The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 324

Chapter 324

The day progresses on, where Elizabeth doesn’t spend much time with him at all. She does some chores and starts to get dinner ready, for when the kids come back. It just makes him wonder if everything is really ok or not.

Late in the afternoon, Sean comes to drop off the kids, scared of what he is walking into himself. He knew that Brian told her, and she wasn’t taking it too well. He didn’t really want to be in the middle of this. At the same time, he was hoping his brother was doing ok. He felt really bad for him, knowing he made a mistake that could mess up his life as he currently knew it.

Sean parks the car in the driveway, making Tylor get out, holding baby Zach in his arms. He goes up to the door where it's open and ready for the kids to come home. He sees Brian on the sofa watching tv as Elizabeth is in the kitchen cooking dinner.

Knowing seemed out of the ordinary or out of place. Everything was very quiet.

“Hey bro, I brought the kids back. How is everything.” Sean says Handing Zach over to him.

“I am not sure to be honest.” Brian answers.

“What do you mean?” Sean says.

“Well, this morning, she was calmer, we talked and she asked me if I went all the way or touched her. She was calmer to hear me, to listen to me. I told her no, which wasn't a lie. She said ok, and would let it go...” Brian starts to say.

“Well, that's good, better than I thought it was going to go. I thought you would be bunking with me for awhile.” Sean states.

“Yea, but something isn’t right. In the morning, I even asked her to remarry me, she said yes, but her manner is way different. She has been quiet and distances all day. She hasn’t spent not even five minutes with me. If I go into the kitchen, she will go do something else. She won't even look at me.” Brian admits.

“She is pissed, she is hurt. She didn’t kick you out, but things are far from over. It's going to take her time to get over this. You're going to have to prove yourself. You didn’t think just by saying let's get remarried things were better did you?” Sean asks.

“No, but I didn’t think she would do this either. In our whole relationship, she has never been this quiet or distant before. Stay for dinner, just watch. You will see what I mean.” Brian says.

“Don’t put me in the middle of this shit. I don't want to get on her bad side.” Sean comments.

“I’m not, I just need someone here to maybe break the ice. I don’t know what to do or say. I feel uncomfortable in my own home.” Brian states.

“Ok, I hope she doesn’t mind me staying,” Sean replies.

“Normally she doesn’t,” Brian responds.

“I will go into the kitchen and say I am here. I will see what she says. Damn you, bro, you made this even uncomfortable for me.” Sean answers.

Sean goes into the kitchen to see Elizabeth cooking. He does notice right off that she isn’t her cheerful warm self.

“Hey Elizabeth, I just dropped off the kids. Brian said it would be nice for me to stay for dinner, I just wanted to make sure that was ok with you?” Sean asks.

“That's fine, It will be ready in a few minutes.” She answers.

“Ok, thank you very much,” Sean says.

“Your welcome.” She responds.

Only giving replies not her usual self, that would engage him. Sean walks out of the kitchen going back to the living room where Brian is.

“How did that go?” Brian asks.

“Ok, she was nice, just to the point. She paid more attention to the chicken. Where normally she would ask how I was, how Martha was, and so on, but I understand what she is going through. I am not taking it personally. I am only staying for dinner then I am leaving. I feel in the way of things.” Sean responds.

“She didn’t even come to get Zach like she normally does.” Brian comments.

“I think you may need to talk to her again. Something is clearly still bothering her.” Sean suggests.

“I see that. She is putting dinner on the table lets try to eat and be normal around Tylor.” Brian says.

"He is twelve Brian, he is going to see something isn't right. He isn't dumb nor blind." Sean responds.

"I know, but at least things can be peaceful. At least you can engage him, and so can I. So maybe he doesn't notice right off the bat.

Both men walk into the dining room and sit down to eat, Tylor also coming. Baby Zach sitting in his high chair already eating away. Elizabeth just places down the food, not saying much of anything. Brian sees she just picks at her dinner plate not really eating much of anything. She doesn't even pay attention to any of the conversations that are happening around her.

Tylor is talking to Sean being their normal selves but Elizabet just stays to herself.

Brian can see she looks as if her mind is miles away, she doesn’t even wait for the others to finish dinner, she just gets up and goes into the kitchen to clean up, not able to even sit there any longer. Sean just looks at Brian, knowing he is still truly in the dog house.

Elizabeth cleans up dinner and walks by them sitting in the living room.

“Brian, please put Zach to bed when you're ready,” Elizabeth says going up the stairs.

Sean just looks at Brian, “Is that normal?” Sean asks.

“Yea, I put him to bed, What isn’t normal is she hasn’t seen him for two days and she didn’t give him or Tylor much attention at all. She made sure they ate, and that was it. She normally is all over Zach. “Brian answers.

“Dude, she has had it with all of it. I think you're in deep shit. When you said she was different, I didn't really take it to heart, but she isn't herself at all. Her body was here, but not her mind.” Sean comments.

“I think she is just upset, she didn’t eat much at all and went to bed early. I am going to put Zach to bed. Then go see what's up.” Brian replies.

“I doubt your getting laid for a while, so I hope you had your fun before telling her.” Sean jokes.

“Funny, I already saw that coming. Even though I didn’t go all the way, it doesn’t seem to have made a difference, she just said she trusted me. That I didn’t but it doesn’t seem that way now. I don't know what is going through her mind.“Brian responds.

“I don’t think its that, I think its more that you wanted to try. That after being with her for two years, you wanted to sleep with someone else. Or even wondered if you could. It can even be more to it than that. I am not in her head, I don’t know. What I do know is if you two keep going like this, there will be nothing left. You will be like her last marriage if not worse. You need to talk and see what the hell is going on. She might not have thrown you out, but I don’t see this as any better. Your still out, and your here.” Sean remarks.

“I see this, I will let you know what happens.” Brian comments.

“Ok, I am going home.” Sean states.

Brian locks up the downstairs and takes off the lights heading upstairs to put baby Zach to bed. Once he does he heads to his own room, seeing Elizabeth in bed sleeping or pretending to sleep on her own side, with her back facing his side. He knows that's not a good sign. He gets undressed, then slides into bed next to her. Not sure what to do or even say. He hated this, it was torture.

“Babe is everything ok? Things seem a little tense. You know you can ask or tell me anything.” Brian says.

“I’m tired. I haven’t gotten any sleep last night.” Elizabeth replies.

“Are you ok?” Brian asks.

Elizabeth closes her eyes to hold back tears, she wasn’t ok. She wasn’t alright. She was hurt and falling apart inside. She was more damaged now than ever before.

“I just need to sleep.” She answers instead of telling the truth.

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