The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 321

Chapter 321

After there playful time in the shower, and spending more time being intimate, they both head downstairs into the kitchen to find something to eat, both very happy and extremely playful towards each other.

“So what do you want to eat?” Elizabeth asks.

“Something easy. How about some pasta and sauce?” Brian suggests while he tells Alexa to put on some music.

“That sounds good, I have some sauce in the frig,” Elizabeth responds.

As she is making the pasta, she is dancing around the kitchen. Brian sees how happy and calm she is. How things from being so heavy are now light. He is glad, she is having this moment. As for him, things are still hanging over his head filling him with anxiety.

“If you keep moving around like that wearing my pullover, I am going to come over there,” Brian says playfully.

“Come on over then,” Elizabeth says, giving him a flirtatious look.

Brian walks over to her, and puts his arms around her, kissing her neck, as she stirs the pasta in the pot. She moves close to him, taking in his scent and feel of his warm body up against hers.

“So far today has been great, It seems like when we first met. I feel so close to you, I never want this to end.” Elizabeth says.

“I feel the same way.” Brian answers.

“We really did need this time alone, we should do it at least once a month. Even if it can’t be a weekend, at least a night out together alone or something.” Elizabeth replies.

“I think that sounds like a great idea. I am also looking forward to when we go on tour for the last time. I think we should make the best of it. We will be alone, in hotels for a bit, like when we started. I loved traveling with you and seeing all the sites around us.” Brian admits.

“I love it as well. I just think that won’t be right now, Monica is still working on the second book. She is trying to space them out, but when it does happen I do want to make it special. “Elizabeth answers.

Brian just smiles hoping to himself there will be a tour together. Then even if she was pissed at him, he would still have to go. He was now part of the book, she made sure of it. It would just be awkward if things went south.

“Sweety are you ok? You look liked you spaced out there for a sec.” Elizabeth jokes while they are eating their pasta.

“Yea, I’m fine. Why don’t you go pick out a movie for us, and I will clean up.” Brian says.

“Ok, I will get us some drinks and snacks too,” Elizabeth replies smiling at him from ear to ear.

Brian takes the plates to the sink washing them, knowing that before this night ends, he needs to tell her. Keeping it locked away is just tearing him apart, which he had to admit was new. He never cared before to keep secrets, but then he hasn’t been in a serious relationship in a long time and never kept sleeping around hidden. Now he felt uncomfortable keeping this from her. The only real reason he was waiting so long was, he was scared of her reaction. Scared of losing her, not really knowing how she would take this. He knows not going all the way is working on his side, but he also knows she would be pissed he even thought about it. Then he thinks I didn’t make any moves on Red, she went after him. Yet, it still doesn’t help calm his nerves.

He finishes up and goes to lay on the sofa, where Elizabeth lays on top of him, to watch the movie. Putting a soft warm blanket on top of them. They lay there watching the movie, and head to another one after that, where both of them fall asleep.

Around two in the morning, Brian wakes up, seeing Elizabeth out on top of him. He just smiles, he looks at the time and knows they should head up to their bed. Where it would be more comfy and cozy.

“Babe, we should go upstairs. This couch isn’t the greatest for my back.” Brian says.

“Ok.” She says groggily as she sits up.

Brian gets up and lightly picks her up, carrying her upstairs. She just wraps her arms around him and snuggles in his shoulder.

“Don’t ever change.” She whispers to him.

Brian lays her on the bed, not able to hold it anymore and as tears fill his eyes, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Brian, what's wrong?" Elizabeth asked worriedly.

"I messed up big time, and I don't know if you will forgive me or not. I was going to tell you when I came home, but you were so happy to see me, I just couldn't. I wanted us to have at least a day together, where we were happy. Like we use to be." Brian says as his heart pounds inside his chest.

"What are you talking about? I did forgive you for the other night. We are over it." Elizabeth says innocently.

"No, babe it's not about our fight. It's what I did after our fight." Brian explains.

Elizabeth just looks at Brian a bit confused, she sits up in bed and puts the light on.

"What did you do?" she askes with a concerned look on her face.

"First I want to tell you, that I love you." Brian answers.

"You're scaring me. What has you so upset to tell me?" Elizabeth says.

"When I left here the other night, I wasn't thinking straight. I was very upset and hurt. The doubts you had in me, only put doubts in myself. Could I really be true? Is one woman enough for me?" Brian comments.

Elizabeth looks at him with tears in her eyes, not knowing what to expect.

"What did you do?" She asks with tears flowing not even hearing what he has to say yet, just the thought hurting her terribly.

"When I went to the club, I wanted to see if I could be faithful. I wanted to put it to the test." Brian responds.

"Brian please, tell me you didn't break out vows. I just want to know if you did or not." She asks shaking.

"No, I didn't babe I swear. I didn't go through with it. I couldn't. All I saw was you." Brian answers. Trying to hold her.

"Did you touch her? Am I not enough?" She says wanting to get out of the bed.

"No, I didn't touch her. It wasn't about you, It was about me. I let what people say get to me, but even though I did. I saw that I am not the person I use to be. I am happy with just being with you. It's what I want. Its all I want." Brian answers.

He sees that Elizabeth is coming undone, wanting to get up and away from him. That she is so out of it, she isn't listening clearly.

"Elizabeth please, I need for you to understand," Brian responds.

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