The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 31 Dreams

Chapter 31 Dreams

A week and a half go by, Elizabeth is trying to get into a routine. It’s not really the same one she had. She will now get up make them breakfast. Then head out to workout, Spending most of the day out of the house. Then come home, make dinner. After dinner, she spends time with the girls. Who now had their own life, Sofia had a boyfriend and wanted to spend time with him. Izabella was into her own things also. Not really having time for each other anymore. Elizabeth would go up into her room writing more of part two. It was no better than when she left before the three months. Everything has settled back into the same thing. Everyone going their own way.

One day, when she comes home from her day out. Ethan is home, waiting for her.

“Hey, glad your back. I have something for you.” Ethan says.

“Why are you home so early? Is everything ok?” Elizabeth asks.

Ethan getting her by the hand, taking her upstairs.

“Here I thought you could use your own office. So you don’t always have to write in bed. I got you a desk and a chair. So you can sit here and write all you need.” Ethan replies.

“Thank you. That was so nice of you.“Elizabeth states.

“I know this isn’t going away. So I thought you should have your own office for it. If its something you care so much about. I thought I would help. I know I wasn’t very supportive. I want you to know. I am sorry about that.” Ethan responds.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” Elizabeth answers. Filled with smiles. Still not fully believing that he is changing. Just feeling he is scared, that she is changing into someone else. That she would leave him behind.

She sits down that night and writes her heart away. Brian still on her mind. She can’t get his touch out of her head. How he would make her feel. It was driving her crazy. Now she had at least 20 notes. She has written to him, telling him about everything that was taking place. Just so she didn’t text him. Which was getting harder and harder by the day. All she would think about was how he was doing? Was he ok? Was he with anyone else? Mainly did he still miss her.

That night when she goes to bed, She thinks of him more. It taking hold of her, She felt his hands on her in her sleep, making her body move. His kisses down her neck and back. How he would lightly touch her making her yearn for more. Her hands moving down towards her lower half, rubbing up against her pillow, feeling heat radiate off her body. She can't help but move her body up against the pillow needing the fiction.

She wakes up in a sweat, hoping that Ethan didn’t notice her moving up against the pillow. She turns around and he is out cold. Not noticing a thing. Her whole body wet with sweat. She gets up and takes a long shower. Trying to cool herself down. Still, thoughts take over her mind. She loved Brian. There was no denying it. She needed him like she never needed anyone before.

She goes into her office and writes Brian another note. Telling him just how hot he makes her feel. How much she needs and desires him. So much that it’s driving her mad inside. She has never felt so much desire for one person before, it was overtaking to say the least.

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