The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 320

Chapter 320

Brian heads back upstairs into their bedroom, Elizabeth is still sleeping. Brian wants to try to get some rest himself before entering this evening. Still not knowing what it may hold. He lays down next to her, curling up, wanting to be as close as he can be. Feeling once she knows, it may not happen again soon. He just wonders, will she understand where he was coming from? Or hate him? He tries to block it out of his mind, as he lays there closing his eyes. Needing some rest, badly. The weight from this was taking him down.

A few hours go by, and Brian wakes up seeing it's going on two in the afternoon. He now feels a little refreshed, getting some sleep. He also sees Elizabeth stirring around in bed. She just moves herself closer to him, as she opens her eyes.

“What time is it?” She asks yawning.

“It's going on two in the afternoon babe.” Brian answers.

“Oh my god, the kids, they need food and baby Zach needs changing. I can’t believe I slept all that.” Elizabeth says with panic.

“Relax, I took care of everything, the kids are at Sean’s. It's just me and you. We need time together alone. We also need rest.” Brian says pulling her close to him.

“Oh, that's great. Thank you, I did really need some rest after last night and this morning. Even though, I have to say it was incredible this morning. ” Elizabeth says as she moves herself up to kiss him.

“Yes, it was. I think today we should stay in and relax with each other. Maybe watch some movies, and just snuggle.” Brian suggests.

“You know I will never pass up snuggling with you. I think we should take a shower, then get something to eat first.” Elizabeth says.

“That sounds great, we need time to recoup. I am truly sorry for everything that took place these last few weeks. I know, there were times I was hard to talk to. I took things in a different, manner and acted out of sorts. ” Brian admits.

“You been dealing with a lot, I understand most of it. I just wish you would confide in me when you get that way. Talk to me, tell me whats your feeling and what is going on. I hate that we jumped at each other over dumb stuff. I have noticed, if something is bothering you lately, instead of telling me what it is, you hold it in and used it against me. Please don’t do that. Tell me, I can’t fix what I don't know is wrong. I also know, I wasn’t any better. I hope now you see why I wanted to go to Wisconsin.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know, I held it in and I’m sorry. I was trying not to hurt you with how I was feeling, and it backfired all the way around. I see that me holding it in just made things worse. I don’t want to be like him and hurt you, so I hold back saying a lot of things. I see why you wanted to go there now. I just hate you being around Ethan so much, after everything he has done. I can’t control my feelings about him, and yes I took it out on you. It bothers me to see him hurt you, even now when you're not together. If I am too be honest all this was just a bundle of everything from the start, and it came to a head and I am sorry. I know I keep saying that but it's true and how I feel. ” Brian responds.

“It’s over, going over it, again and again, isn’t going to change it. Let’s just move on. Before Victoria's death, everything was good. I want to go back to that. I also want you to know that I trust you. I give you my heart, I have never loved anyone the way I do you. I also know, I haven’t been the easiest to be with. I have a lot of baggage from Ethan. I am sorry about that, to take that out on you and let you have to deal with it. You didn’t do it to me, He did. Your nothing like him, your sweet, kind and loving. You take my feelings into account, and that means a lot to me.” Elizabeth answers crawling on top of him, sitting on his lap.

Brian just looks at her, feeling even worse than before. She was giving him her trust, her love, and look what he did with it. Brian just holds her close, not even knowing what to answer to it. She had a right to the baggage. He was no better, he had his own, if he was, to be honest, his was worse then hers.

He knew she always put him on a pedestal, making him feel special, that he could do no harm. In a way, it was great, no one ever has done or made him feel that way. In another way, it was hard to keep up with. Always trying to be what she wanted. It was another thing that made him break.

"So how about that shower now?" Brian asks trying to keep things nice and calm.

Wanting today to be a turning point before telling her, and doing his best to delay it. For so many fears he had inside.

"Sounds good, you wash my back and I wash yours?" She answers playfully.

"I want to wash more than your back."Brian answers.

"Ohhh I see where this is going, I will return the favor. You are just going to have to catch me first." Elizabeth winks, getting out of bed.

Standing naked in front of him, the most beautiful sight to him. Elizabeth starts to walk to the bathroom, turning her head.

"Are you coming?" She says.

"I am right behind you," Brian replies.

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