The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 325

Chapter 325

A few days go by, and nothing much has changed, Elizabeth is still very quiet and very distant. Brian doesn’t know what to do at this point. He asks if she is ok, she just doesn’t tell him whats going on with her. He sees the same pattern as before, where instead of talking to each other, they close each other out. Just this time being her. And being ten times worse with her not talking to him much at all about anything.

One afternoon while Elizabeth is home, she gets a call from Monica.

“Hey, girl! I wanted to let you know, that a book store in New York loves your book so much they want to honor it, by having a three-day dedication to it.” Monica says.

“What does that mean?” Elizabeth asks.

“It means that they want you here for three days, the first day for book readings, second for meet and greets and third day a dinner honoring you and the book. I am so proud of you. This is special.” Monica replies.

“When will this be?” Elizabeth asks without any emotion.

“This Thursday to Saturday. Are you ok? You seem a bit different.” Monica asks.

“I’m fine, I will see if Sean can take care of the kids.“Elizabeth responds.

“Ok, I just thought you would be happier, this is something special. I know how hard you worked for this. I am sure Brian will be so happy, they can’t wait to meet the both of you.” Monica says.

“Does Brian have to come?” Elizabeth asks.

“Of course, he is part of this. Your Zach. I thought you would want him there anyway. You two are normally inseparable.” Monica comments.

The words her Zach just rips through her, how she once loved to hear that, now it sickened her.

“Yea, I don’t know if he will be able to make it, so please have the car pick me up on Thursday,” Elizabeth announces.

“Ok, but I am sure he can miss two days of work for this. Even if he gets here Friday you know. For the meet and greet and then the dinner. Everyone wants to meet him as well. They just love the two of you together.” Monica suggests.

“Yea, We will see. Thank you for letting me know.” Elizabeth says.

“Girlfriend, are you sure your ok?” Monica asks.

“Yes, I’m fine. I will see you on Thursday.” Elizabeth replies hanging up the phone not going into any details.

Just what she needed, to be around people and pretend everything was wonderful. She couldn’t do it with Brian with her, and she knew without him would be worse. Everyone would be asking where he was, she made him part of it, she made him part of everything that was her. She now regretted it.

"How can you love someone so much? Give them your all, and make them part of everything you are? Then they would be gone, and you're supposed to pick up the pieces of your life and your heart. " she thought filled with hurt.

Brian comes home from work, seeing that nothing is really going on. He walks into a quiet house. No dinner cooking, no nothing. He walks into the kitchen to see a note that dinner is in the microwave, which is just pizza. He is fine with that, just they normally sit down at the table and eat together. This was new and very unsettling.

He goes upstairs to see the baby is napping and Tylor is in his room playing his video games. Elizabeth is in the bedroom packing. Which when he walks in seeing that, a panic runs through him. Thinking OMG, she is leaving me.

“Babe, What's going on?” Brian asks.

“Monica called there is some dedication going on this Thursday that I have to attend.” Elizabeth states.

“Oh, Ok,” Brian answers feeling a bit of relief wash over him.

“What is the dedication about? It sounds special.” Brian says.

“Yea, something about book-reading one night, then meet and greet and then a dinner,” Elizabeth responds emotionless.

“I am so proud of you babe, this sounds so cool. I am sure, I can get the two days off. ” Brian answers.

“It's ok, you don’t need to come.” Elizabeth comments.

Brian a little shocked by that statement.

“I want to, I want to be there for you. This is special, plus don’t they want to meet and greet with Zach?” Brian asks.

“It’s really ok. I know you have a lot of work to do and things get stressful. I am fine going alone.” Elizabeth states.

“It's fine really I want to be there. I know how hard you worked for this. I think it's wonderful.” Brian comments.

“I don’t want you there,” Elizabeth admits looking him dead in the eyes.

Brian stands there in shock and hurt, knowing this is truly bad. She has never said that ever to him. She was always so excited to tell him and make him be part of everything, especially anything that had to do with the book. She always made him be included.

“Why? What is going on? You are pushing me further and further away. You said you didn’t want to do that, you wanted to talk things out. This isn’t talking! This isn't working anything out! I feel uncomfortable in my own home, being around my own wife.” Brian shouts.

“I want some time alone. I need some space and this will be a great time for it. If you want to come to the dinner on Saturday.....fine.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Space? All we have is space here. You haven’t talked to me for days. This is the most I have gotten out of you. In bed, you turn around and go to sleep. Elizabeth I need for you to tell me what is going on.” Brian yells.

“I am working through things in my own way, I am sorry if it doesn’t work for you, I am sorry if it's not good enough for you,” Elizabeth says staying calm not raising her voice.

Which only makes Brian even more pissed.

“I know I hurt you, I thought we got over it a little bit. You didn’t want me to leave, You said you would even remarry me. You don’t seem like yourself at all now. Your so distant, so far away in everything. We were so close before I told you. I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to lose us. What we had just couldn't have disappeared overnight.” Brian says.

“I know what I said, I remember everything. I keep playing it over in my mind. I don’t want to talk about it right now. If you do come on Saturday, you will need Sean to take care of the kids. As I have no one here that can.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Are you resenting me for that as well now?” Brian asks.

“No, I was just making a statement.” Elizabeth comments.

“I wish you would talk to me,” Brian replies.

“I am talking to you, What do you want from me? I am sorry, I can’t just be all over you. I can’t fix or change how I feel right now. I need time away from you, time to see how I really feel.” Elizabeth answers.

“Fine, Then I guess you will get it,” Brian responds walking out of their bedroom.

He knows things are hit a breaking point. She isn’t the same woman he married. She isn’t even the same woman he was with days ago. She wanted time away, Space. Would that only bring her further away from him? He didn’t know, he just saw her slipping away more and more, and it was killing him.

Before he could wiggle out of things by getting close to her, touching her. She never even gave him a chance to get that close to her now. He saw that even though she upset, she was still emotionless, with no tears, not shouting. Just statements. He knew that even with Ethan, he would get a rise out of her enough for her to yell at him at times. Where that wasn't even happening here.

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