The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 316

Chapter 316

Brian gets off the phone and goes into the bathroom to get washed, looking into the mirror, he sees the smeared red lipstick from Red on his face. Just a reminder of how stupid he was. He takes off his clothes that smell of her, knowing that one stupid thing could make him still lose everything good in his life. Now that he is thinking straight, this wasn’t what he wanted at all. He wanted to go home, to make things right. He just thinks as he takes his shower if he tells her the truth, will she forgive him? Or tell him to get out? The fear sets in again, knowing this could mess up everything. He knows this is serious and he wishes he never did it. There just isn’t any going back.

He knew this time was also way different than times before, without Elizabeth, he never had remorse for what he did. There was no caring who he slept with the night before, but now things were way different. There were remorse and regret. All he could think of now is how much this would hurt her, how everything he worked so hard for could fall apart. He wishes he was thinking straight last night, and not what he was thinking. WHich was just his hurt shining through. Now he would have even more hurt if they didn't survive because of his stupidity. There was just so much he wishes he could take back.

He takes his shower making sure he washes off every trace of Red. Even though he didn’t go all the way, her lipstick was on his lips and shirt collar. Her perfume on him and his clothes. He knew he couldn’t go home like that. It was awful, to say the least. He just thinks if the shoe was on the other foot, and Elizabeth did this to him, how defeated he would be. The thought of her with anyone else in any way bothered him. He knew she would feel the same way. They way they felt about each other, neither ever felt about anyone else, which now made them both vulnerable, and both scared to lose the other.

He hurries to get dried off and dressed in some old clothes he left behind. Not wanting to put his other clothes back on. He wanted to walk in and have a chance of making things right, not setting them off from the start.

He walks downstairs into the kitchen where Sean is still drinking his coffee.

“Good choice of changing your clothes.“Sean says.

“Thanks. Would you mind in the afternoon to come to pick up the kids? I don’t know how this is going to go. I don’t want them there for it. I will wait to tell her what happened until they are gone. Tylor has seen enough, god if we break up, it would kill him.” Brian states.

“You just saw reality, didn't you? Kill him yes, but what about you? Yea, I will pick them up. I will keep them till Sunday night to give you a chance to make shit better. You better put on the charm and that sexy shit you do to win her over.” Sean answers.

“Thank you and yes I see the reality of what I did. I also see how much I love her. I can’t wait to be with her, I just don’t know how to tell her though. I don't even want to think about her leaving me.” Brian says.

“You will know when its the right time. Try to fix the other before adding this in. To be all honest with you, the way she feels about you, I doubt she would leave you. I do see the trust fucked up though. ” Sean says.

“I will try to make this right. I also hope your right about her not leaving me. I know it will take time for her to trust me again, and I hate it. I have been trying for her not to worry and have trust and then I do this shit. I still don't know what the hell I was thinking. I am just going to show her how I feel about her and hope for the best. ” Brian says.

"I hope all goes well if not your bedroom is still here," Sean responds.

"Thanks, I just hope I don't need it," Brian replies walking out of the house and into his car.

He gets in and starts driving, hating that's its an hour rid away. He can’t wait to be home, to see her, to be with her. Having the same feelings, that he did when she called him to go to her when she was ready to leave Ethan. Just now things were different she was his wife, and he was making the same mistakes as Ethan and worse.

He just hoped she got some rest and was feeling better that he texted her. He knew last night, he hurt her deeply with the words he said. She didn't even have to know what he did afterward. He regretted things he said as well as what he did. His head spinning around from all the drinking didn't help him at all either. It just made things worse. He now saw that drinking and women were not his thing anymore. He learned his lesson and saw what he truly wanted. He just hoped now, he wouldn't lose it. He proved to himself, he could be true, it's what he wanted to see, its what he needed to see. Could he be true to one person? YES, but not just any person, to the one he loved more than ever. To his Elizabeth.

Being in that bathroom with a strange woman didn't make him hot or crazy like it used to. Even so drunk that he couldn't see straight, he knew it wasn't what he wanted anymore. He was now used, to making love to a woman that loved him, and trusted him. The things they shared were special. She was what he needed, which made him want to be the best he could be.

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