The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Brian closes his eyes, taking in the feel of her hands on him. Then the last two years flash in front of his face, how much he went through with Elizabeth. How much he really loves her, how he wants her. If he does this, there is no going back, there is no fixing it. She would never trust him again, and she would have a right to. This also wasn’t doing anything to build trust, just to break it fully. He never cheated on her, always telling her he wouldn't, and now he is in a bathroom with a woman feeling him up? It wasn't even about sex, he had a woman at home who he desired, who he craved. Who satisfied him in every way. His hurt and pain getting the best of him.

He just thinks, why the fuck am I doing this? Why am I even here? He was giving in to the all who said he would do this, all that didn't believe him. When he clearly stated this wasn't him anymore. He let everyone and thing get under his skin and mostly in his mind.

A Sharp pain run through him, as he stands there. He opens his eyes, as Red is about to take him into her mouth.

“Stop!” Brian says a bit out of it, but enough to know better. He puts his member back in his pants and zips it up.

“I am not wanting this. This isn't me anymore. It was a mistake. “Brian says. leaving the Bathroom and going back to the bar.

Just as he is leaving the bathroom, Sean walks into the club, seeing him leave the bathroom and Red right behind him. Sean's heart falls, he is filled with disappointment. How could he do this? If Elizabeth would find out, it would be over. He would lose everything for five minutes in a dirty bathroom with a stranger. Sean is filled with disgusted.

Sean walks up to the bar and just looks at Brian. Not even knowing what to truly say, knowing he needs to keep his composer and get him home safely.

“I think its time for you to leave, Whatever this shit is tonight, needs to end,” Sean says. Giving Red a dirty look.

“Yea, I think he should leave also. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants. He is giving off the wrong impressions, then changing his mind.” Red Huffs Walking away.

Which makes Sean feel better in a way, that maybe he didn’t go through with it? Sean still has a lot of questions, just not sure he will get them.

“Yea, I am ready to go home,” Brian says swaying from side to side.

“How much did you drink? Jesus! What is wrong with you?” Sean asks.

“A lot, and yet I still didn’t. I didn't give in.” Brian slurs.

“I sure hope you didn’t. You damn fool.” Sean says, paying Rich and helping Brian out of the club.

Sean helps him to his car, throwing him into the passager seat, as he then gets in on the driver's seat.

“Your wife is going crazy with worry! Do you care? No, it doesn't look that way, You're too busy getting drunk and fucking strangers. I sure hope it was worth it! Do you really want to lose everything? I can't believe you.” Sean shouts.

“Elizabeth......My Elizabeth....” Brian slurs closing his eyes ready for bed.

"Your Elizbeth? Funny, she won't be if you went through with that. She finds out, your in deep shit!" Sean answers.

Just looking at Brian, getting ready to sleep.

Sean knows that Elizabeth is still probably up waiting to hear from him. Knowing he isn’t going to be able to tell the whole truth to this. Which puts him in the middle and also makes him a liar. He isn’t ok with this, but for Brian will do it. To save his ass.

“Hey Elizabeth, I just wanted you to know that I found Brian. He is fine, just a bit drunk. I am going to take him to my house to sleep it off. He will come home tomorrow.” Sean says.

“Thank you so much. Is he ok? Is he still mad at me?” Elizabeth asks.

“He is fine, he is just a bit out of it from the drinking. He is falling asleep. I think its better he sleeps everything off. I am sure in the morning he will feel bad for everything he said and did tonight.” Sean answers. Looking at his brother snoring in the passager seat.

“I am just glad he is safe. Thank you for everything. I am sorry to get you in the middle of this. I just didn’t know what else to do. I am not used to this.” Elizabeth says.

“I understand and don’t worry about it. I will be giving Brian a piece of my mind in the morning. There is no point in giving him anything now. Maybe whatever that was, he got out of his system.” Sean states.

“He never has gotten this drunk before.” Elizabeth answers.

“He has gotten drunk in the past but you are right nothing like this. I am sure it won’t happen again. I am going to get off the phone so I can get him home. I need some sleep as well, it's getting late.” Sean says.

“Ok, Thank you again.” Elizabeth comments.

Sean gets off the phone, knowing this was bad. What really took place in that club? Did he go through with it or not? And if so what would he feel in the morning? Regret? Or the need to go back to who he was before he met her. Sean had a lot of questions, which were not going to get answered tonight. Brian was out for the count, and there was no point in even trying. Sean just couldn’t believe he would do this. He would just have to see what he would say in the morning. He just keeps the words, he didn't, in the back of his mind, hoping that meant he didn't go through with it. Still not even knowing why he would want to? Or why he put himself into this postion.

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