The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 314

Chapter 314

Sean goes straight home, thinking a lot of things on his way home. Like if it would be over between them, what would Brian do now? He just looks at his brother sleeping peacefully on the side of him. Hoping for the best. Thinking about everything that Elizabeth gave up to be with his brother. How both of them had so much to lose. “What a mess,” Sean says to himself.

Once home he helps to carry Brian to the sofa, laying him down and throwing a cover over him. Smelling the booze and cheap perfume all over him. He knew taking him here was a good thing, Elizabeth didn’t need to see this. Even if he didn’t go through with things, him smelling as if it did, wasn’t a good thing. It would only bring up more trust issues, and questions. Only leading to more fights and complications. Which he knew when his brother would wake up, he wouldn't want.

Sean goes into the kitchen and takes a glass of water before heading up to bed himself. Martha waiting for him in bed.

“Hey, it’s late, It took you this long to track him down? ” she asks.

“Yea, I knew where he was, it was just the drive back and forth that took a bit. He is downstairs sleeping it off. I just think he was feeling sorry for himself. He just went around it the wrong way. ” Sean replies.

“So he was at the club? Did he have his usual women all over him? Living it up while, Elizabeth is at home, all upset?” Martha asks.

“No, he was just drinking. He got a load on probably just wanting to forget everything that has been going on. I am sure he was upset as well. My brother does have feelings. He loves her very much. I know that's true. He just needs to get himself together. He needs to stop listening to other people. So he was a player once? Is it really a big deal? He says he isn't now, he isn't. I could understand him, feeling the way he does. I am sure it gets annoying having your past thrown at you all the time. It's not like he murdered someone.” Sean answers.

Not telling the whole truth, not needing another person to know what he saw just in case Brian made a mistake. Red would stay his secret.

"No, not really, its just everyone is used to seeing him that way. I think some just say it to joke around with him. He takes it too seriously. I know he cares a lot about Elizabeth, he has done a lot to be with her. He never even did any of this with Victoria. They just played games with each other. I just hope he doesn't repeat that with Elizabeth. She doesn't seem like the type that will put up with it, or wants to play games." Martha states.

"I think his past, bothers him and people not believing in him, makes it worse. Victoria even seems to be haunting him from the grave with all the shit they did together. I think he just needs a break from it all, I think he needs to maybe go away, him and Elizabeth to rebuild things. When they are just together without all the outside crap they are happy. " Sean says.

"The book tour isn't for a while if they last that long. If he keeps doing shit like he did tonight, I don't see things lasting. I hope you are right that he needed some time. I hope he is over it for his sake and hers. You just don't walk out because you don't like something." Martha answers.

"I know, I also think he didn't want to say something that would really make things worse. You know how he can get. He has wayed a lot of how he was. He doesn't want to hurt her, just at times, I am sure its hard to keep what he feels inside." Sean replies.

"I hope they figure it out," Martha responds.

"So do I," Sean answers not saying everything that happened tonight. Keeping the main thing to himself.

The less others knew the better. If Brian wanted it to come out, it was up to him, and he would do it himself. Sean wanted no part of it. He wanted no part of breaking up his marriage or his kids lifes. Zach was just a baby, and Tylor has been through so much. This would make it worse. Not to mention, he also had to work with Elizabeth, for the book. They would have a huge book tour for the last book. This would be a huge mess. Sean just lays there thinking so many things instead of sleeping. He just hopes when he talks to him in the morning, things were not like he saw.

Now thinking more about it, he remembers what Red said, how he didn’t know what he wanted. At the time, he was so upset he didn’t pay attention. This made him feel at ease. Brian probably didn’t go through with it. He just wished he didn’t put himself into this position in the first place. He didn't need the temptation.

Downstairs Brian sleeps away, finally getting the rest he needed. Its been a long few weeks. One’s he wished never took place. Tonight was his breaking point, not able to deal with it all anymore. Just now it left him with even more to fix and deal with.

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