hurt her! You don't even have any evidence to prove someone did hurt her, you're just scraping up pieces of information to make trouble.” Brian answers.

“Yes, its clear she had many lovers. I think you just happened to get lucky and anything that really did take place with you two is now buried with her. Which makes you in the clear at least with your wife.” Greg states.

“If you are done, here I think you should leave.” Brian snaps.

“With pleasure. I am sure your wife will be relieved its not your child as well. Since she did come up with the idea of the DNA test. She seemed very interested in knowing herself.” Greg replies, opening the office door and walking out.

Brian just sits there fuming, he knew that Greg was egging him on, trying to see if there was more then he was letting on. He just got nowhere. Greg was right, Elizabeth did want to know if it was his child or not, which was one thing that has been bothering him this whole time. She didn’t trust him, that hurt him deeply.

Brian also sat there and thought, who else was Victoria sleeping with? He thought for sure it was Adam's, even Adam thinking it was his. Brian knew Victoria was something else, but this just proved it. At the same time, it didn't really make any sense. Something really didn't seem right, but it got Brian off the hook, and even Adam. Leaving Greg with a lot of loose ends.

Brian feels whoever did this, was good at what they were doing. It just now seemed like an inside job. Was Adam the one who had her killed to get rid of all evidence pointing to this child being his? Would Adam really go this far? If so Adam was even worse then Brian ever thought he was, and the worse part yet was he was related to these people. He still wanted to know and find out who his real father was, just scared to actually go ask.

Brian gets as much work done as he can, even though his mind is everywhere again. More so now than ever before. It seemed to be back here, always made things worse. It was even better when he was in Wisconsin, at least there, was no signs of Victoria and all this other crap.

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