The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 312

Chapter 312

Sean goes upstairs to get his car keys and to let Martha know, he will be going out, as he never goes out at one in the morning.

“Where are you going so late? Come to bed.” Martha says.

“I would, hun but something is up with my brother. I think he went to the club.” Sean answers.

“Why would he go there? I thought he was happy in his marriage and didn’t want to play around anymore? That place for him is nothing but trouble.” Martha asks bewildered.

“He is happy in his marriage, it's just he is under a lot of stress. There has been so much going on for him lately. I think he hit his breaking point. He feels hurt that Elizabeth doesn’t trust him, with things that happened with Victoria. He probably feels he did all this for nothing, and I feel he may do something stupid.” Sean replies.

“Can you blame her? We both know how those two were! The shit that took place before he met Elizabeth was crazy. She doesn’t know half of it, Yet, maybe that is for the better. Your brother is trying to come off as someone he wasn’t. I am not going to say someone he Isn’t because it seems like he really wants this life now. But before he was anything but a man that wanted one relationship, or any relationship. All he wanted was to party, and play the field. He would bring home a different woman every other night. After being with whoever at the club earlier. Not to mention the drinking. Elizabeth is good for him, I just hope he sees that and doesn’t mess it up. He even has another child, in the mix now. Is he crazy?” Martha responds.

“He does see it, I need to go. I don’t want him to do something he will regret. He is upset and hurt, he isn’t thinking straight. This shit with not knowing our father has a lot to do with it. He has been hanging on to a lot lately and Elizabeth is dealing with it. He dealt with his share with Ethan, but he has even more baggage then she does. I just hope that in the end, they are happy and together. I wasn't so sure about this relationship at the start, but now, I really do see how much she cares for him. How much she changed him for the better. I wouldn't want to see it all go down the drain.” Sean states.

“I hope so too, for his sake he doesn't mess it up. I also do hope he sees all she does for him. You know if they ever split, he will be a total mess?” Martha comments.

“Yes, I did and I don’t want that. He will lose everything he is working so hard to get. He has come a long way. I don’t want to see all that in vain. I will talk to you more when I come home. If he is drunk, I am going to take him here, not home. So he can sleep it off before he says or does something he can’t take back.” Sean says.

“Whatever, it just seems like lately, you are always the one to pick him up, and he is the older brother. You need a rest too. You can’t always save him.” Martha remarks.

“He needs me, I will be there. He was always there for me before our mom died and during everything. He stayed home to take care of me, and her. I will never forget all he did. Now it's my turn.” Sean answers, grabbing the keys and kissing her head.

“I will be back in a few.” He adds.

“Ok, I will be here,” Martha responds.

Sean goes downstairs getting his coat and heading out the door. Checking his phone, seeing still no texts from Brian. He knew he had to be in some state of mind anytime he wasn’t answering him. He just didn’t know what he would find.

Before he heads off to the club, Sean thinks it's a good idea to call Rich to see if he is even there. If he isn't it would save him the trip into New York. He would also need to check other places.

"Hey, man long time no hear. How are you?" Rich says.

"I'm good, I was just wondering if my brother stopped in the club tonight. I was thinking of stopping by also." Sean asks.

"Yea he is right here has been for hours. He is pretty plastered so it's a good idea if you come to get him. There is no way he would be able to drive himself home." Rich answers.

"I will be there as soon as I can. I just left, I am a bit away from New York. Just keep him there." Sean responds.

"Do you want me to let him know you're on your way?" Rich asks.

"No, it is better you don't. Just let him drink. Is he doing anything stupid?" Sean asks.

"You mean with the lady? He has one attached to his hip. He doesn't seem to mind either." Rich replies.

"Great, that should keep him sitting there for a bit. I will see you soon. Just don't let him leave." Sean answers.

"Ok, We will be here," Rich responds.

Sean gets off the phone, feeling disappointed in Brian. Why of all things would he do this? Sean thought he changed and was heading in a better direction, he just saw if this door opened again, it may not close.

Brian could lose everything. His new wife, his home, his job everything he has been fighting for, going on the last two years. If Elizabeth would find out he was with another woman, it would kill her, and also break all the trust she did have in him. This wasn't a way to do things. This wasn't a way to build trust in Elizabeth or anyone for that matter. What the hell was he doing?

Just Sean knew how hurt Brian was from all this. He just hoped that he could stop him before he made a huge mistake.

As he was driving, he even thinks that maybe Brian changed his mind? He didn't want this anymore, maybe he saw it wasn't for him after all. At this point, Brian even has his own brother wondering.

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