The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 329

Chapter 329

While they are signing the books, a woman comes up to let him sign her book, leaving her number on a small piece of paper. Elizabeth just watches, feeling a bit defeated. She sees that after the lady walks away, Brian throws the number in the trash can next to him. Not even looking at what the woman wrote inside. It makes her smile and a bit relieved. She also knew she couldn’t live her whole life in fear he would stray. That wasn’t her, and it wouldn’t be her now. She did trust him, even after what he did, there were just other things on her mind.

She just ignores what just happened, and goes back to work. Brian doing the same, hoping that didn’t make things worse. He knew that could put more fears, and doubts into her mind. Feeling just what he needed. He just keeps calm and goes back to work as well. Feeling if she saw it, and was pissed he was sure, she would like him know after this.

After two hours, the people clear out and the event is finally over. Both Brian and Elizabeth tired not only from the night but from all the stress they both have been under.

“I just want to say tonight was a success, did you see how many people showed up?” Monica says.

“It was really nice, I am glad, I was here for it.” Brian answers.

“I want to thank you both for being professional. Everything was perfect. Tomorrow night I expect the same at the dinner. They are even going to give you an award, it will be a very special night for both of you.” Monica replies.

“That's wonderful,” Brian responds.

“I appreciate it all, it's more than I ever thought could happen.” Elizabeth answers.

“You deserve it, the books are wonderful. I am so happy for both of you, that you get to experience this.” Monica comments.

“Yea, I am pretty beat and starving. I am going to get something to eat, then head to the hotel room. Thank you for everything Monica.” Elizabeth says.

“Your very welcome, enjoy the rest of your night,” Monica says giving Brian a look. Like, go after her!

“I will try,” Elizabeth answers walking away to get her coat.

Brian sees, she isn’t waiting for him, or even asking him to go with her, but he isn’t going to let that stop him. This was his chance to try to fix this. If he couldn't get her to open up to him, tonight, he never would be able to. He needed to act and fast. He also knew that all the touching, and being close to him, had to make her feel something. It always had in the past.

“Hey, mind if I tag along for dinner? I am pretty hungry also.” Brian says catching up to her.

“Sure.” She answers.

Which makes him relieved. He goes to put on his long trench coat, knowing this should do her in. He knows he has to be getting to her, looking like this. He knew how she felt about him in this getup. He needed to use it and now, doing his best to get her feelings going. To make her feel something towards him besides hurt and pain.

She just watches him put the trench coat on, seeing just how hot he looks, not to mention smells. The regular Elizabeth would have had him by now, anywhere. She was just doing her best to keep her control and push her feelings away.

“So what do you feel like having?” Brian asks.

“Not sure, what about you?” She says.

“How about some steak? I know of a great place not far from here. I went on my lunch break from the office. I wanted to take you there, just never got to. So now would be a great time.” Brian answers.

“Ok. Steak it is.“Elizabeth replies.

Brian hails down a cab, that takes them to the steak joint, both walking in, and Brian holding the door for her and even pulling out her chair. Which wasn’t really anything new. He always treated her well. He was always a gentleman, They sit down together then order their meal.

“How was last night?” Brian asks.

“It was ok, you know how I hate talking in public. Thank you for the text, I needed it.” Elizabeth responds lightening up a tad.

“No problem. I know how nervous you get, I was thinking about you all day. I was hoping everything went well. I have to admit it was very lonely without you. The house doesn’t feel right when you're not there. I didn't even sleep in the bed, I stayed on the sofa.” Brian admits.

“Yea, it wasn’t much better here,” Elizabeth remarks.

Brian knowing she missed him as well, even though she is trying to put on a hard exterior. He knows something is blocking her feelings. He just is scared if he asks, it will blow up in his face, and he is trying for the night to go smoothly. So he will wait to ask that.

“It was really great for the bookstore to do this for you. Tonight was great and tomorrow it will be even better. They want to give you an award.” Brian states.

“I never expected this. It's really nice. I do love that so many have read the books. It makes it all worthwhile.” Elizabeth comments.

“I knew you would get here. I knew it from the moment, I met you.” Brian says.

“You always did push me and be there. Thank you.” Elizabeth admits.

“I am glad to be here, glad to share this with you. I hope you know that.” Brian responds.

“I do,” Elizabeth replies.

The rest of the dinner goes smooth, having a regular conversation. Neither bringing up the elephant in the room. Just dancing around it. He sees as the night goes on, she does lighten up. Which makes him feel, he has a chance, he wants to be close to her, for her to be close to him again like she was. He misses her. He misses the life they had, wanting it to go back to that. He knows he has to be careful in what he says and does. Which makes things a bit harder and on edge. He would just do whatever it took.

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