The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 322

Chapter 322

Elizabeth stands up from the bed, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. The pain running throughout her body so badly, she could hardly breathe. Her heart pounding, making her feel dizzy.

“I was here alone, hurt, thinking you might be too. Wanting you to come home to me, and you're out trying to fuck someone else? We have one fight, and you're out to see what tail you can catch? Is this going to happen every time we fight?” Is this also why you haven't wanted to be intimate with me? Elizabeth shouts.

“It’s not like that. I know it looks bad, but I had to see if what they were saying, was true or not. I have no intention of ever doing any of that again. No, I wasn't intimate because of the stress, I haven't felt like it. The fights were pushing me away.” Brian says sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Either you want to be with me, or you want to be with others. I know, I am no saint and I cheated on Ethan, but I couldn’t even image cheating on you. You're all I ever need and want, I have no desire to go looking to screw someone else. I don’t need to see if I can or not either. And just the freaking thought of someone else touching you makes me sick to my stomach. How could you?” Elizabeth yells.

“I am sorry, babe, I let my past get in my way. You can understand that. You can see that? I swear nothing major happened. I will tell you everything if that is what you need. I will do anything you need to make this better. I only want you, no other. You need to believe me, you need to hear me.” Brian answers getting up and trying to go over to her.

“Don’t.” She says putting her hands out, so he doesn’t touch her. “I don’t want details. I don’t want to know. I need some time, I just need to be alone. And nO I am not leaving the house. I am just going into the office. I need space. I need time to think and cool down before I say things, I can’t take back." Elizabeth shouts. "You came home to screw me after that? Was that a pity fuck or something?” Elizabeth adds crying.

“Wait, Please, that's not true or fair. What we shared when I came home, was real. I needed you, I wanted you. I never felt so close to you. I think it's better you do be alone, I will be here when you want to talk. I am not leaving either. Babe please, I really don’t want this or you to think what you thinking.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth can’t think straight, she looks at him standing there, and all she can see is another woman touching him. How she trusted him and he let her down. She just walks out of the room, shaking. She knew if she stayed there things would only get worse. It was better for her to just get some air and cool down if she could. Her mind is thinking so many things, it's in overdrive. Was what they shared real? Was he just making a fool out of her?

Brian stays in the bedroom pacing the floor, he figured it would go down like this. That she would be hurt, that he even thought about being with someone else. He just doesn’t know what she will do now. Where will this leave them? This was worse then her leaving him at the airport to go back to Ethan. At least then, if she left him, it wasn’t his fault, where now it was.

What she said about them making love when he came home, hurt him. It wasn't a pity fuck or anything like that. He just wanted to be with her, close to her. How could she even think that? Everything they just shared the last evening, was gone in a flash. He knew that by him telling her this it would be, it's why he delayed it so long.

He takes a seat at the end of the bed, needing someone to talk to more now than ever. He remembered what Sean said to him if he ever needed him, and now he did.

"Ok, bro, what the hell? It's three in the freaking morning. This better be good. I will never get any sleep with you, will I?" Sean says jokingly.

"I told her," Brian says in a sad tone.

"Oh shit, how did she take it? Where are you? Are you ok?" Sean asks.

"She is extremely upset, she walked out of the bedroom and said she needed space. She went to the office to think. I am in our bedroom. I told her I wouldn't leave the house. I am trying to be here and be what she needs, I want to go to her and talk and I can't. It's killing me. The things she is thinking, make me so upset, they are not true and she doesn't want me to go into detail to explain what took place which makes everything even worse. Half of what I did tell her I don't even think she heard. No, I am not ok, I am freaking out in my way." Brian answers.

"Give her a moment to take it in, she didn't see this coming bro. Put yourself in her shoes, if she told you, she slept with Ethan willingly? How would you feel?" Sean says.

"I would feel awful, I didn't sleep with her! I didn't go all the way, that should count for something? She is thinking about the sex we had when I came home was pity sex. That is so far from the truth. We had a wonderful time together, and now everything is like it didn't happen, or she thinks I only did it because I felt bad. I put so many doubts in her head. What a mess." Brian replies.

"You had to know you were going to. Give her time to cool down, then try to talk to her. It's the shock of it taking over now. She only thought she had Victoria to worry about, now she sees all women as a threat." Sean answers.

"But that's not true." Brian states.

"You're just going to have to make her believe you again. Trust in you, it's going to take time."Sean responds.

"Great, Just what we needed. I am sorry to wake you up. I just needed someone to listen and talk to. I do feel a relief that I told her, even though it's going this way." Brian comments.

"Its a load off your mind, now you just take it from there. And your welcome, you just better keep in mind if I need you." Sean laughs.

"Yea, it just seems that I am always the one to need you," Brian replies.

"It's ok really. Try to calm down and get some rest. And you know if you need me I am here. If you have to come home, your bed is waiting." Sean answers.

"Thank you, I just hope I don't need to," Brian says.

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