The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 319

Chapter 319

Brian just looks at Elizabeth sleeping soundly in his arms. He is dead tired, but yet he can’t seem to fall asleep. The time is ticking away and its already ten in the morning. He hears Tylor moving around, and baby Zach waking up also. He tries to get up slowly, not wanting to wake Elizabeth. He wants her to get the rest she needs, knowing that last night she didn’t sleep at all.

He only got a few hours himself and his head has been spinning most of the morning, not only from drinking but from his nerves. He knew he had to open up about what happened. He just wanted the kids away first. He also wanted time, just between them to get some closeness back before stating what he did.

Brian gets up out of bed putting his PJ pants on and top on, then heading to Zach’s room. Seeing a smiling little boy greeting him. He looks at him, and can’t help but smile back. The closeness he has towards him he, doesn’t want to lose. Knowing if Elizabeth throws him out, it would whine up just like Tylor. Only seeing him on the weekends, missing out on so much. This just brings more stress to him, he just tries not to show it. Getting the little boy changed and dressed for the day. Getting him a little overnight bag for when Sean would come to get him.

He takes the little boy downstairs seeing Tylor eating his cereal playing a video game in the living room. How everything was quiet and peaceful like it was before all this started. It was the life he wanted for him and his sons.

“Tylor, when your done eating can you please pack an overnight bag. Uncle Sean is coming to pick you and your brother up.” Brian says.

“Ok Dad, just let me finish up this level. Are we going there because you and Elizabeth need some time alone?” Tylor asks.

“In a way, yes. We need to talk and just be together. Things have been tiring lately.” Brian answers.

“I know, I am glad you two are together. She completes you.” Tylor admits.

“You really think so huh?” Brian asks.

“Uh-huh, You are so different when you're with her. She brings out a better side to you. I think she is good for you. I also like her because she makes me feel at home. She never treats me differently then she does Zach or her daughters. It’s like we are all one family. ” Tylor states.

“I am glad you feel that way. She really is something isn’t she?” Brian says with a smile.

“Yea, don’t mess it up.” Tylor laughs.

“Tell me about it,” Brian replies. “Ok hurry and get your stuff together,” Brian adds.

He sees even a twelve-year-old saw how things were great here. His son was smarter than him. He hoped when he was in a relationship he would be also. Because right now, Brian felt lost.

Sean texts Brian stating he is outside to pick up the kids.

“Uncle Sean is here. Please watch over your brother.” Brian says.

Tylor picks up his brother and brings him to the car as Sean goes to talk to Brian.

“Have you talked to her?” Sean asks.

“Yea, some. We talked about what we said before I left and we are all better with that stuff. I just didn’t tell her about the rest yet. I didn’t in front of the kids. I don’t know how she is going to respond. I also Don’t want to ruin what we just shared.” Brian states.

“You need to tell her before someone else does. It's good that your getting close to her, maybe that will make her not want to kill you when you tell her. “Sean jokes.

“Not funny, My head is spinning and my stomach is in knots. She is so innocent, forgiving me and just happy I am home. I feel so guilty even though I didn’t go through with it.” Brian answers.

“Maybe that's a good thing, you won’t ever think about doing this shit again, will you? You found out your answer, you wanted to know if you could do it now. It looks like you can’t. You have grown, and for that, I am really proud of you.” Sean responds.

“Thanks, and I guess your right. I will tell her later on, I want to enjoy the day. I just want to be with her. It was incredible when I can home. All the feelings we felt when we first met were there in every way. I think even more. Which in a way, is driving me even more crazy.” Brian replies.

“If you don’t tell her, the guilt will eat away at you, and put even more stress on the relationship. Plus if the detective tells her, your not going to get out of it as well as if you told her yourself. Plus he will add things to make it worse. Or anyone, How about if she bumped into Rich? Or someone she knew was at the club and tells? I mean you never know who is watching. Is it worth it?” Sean asks.

“No, it’s not. I am going to tell her. I hope the detective doesn’t know and tells her afterward. I really don’t need her to go through all that. Damn it. ” Brian sighs.

“You should have thought about this before you did it, but too late now. I am going to get the kids home. I will take Tylor to the game as Martha takes care of Zach. Let me know how things go tomorrow when I take the kids back. I would like to get some sleep tonight.” Sean states.

“Ok, Thanks for taking them.” Brian answers.

“No problem, I know you would do it for me,” Sean says hugging Brian.

Brian just nods as Sean walks to the car. He goes back into the house, locking the door behind him.

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