The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 326

Chapter 326

Thursday comes before they know it, Brian is at work, the kids at Sean’s for the day. Elizabeth just gets into the car waiting for her and drives away. Needing the space away from everything. Her feelings are all over the place, and she needed time away to see where she really stood, and what she really wanted. She also needed time away from Brian, doing something without him. For the last two years, it was him and her doing everything together. She now saw that as a bad thing, she needed to face things alone. To step up and do things herself. What would happen if he wasn’t there anymore? That thought alone hurt her deeply, this whole thing did.

She goes into New York going to the hotel that Monica has waiting for her, she goes in and gets herself ready. Remembering all the times, she and Brian have done this together. The fun they had when they first met when their relationship turned into a romance. She just tries to shrug it off, knowing it's not going to do her any good for this night. She was already filled with Anxiety.

Brian was always there with her to hold her hand and talk her through these things. As she hated to talk to a bunch of people at once. She hated speeches and book readings made her nervous. She just knew it was time for her, to do it without him. To face her fears. At the same time, she knew he should be here to share this. Her feelings are mixed up, to say the least.

Monica goes to pick her up from the Hotel, seeing her waiting in the hotel lobby without Brian, shocks her. She knew something must be going on because her sidekick was always there. They were part of each other.

“Are you ready for tonight girl?” Monica asks.

“Yea, how long does this last?” Elizabeth asks.

“About two hours, is Brian coming?” Monica says.

“No. It’s just me.” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok, I know he is always the one to sit behind you, and egg you on through these things.” Monica comments.

“He had to work, I will figure it out myself.” Elizabeth answers.

Monica sees Elizabeth is very different, she sees a cold version of her, she just doesn’t know why. She figures its best to stay quiet if she wanted to tell her, she would. Monica wanted tonight and these three days to go smoothly. This was important, and special at the same time, they didn't need things getting heated or crazy.

They get to the Book reading, and tons of people are there to hear her talk. Which only makes her more nervous. She stands up there and turns around, so use to him being behind her. Giving her a soft smile. She turns around and takes a deep breath, trying to control the feelings that are running inside of her.

As she stands there her phone vibrates from a text. She looks and its Brian.

Brian: 7:35 PM I know you hate these things but you will be fine. Just take a deep breathe and do your thing. I know you're mad at me, but I am still here. You can do this.

She gathers herself together, taking a deep breath and starts reading, doing a wonderful job, even though all she felt like doing was cry. His message just made things worse, she already was missing him there, needing him. It's like he knew it and showed up when she needed him most. In one way, she loved it, in another needing him so much, she hated.

When everything is over, she gets back into the car going to her Hotel. Not even getting unchanged, she just hits the bed like a ton of bricks. The feelings inside her confuse her and make her feel even worse. This isn't what she wants. She feels lost, confused, hurt, betrayed and so much more, all at once.

Monica notices things, and as much as she knows she should not get involved, she can’t help herself. She saw these two blossom, into what they use to be. She knows they need each other, and how much they really cared. This was brutal to watch, and she doesn't even know what took place.

"Brian I am sorry to call you so late, but are you sure you can't get tomorrow off to come here? I really think Elizabeth needs you here." Monica asks.

"I can, she just didn't want me there. She told me she needed space. I am trying to do what she asked, even though I'm going crazy." Brian admits.

"I knew something was going on, she is far from herself. I think she needs you, even though she is saying she doesn't. Tonight she turned around, looking for you behind her, even though you were not there. She seems lost." Monica confides.

"I knew she would flip out, she hates those things. I texted her, even though she didn't answer me. I knew it would help her. She is pushing me away, I know I hurt her, but this is only making things worse. She isn't giving me a chance to fix things. She won't talk to me, to even tell me what is going through her mind." Brian states.

"I think you should come here for the meet and greet tomorrow night, plus they do want to see you both. I will give you the directions, just show up at the place. She can't fight with you in public. Or at least I don't think she would." Monica laughs.

"At this rate, I am not sure about that, but I will do my best to keep things professional." Brian answers.

"They are all looking for Zach and Racheal, the loving couple. Not the fighting broken up couple. I need for you two to be normal. Plus maybe her seeing you in the Zach character might help your cause." Monica says.

"You will need to tell her that, she doesn't even want to have a conversation with me, little less be close to me. I can try, maybe your right, Zach is what brought us together, maybe I can use it to my benefit now. I am up for anything at this rate." Brian admits.

"What the hell did you do? She never did this before, you must have really screwed up. I have seen you two through so many things, she never acted like this before. She always was so in love with you, so worried you would get fed up and leave." Monica yells.

"I did. Its something I regret totally and can't take back. I am not sure if she will forgive me for it, even though she said she would. I don't know what is going on, she won't tell me. She wanted space. I was trying to give it, even though I am going crazy here all alone. This house is so empty without her. I will come tomorrow night and see what I can do. If I feel things are not going well, I will just leave so things don't get out of hand." Brian remarks.

"Ok, I am really sad to see you two get like this. I hope you two work it out. You will also have a lot of appearances in the future for the new book tour. You two are going to have to work something out, even if you are not together anymore." Monica says.

"Please, don't say that. I will do my best to fix this. I just need her to open up." Brian comments.

"I know this is bad, she didn't even tell me anything that was going on. She even confided in me about the rape, but not this. I just took it that something was going on, from how she was acting, and you not being here. She just seems very closed off. The wall is high, from what I saw tonight. Not only for you but for everyone around her." Monica explains.

"She has been like that for a week now. It's been hard. I think it's her way, of not getting hurt anymore than she is. At the same time, I can't get in to make things better. When I do try, it gets me nowhere." Brian admits.

"You better think of something, maybe tomorrow being Zach and Racheal will bring some hope back. Before all you had to do was touch her, and I would see her melt into you. I hope that is still there." Monica answers.

"Or this can just piss her off more. I guess we will see. Thank you for calling me. If I can even get close enough to touch her. " Brian says.

"No problem. See ya tomorrow." Monica replies.

Monica saw that neither one of them wanted to tell her what it was all about, which was fine, she just hopes that tomorrow things get better. Hopefully, they could get together and have a civil night together. Otherwise, this was going to be very uncomfortable for everyone. A lot of things would be coming up in the future, they would be thrown together and need to act in love. Plus a divorce in the future wouldn't be a good thing for the book, everyone loved Zach and Racheal. They loved seeing them together for real, them apart would kill the love story.

This is why Monica knew to work together and screw around was a very bad idea!

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