The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 311

Chapter 311

Elizabeth stays on the sofa, crying and very upset for the last few hours. She keeps trying to text Brian but gets no answer. She is worried and hopes he is ok. She knows, she can’t go out looking for him, with two small kids. Plus he is a grown man, she just can’t help herself, she calls Sean, hoping that maybe he has heard from him. That he is ok. She knows how upset he is with her, and that it would be hard to make this better.

“Hey Elizabeth it’s pretty late is everything ok? You don’t normally call this late.” Sean says.

“No, I am sorry to call you this late. I just needed to know if you have heard from Brian at all tonight?” Elizabeth says with her voice breaking up.

“No, I haven’t. Are you ok? You don’t sound good. What happened? Didn't Brian come home from work?” Sean asks.

“We got into a fight and he stormed out. That was at 9 Pm it’s now going on 1 in the morning. I am worried. I tried texting him, but he won’t answer me. He never does that, he is upset with me because I had doubts about him being with Victoria. He said a lot of hurtful things, and left.” Elizabeth admits.

“OH, that again? Even dead she is still haunting him, isn’t she? Look I know, he kept secrets from you, and that would raise suspicion, but he never cheated on you. He loves you very much, I can vouch for that. I never have seen him like this before. He truly wants this relationship so your doubts hurt him even more. Anything he said, was just probably because he was upset.” Sean states.

“I know, I love him as well. Just with him not telling me, it leads me to think of all kinds of things. The detective didn’t help. We did find out the baby isn’t his, which he told me the whole while. I just needed to know for myself. I needed to hear it. It just seems now he hates me for this. I messed up big time, and I don’t know if it can be fixed. I don't know if he even wants to fix it. I know it hurt him a lot, just some things he said hurt me as well. He needs to see my side of things also, which lately he hasn't.” Elizabeth says crying.

“Oh shit, no he doesn’t hate you. He could never hate you. He is just pissed. He will get over it. This is the first time he really cared about someone, so you feeling you can't trust him, makes him hurt. I know he can say things, he shouldn't at times. He was always like that. A sarcastic ass, but with you, he curbed a lot of it. He will get over it, he probably just needs time to think. Look, I will text him and see what I can do. You need to get some rest and stop crying. He will be home tomorrow. Back to your smooches and all that crap.“Sean says.

“I don’t know about that. This time was different. He just drove past me, without even caring. He has been holding this resentment in towards me for weeks now. Its been leading up to this for a while” Elizabeth says.

“You know better than anyone people fight. Brian has been trying to be everything he can for you and more. He pushes himself hard, the stress is getting to him. I am sure it wasn’t only that, it has been everything lately. He needed a night away. Maybe that was a good thing. I told him, he was going to break, he needed a break from it all. Maybe this is it.” Sean replies.

“Maybe, please if you hear from him, let me know. I just want to know he is ok.” Elizabeth responds.

“I promise you, I will find him and text you. Just try to calm down and get some rest. This isn’t good for you.” Sean replies.

“Do you have any clue of where he can be?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, He is probably out getting a load on. He used to do it a lot before he met you. It’s nothing. Maybe a few drinks will settle his nerves down.“Sean says trying to make light of it.

“Ok, don’t let him drive if he is...” Elizabeth states.

“I won’t. I will talk to you later.” Sean comments.

After they get off the phone, Sean knows this is bad. He just didn’t want to admit that to Elizabeth. He knew Brian was at his breaking point, just how far would he go? He normally does call him, and this time he didn’t. What was he up to? What was he doing? He knew when Brian got reckless there was nothing to stop him, just this time, Sean figured he would regret it and not be able to take it back.

Being Drunk and pissed off isn’t a good combination. Sean texts Brian.

Sean: 1:20 Where the fuck are you? Your wife called and is worried out of her mind. What are you doing? I thought you said you wanted this shit? NOW GROW UP and fucking deal with it!

Sean waits but gets nothing, he knows where Brian would go, and if he is there anything could happen. He just hopes he is wrong.

Elizabeth on the other hand, just sits on the sofa and waits for Sean to text or call her back with any news. She is beside herself with worry. He never stayed out this late before or did this. Could they get over it? Could things move past this or would it always stick with them or even be the end of them? Elizabeth just hoped they could move past like they did everything else. If they didn’t all this was for nothing. She failed again, just this time even bigger than last. Because this time she lost something she always wanted, Something you don’t have very often. A love that’s rare if ever.

Elizabeth just sits there and waits, the time, going by so slowly. It just makes everything so much worse.

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