The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 310

Chapter 310

Brian drives off needing air and space. He knew things, he was saying was hurting her deeply. It was hurting him as well, and neither of them was getting anywhere. He also knew the more he stayed there, the more he would say, maybe things he couldn't come back from, she may even say something. It was better for him to leave.

As he is driving, he thinks, maybe everyone is right? Maybe I can’t be faithful. Maybe it’s just not me. Maybe this is all a fluke. Now even having doubts in himself. All the stress of the week's events taking over him all at once. If Elizabeth had doubts in him, why was he even trying? If the person he loved more than anything wasn't going to trust him, there was no point.

He needs a drink and a getaway, he knows the perfect place for this. His old club, where all this shit took place of him being Mr. Romeo. Could he still do it, he thinks? He drives into the city, going to the club. Parking the car, He leaves his coat inside, taking off his suit jacket and tie, and unbuttoning his grey shirt a few buttons. He leaves them in the car, untucking his grey shirt outside his pants. Looking hot and sexy as he always did, even putting the hair in front of his eyes. Using Zach to his advantage.

"Why not?" He thinks.

He walks up the club where the bouncer lets him in, and he goes straight to the bar to see Rich. He knew to try to get in trouble, this was for sure the place to do it. There was a time he lived here, for work and play. Meeting all kinds of women and doing all kinds of things. He knew just how this place worked and he was very good at using things to work to his advantage. Elizabeth wasn't the only woman to find him hot and sexy. He had many that did before her, he was used to using his looks to get what he wanted and more.

When he gets to the bar, He wants a drink. Rich seeing him there surprises him.

“Hey Dude, what brings you here? Where is that hot wife of yours?” Rich says.

“I need a bourbon on the rocks. She is at home, I Need some playtime.” Brian answers taking a seat at the bar.

“Ok, man. I thought you were changing? That this life was over for you? You have a wife and kid now. Your wife seemed to really care about you.” Rich asks.

“I thought so too, but I am not so sure about any of it. I need a night to see If I can be the old me...If it's still in me.” Brian states.

Rich just looks at him, seeing he is in a state. He doesn't say anything just hands him the drink. Rich was taken back with what he saw, the last time he saw him, he was happy. He was in love with his wife, and now he is here, he was alone looking to get himself into trouble. And Rich knew if he stayed here long enough, he would and could get into a lot of trouble. He knew just how he was.

Brian looks around and there are a few girls to test his theory on. He takes a sip of his drink and just waits. Knowing if its anything like old times, he didn’t have to do much. Back before Elizabeth all he had to do, was sit there and they flocked around him, buying him drinks. He was wondering if he still had it or not, it would be fun to see. It's been two years since he was at this.

Brian sits there and sips on his drink and just listens to the music in the background. The beat moving his feet, letting go of today's events. He just keeps sipping his drink, feeling his body let go of so much stress. He needed this so much, more than he wanted to admit.

When his first drink is almost done, a sexy, thin, redhead takes a seat next to him. Eyeing him up and down. Brian knows right off the bat, here we go. That nothing has changed, he still had it. It just makes him smirk to himself, seeing how fast this was.

“Can I buy you a drink?” She asks.

“Sure why not. I will have a Burbon. What's your name.” Brian asks.

“Just call me Red. I see you're sitting here alone, can you use some company?” She replies.

“Red it is. Sure why not? What brings you here tonight?” He answers, taking the other drink.

"I just wanted to get out, I needed some playtime." Red answers.

"Great, So did I. It's nice meeting you," Brian responds.

"Same here, I haven't seen you around here before." Red Replies.

"I use to come here all the time, I took a break for a while." Brian answers.

"I am glad your back, it looks like tonight we both want to let loose." Red states.

"You sure got that right." He responds.

After a few more drinks, she takes his hand, and she leads him to the dance floor, she moves her body all over his, rubbing it close, but he isn’t feeling it. It's not the same, as he thought it would be. He thought he would be feeling, hot and set free, but he isn't.

Instead, He goes back to the night, he took Elizabeth here, and she let go. Making him have the most wonderful time. He sees her in his mind, dancing on him, kissing him. Taking him, to the make out-corner, making him feel incredible like no other has ever made him feel. The things she did to him that night, he never expected, and never forgot. At this moment, it all just flooded his mind, making him down and hurt even more.

“I think I had enough dancing, I am not really feeling it,” Brian states going back to the bar for another drink. Hoping that it would wash away his feelings.

"You being a party pooper so soon?" Red says.

"No, I just don't want to dance, I rather drink." Brian states.

As he sits at the bar, he feels bad, and all he can think about is Elizabeth. Everything they said to each other, how hurt she must be feeling right now.

Red just takes a seat next to him, not giving up. She likes what she sees and she wants it. Not even caring about the wedding ring on his finger.

After a few more drinks, and Brian becoming pretty smashed, he states he has to go to the bathroom. All the drinks were getting to him, and he needed to pee. Also at this time, his head was spinning round and round. Not even making him, remember why he came here. Feeling this wasn't really a good idea.

“I will be right back, I need the men's room,” Brian says.

"Hurry back. I will miss you." Red answers with a wink.

He gets up and heads inside the bathroom, but after a few seconds, Red follows him in, pushing him up against the wall. She plants a big passionate kiss on his lips, as her hands reach into his pants, groping his member. Brian just stands there taking it all in. Taken by surprise, not thinking she would go this far so soon. Then as he remembered, this is what happened here. It's not the first time for him. It's just has been awhile he has been in this type of situation. Now remembering, how things used to go down, the quick sex in the bathroom, and never seeing them again. Sometimes, not even remembering their names.

Brian is half in a daze, as her hands travel his lower half. She bends down till she is on her knees and taking his hard member out of his pants. Her hand going up and down making him moan with pleasure. So much it's hard for him to see straight. He just closes his eyes.

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