The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 328

Chapter 328

The next night comes, Elizabeth getting ready for the meet and greet. She wants to look her best, as she knows a lot of people will be there watching. She hasn’t texted Brian at all, doing her best stay away, and to keep her coldness going. The wall to protect her, still there strong.

To try to forget about everything that is going on, she takes a long shower, refreshing herself for the evening. She then puts on a black v-neck beaded knee-length dress with black high heels. She makes sure her makeup is perfect and her long blonde hair is done up in curls. She takes a look in the mirror taking a deep sigh. Telling herself “I can do this.”

While she is doing all that, Brian is getting ready himself, taking his shower and determined to get her back. He picks out his outfit very carefully for tonight. Wanting to get Zach down pat. He pulls out the black tight denim jeans, that hug every sexy curve he has, a white dress shirt, tucking in the shirt, and having three buttons open at the top. He puts on the cologne that she loves and fixes his hair just right. The grey hair hanging in the front. He even puts the cuff earring on that Zach has. Making himself, exactly him, even better than he has in the past.

Monica goes to the hotel to pick up Elizabeth not really sure what to expect, just keeping the little tidbit that Brian will be joining them tonight to herself. She was hoping it would be a surprise that would go right. Just knowing it could go very wrong at the same time. It was just a chance she was going to take.

When she gets to the hotel, she sees Elizabeth there waiting for her, looking her best.

“You look fabulous!” Monica states.

“Thank you, I know tonight is important, I wanted to do my best.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad to hear that. There will be a lot of people here to see you tonight. They want to meet you, and want you to sign their books.” Monica states.

“Then we better get this show on the road.” Elizabeth answers.

They both get into the limo and drive to the event. Once there they get out of the car walking up a ton of stairs to this huge event room filled with people. Its all done up, with pictures of Zach and Racheal. The Book being plastered all over the place. It just makes Elizabeth sadder instead of happier.

There are two large tables, one for her to sit at to sign books and another filled with books for people to buy in case they didn’t have one. This was a big deal and Elizabeth knew it, she also knew she should be ecstatic, but instead she wasn’t. She worked so hard for this, finally getting to where she wanted to be, and now her personal life was taking a shit.

She looks all the way around at the people, smiling at her, at the pictures of the book. It just makes her think of Brian even more. Part of her still in there wanting to tell him, you should see this. Even though another part of her was trying to push it away.

She just takes a seat at the table, knowing it's going to be a long night. Once the event would start people would ask questions, that she wasn’t really wanting to answer.

Before the event gets underway, Elizabeth gets a text.

Brian:8:00 PM I want you to know, that Monica asked me to be there tonight. She said I needed to be, I just want you to know, so you're not taken by surprise. I will be there in a few minutes.

Elizabeth reads the text and just looks at Monica.

"Why did you go behind my back?" Elizabeth asks.

"What do you mean?" Monica says.

"You told him to come?"Elizabeth huffs.

"Look, I don't know what is going on between the both of you, but you made him part of this. He is Zach, people came to see you, but they also came to see him. He is under contract and has to be here. So I suggest you both put your personal feelings on hold for the evening." Monica states.

Elizabeth doesn't answer her, as she knows this is what she created, what she wanted. Just could she be near him this evening? She figured she would find that out.

Brian walks into the event, walking up to the table, Elizabeth sees him and just stares at him. He looks gorgeous and she can't deny it. She just puts her head down and pretends she didn't see him, as he takes a seat next to her.

He sees she isn't warm, she doesn't even say hi. He knows he is going to have to work this and he is ready to.

The event starts and the first woman comes up to them, making both of them sign the book. Then asking for them to take a picture together.

Brian uses this to his advantage, standing behind her and putting his hands on her waist and his face near hers, his breath hitting her ear.

"I know you're upset with me, but for tonight, can we put the last week on hold? Tonight let me be Zach. Let'enjoy this, you worked so hard for it." Brian whispers in her ear tenderly.

Elizabeth holds in the gasp, from the feel of his hands on her waist, his sexy seductive voice in her ear. She just nods in return, feeling things she hoped she wouldn't. Him being that close to her was making her feel again. Making her want to be around him. Those were the feelings, she was fighting with inside herself. Yet, they were winning. It just brings back memories of all the other times they shared doing this together.

They keep signing books and taking pictures together being close. As most of their fans wanted them to take a picture in each other's arms, and Brian took full advantage of it. Being ever so gentle, just making sure he would touch in the right spot. Knowing perfectly well, all the right places she liked.

His hand would touch her hip, caress her waist, pushing his chest up against her back. Always making sure his breath or lip just touched her neck. He knew her weak spots and he was using them.

Elizabeth would keep her hands to herself, doing her best to be professional. Just at times, he would make shivers go down her spine that she couldn't ignore. She would find herself staring at him, while he signed the books. his hair hanging down in his face, his long slender fingers holding the pen. His sweet nose and sensuous lips. Even though she was still mad at him, she still loved him.

This was the hardest thing she ever went through. Not knowing which way to go now. He wasn't making things easy to give up on.

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