The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 309

Chapter 309

As Brian sits at work, the more he thinks about everything, it starts making him very edgy. He just knows he needs to get whatever he can do while he is at the office. He needs to put his personal life on hold. At the same time, all he can think about is the last few weeks, how things got in the way. How Elizabeth still wondered if he was being true to her or not. He knows he kept some things hidden but he still feels she should know, he wouldn’t ever do that to her. She should have more faith in him. He also knows that her not, has been putting their relationship through it in the last few weeks. Its the reason for most of their fighting, and his testiness at her at times. Just as she has been flipping on him as well. It needed to stop.

For now, he needed to stop thinking and start working. Brian goes to the courthouse, seeing his client already there. Brian knows this is going to be a long day, it already has and it was early in the afternoon.

When the case is done, it's already late, he sees that Elizabeth has been texting him. Wondering when he was going to come home, and if everything was ok.

Brian: 6:20 Sorry babe, I been crazy busy and still am. I will be home late. Eat without me.

Elizabeth: 6:22 Ok, I will put your plate in the microwave. I will wait up for you. I hope everything is ok.

Brian: 6:25 It’s ok. I need to tell you a few things when I get home. I just haven't had time to breathe today.

Elizabeth: 6:27 Same here. Be careful. I love you.

Brian: 6:30 Yea.

Elizabeth sees that Brian responded a bit coldly. She wonders if he already knew about the baby's father? Or if something else was bothering him. At the moment, she had two very hungry children and couldn’t give it much thought. She figured, later on, she would find out when he came home, and they could sit down and talk.

Elizabeth eats dinner with the kids and puts them both to bed. It's now getting late and she is a bit worried about Brian. She takes a seat on the sofa and waits. Thinking this was very odd of him to stay away for so long. Even when he has a lot of work, he always comes home for dinner, always only being a little late, never like this.

Elizabeth: 8:22 Sweety, it's getting late, is everything ok?

Brian: 8:25 Yea, I am almost home. It shouldn’t take any time, there isn’t much traffic. I had to finish up some things.

Elizabeth: 8:27 Ok, I will be waiting.

As Elizabeth waits for Brian, she puts on the tv and sips her hot tea. Trying to take it easy from a busy day. After a short wait Brian comes home.

“Hey, your home,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“Yea,” Brian answers hanging up his coat. Not really his warm self.

Elizabeth can tell something isn’t right.

“What’s wrong? You don’t sound like yourself?” Elizabeth says.

“The detective came by today, he told me about the baby.” Brian answers.

“Yes, he came here also today and told me it wasn’t yours,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

“And you had doubts didn’t you? You honestly had doubts that it was my child? That I slept with her while we were together. That I would really do that to you?” Brian snaps.

“With everything going on, I didn’t know what to think. He has a good way of making you wonder. You and Victoria had a good way of making me wonder. She was always all over you.” Elizabeth admits.

“WOnder? I can't help what she did or said. I always warned you about her. And Yes, he is good at screwing you up and over. But this is me! After everything we have been through, you think I am like Ethan? Fuck, even the detective thinks I am. I changed my whole life around just to be with you! I put up with a ton of shit to make this work!” Brian yells.

“I know your upset but please. I love you, and I am sorry for the wonder, but you didn’t tell me everything that was going on. If you did it wouldn’t be like that. ANd stop that, your nothing like him. How can you say that? Your also not the only one who put up with shit through this. You know that. This isn't like you.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know I didn’t tell you, this is why! You have your doubts already about everything. I was trying not to add more, but I guess that didn’t work. Sometimes it's like tiptoeing around you. To make sure, something doesn’t set you off. So you don't fall more down the whole then you're already in. Sometimes you make me feel I am like Ethan, its why you second guess or have fears all the time. I am just tired of all the shit!” Brian says.

“Wow, I didn’t know you felt like that. I am sorry, my past hurt me, ALOT. I can’t help but have doubts and try to keep myself from getting hurt again. You knew this from the start. I try to not let what I went through, stop us. And this isn’t all about my past. It's about you. You could have told me, you could tell me anything. I thought you knew that, but lately, I don’t feel that I can tell you things, you blow up at me. You're different. Like there is something always on your mind, that you won’t talk about. That when I tell you something you just want to snap at me.” Elizabeth snaps back.

“This is it! How do you think it makes me feel that my own wife doesn’t trust me? Do you know how hard it was to create this life we lead? To go back to Matt and Adam to get this freaking job! Do you think I would do it for anyone? It hurts You know that?! My past is always there haunting me. Everyone always brings it up. Thinking I am going to go out and screw someone. I am over it. I have grown up, I thought you knew that.” Brian replies.

“I am sorry. Please, it's over now, Victoria is dead. The detective will go away. We can start fresh. Forget about all this. I do know, you want to be with me. I didn't ask you to go to Matt or Adam or get this job. I would take you as the bouncer or anything you wanted to be. It was your idea!” Elizabeth answers.

“I wanted to be more than just a bouncer for you. I wanted to be someone. To give you all that he didn't. I can't go over this, I need air,” Brian says going to put his coat back on.

“Where are you going? Brian please....I don’t want this. ” Elizabeth says getting up from the sofa.

“I am going for a ride. I need away from you and everything right now. Don’t wait up. I don't know when I will be home.” Brian says slamming the door behind him.

Elizabeth goes after him, in her nightie, running trying to catch up as he gets into the car and slams the door. She just stands there looking at him, with tears in her eyes, as he pulls away.

She is filled with fear and hurt. When she thought they were getting past this, it came to ahead. It's just been lurking these last few weeks and here it was. He resented her not trusting him, but part of her couldn't help it. She loved him dearly, but they're still was a bit of doubt. Not because of his past, because he didn't just straight out and tell her. Why hid it? He says because he didn't want to hurt her, well this just made things ten times worse.

She goes back inside, taking a seat on the sofa where she just sobs. This wasn't what she wanted. This was even worse than her first marriage. They went through a lot of things and disliked each other most of their marriage, but neither one ever walked out of the house on the other. Maybe, go to their room, not talk for a bit, but not just leave.

She hated it when Brian did this, it hurt her and made her feel lost. She felt things she never felt before, then she never loved anyone like this before. Sometimes it made her wonder if it was a good or bad thing? To be so vulnerable to one person? He could crush her so easily with words or actions. That not even being her, being so used to keeping her feelings hidden worked at times. She hated it. With Brian, it was hard to keep her feelings hidden, she cared so much. Her feelings were written all over her and she hated it.

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