The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 308

Chapter 308

Elizabeth is at home, cleaning around the house and decorating for the Thanksgiving Holiday, which is right around the corner. She is happy to be home, back into her regular routine. As she is cleaning around, she hears the doorbell ring. Not expecting anyone she just wonders who it could be.

She walks to the door and opens it to find Detective Greg standing there with a smug look on his face.

“Hey, How are you?” Greg says.

“I am good, come on in. What brings you here?” Elizabeth asks.

“Well, I finally got the DNA results, I wanted to personally come and let you know who the father is. I didn’t really believe it myself, to be honest.” Greg states.

“That's very nice of you, but the more I thought about things, the more I don’t even care to know. It really has nothing to do with me, or is any of my business who the father of her child is.” Elizabeth answers.

“Hmm really? Not even if the child was your husband's?“Greg asks.

Elizabeth holds back, how that statement, bothers her, not wanting to go behind Brian, and hoping that the detective is just poking around.

“I know it is not. My husband already told me it wasn’t.” Elizabeth says even though wonder is filling her mind, and a sharp pain goes through her heart.

“I am not sure if it's sweet of you to feel that way or navie. It just seems your husband is good at making women believe anything. I guess, with his looks, he can get away with anything. I wonder how long it will take for everything to catch up with him though?” Greg responds.

“YOu can feel any way you want, that doesn’t matter to me either. I know my husband is a good man, and his past is just that. His past!” Elizabeth replies.

“I know you love your husband, I just feel all this trust your putting in him, you should be careful with.” Greg remarks.

“I don’t have any reason not to. So are you going to do what you came to do? If not, you can leave. It doesn't matter to me either way.” Elizabeth comments.

“Yes, the child isn’t your husband's. He got lucky, and so did you for that matter.” Greg admits.

Elizabeth feels a deep relief inside of herself even though she won’t let on to Greg. She keeps her cold exterior on the outside.

“We been telling you that from the start, So who is the father?” Elizabeth asks.

“Martin Rodrigez, the gardener. Which I have to say is very suspicious. We also can't seem to find him anywhere.” Greg announces.

“The Gardner?” Elizabeth says while laughing.

“Yes, I thought for sure it was going to be your husband's. I am sure they were playing around more than both of them let on. Evidence proves it.” Greg states.

“It looks like your wrong, the gardener was who she was playing with. I guess he watered a few things while he was there.” Elizabeth says as she keeps laughing.

“I am glad I made your day with this.” Greg replies.

“You sure have, I just can’t believe she was doing him too. She never seems to amaze me. I hope you got everything you need and won’t need to bother my family anymore. Victoria is dead, whatever she did is over. Let her and her child rest in peace. You also need the let the people that are surviving her mess, rest in peace. I am sure Matt will be very hurt by all this. Your only digging up things that hurt people. You haven't learned anything else to help you solve this mess.” Elizabeth says.

“Both you and your husband feel bad for Matt, where he was more than willing to through both of you under the bus. I am also learning a lot about all of you. I am sure it will lead me to where I want to go.” Greg responds.

“Not everyone is built the way he is or his father. I also think its probably all his grief. He has been through a lot, we all have. We would like our lives to go back to normal. I have two children here to raise, they need calm and peaceful surroundings. You can find what you need without me or my husband.” Elizabeth remarks

“That's true, but maybe you got into the wrong family to give that to them Peace and Calm doesn't seem to be part of any of these people's vocabulary.” Greg answers.

“No, my family is fine and will be. You need to go and not bother us with any of this crap. Go ask the gardener questions, he was the one sleeping with her. And god knows how many others. Did you ever think? No one did anything to her? It was just an accident? ” Elizabeth says opening the front door.

“I will check into him, but I will be back if I feel I need to be. Something is off and this wasn't just an accident.” Greg says.

“I don’t think you will need to, We had nothing to do with any of this! Accident or not.” Elizabeth answers closing the door.

Elizabeth takes a deep breath, keeping herself confident in front of Greg. Even though there were times she wasn't at all. She was so happy that Brian wasn't the father and he told the truth. Just it kept sticking in her mind, all that the detective kept saying to her. How he felt they were playing all the while.

She was going to have to let go of it if she wanted this to work. Either way what happened is over. Victoria wasn't coming back, just if he was lying, it would hurt her deeply.

"He was just trying to play you, get under your skin. Don't let him. Brian wouldn't do that." Elizabeth tells herself, going back to her housework. So wanting to forget all this was happening.

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