The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 318

Chapter 318

Elizabeth puts the phone down and gets up, feeling like a high school girl at her first dance. Brian opens the door and they both just run to each other, falling into each other's arms. Wrapping their arms around each other, holding each other tightly.

“I missed you and I am so sorry for the dumb shit, I did last night,” Brian says.

“Me to, I don’t want to ever do that again. No more walking out like that. Promise me again?” Elizabeth says.

“I promise, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think, I was thinking. I was so filled with so many things.” Brian says.

He goes for her lips, kissing them passionately, both feeling the passion they felt when they first met. He picks her up in his arms and carries her up to their bedroom. Their lips not leaving the others. Elizabeth wraps her arms around his neck, as his goes around her waist.

This is what he got used to, the passion and love he felt for her, it wasn’t there with Red. Or in the old stinky bathroom. He just grabs on to her tighter, as he kisses her down her neck.

“I love you,” Brian says as he kisses down her neck to her breast. He keeps repeating it, with each kiss. Meaning it wholeheartedly.

He places her sideways on the bed, sliding in on top of her, his hands roaming her slender body, through her silky white nightie. Her hands just caress his face, as she smiles at him lovingly. He knew this was right where he belongs.

He goes back to kiss her lips, as they both wrap their bodies around each other. Getting as close to the other as they could. This wasn’t about having sex, it was making love. Being close to each other. Feeling the feelings they felt from the start. The kiss gets even more heated, as Elizabeth’s hands land on Brian’s hips, caressing them lightly.

Brian grasps at Elizabeth’s nightie wanting it gone and out of his way, Brian’s heart beating a mile a minute. Brian slides his hands up her nightie sliding it off of her smooth soft body, as He leaves soft kisses along her collarbone, and shoulders, as her hands are stroking his sides.

Elizbeth lightly moans tilting her neck back for Brian to move his lips there. One hand goes on the other side of her neck as Brian begins sucking hard. Elizabeth's legs wrap around Brian's body even more. He knew just what to do, to make her go crazy. Elizabeth’s body rises as the sensation he is giving her feels great and very intense, making her whole body have tingles.

Elizabeth starts to pant, her own hands roaming his chest. Brian sees what he is doing is making her crazy and he loves it, nothing could ever compare.

“You like this don’t you?” He asks seductively.

“Yes, You make me crazy. Don’t stop.” Elizabeth answers pushing her body up against his more.

Brian just smirks with delight.” I have no intention of stopping.” He replies.

Brian kisses her passionately again, as Elizabeth’s hands travel down to his pants where she undoes the button, then unzipping his pants. Feeling the bulge in his pants, just makes her know, how into this is he. This brings a smile to her face, knowing things in this department didn't change.

Brian slides his pants down and off, as he also pulls off his pullover top. So now he is naked. Elizabeth can’t help but stare at his naked body, She just admires him. Brian goes back to kissing her already knowing how much she likes everything about him.

She arches herself up so their naked bodies are fully touching. Their arms wrapping around each other again. Brian moves closer letting his erection rub between Elizabeth’s legs. Just teasing at her. The feeling overwhelming, just how much they need each other.

Brian’s erection is throbbing from his need and desire for her. He hooks a leg around Elizabeth to bring them closer together. This time their bodies are pressed together harder and Elizabeth gives out a moan into Brian’s kiss. Brian knows he is making her hotter than ever and he wants to keep this going. He wants it to last. Not just be a quickie, something to remember and always bring her want for him.

He grabs her hips, grinding down against her, rubbing his hard throbbing member on her very wet hot center. Elizabeth can’t take it, as she closes her eyes, and grabs at Brian's ass pushing him even closer. Brian kisses her lips again, making her pant into each of his kisses now.

“You want more?” Brian whispers in her ear teasingly.

“God yes. Don’t stop.” She replies.

“I am going to make you a gooey mess before this is over. ” Brian states smugly.

As he goes to kiss her hipbones, then he to kiss her thighs, then her stomach. Leaving tiny kisses all over her body. His body now again on hers, rubbing himself along her outer lips, making her want him to enter her even more. He now rubs his head poking at her hole, lightly, feeling her wetness around him, he slides in gently and carefully.

Elizabeth lets out another moan, as her hands rub up and down his back. He kisses her deeply as he slides in and out of her. Holding her body close up against his. Elizabeth clings to him as she moans loudly feeling the most intense feelings going through her.

Brian pushes her thighs apart even more as he thrusts inside her deeper, as he buries his head between her shoulder and neck. Both their bodies moving with every thrust. Elizabeth nails scratching at Brian’s back, not able to control how she feels, or how he is making her feel.

“Oh God, Brian Don’t stop!” Elizabeth says as her orgasm hits her like a shockwave, when Brian hits the right spot at full force, making her cry out as every part of her body lights up like a fame.

Brian keeps going, riding her through it, until the same feeling hits him and he lets go, thrusting one last time, hard and deep inside of her. Finally letting go, needing this more than he ever did.

Brian collapses on top of her in a heap of sweat holding her as close to him as he can.

“Maybe we should fight more often if that is the end result,” Elizabeth says with a giggle.

“That was incredible but I don't want to fight with you. I really do love you Elizabeth.” Brian says.

“I love you too.” She answers. Seeing he is closer to her than ever.

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