The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 33 Texts

Chapter 33 Text.

Elizabeth pretends she went to sleep, waiting for Ethan to do the same. He lays there and thinks for a while, before falling asleep. He just thinks about everything she has said to him. There was no passion? This is how she felt all this time? The thoughts just invade his mind, making it hard for him to fall asleep.

When he does, Elizabeth gets out of bed going into her office, taking her phone with her. She sits in her desk chair, feeling this urgency to call Brian. Then she is scared. How about if he doesn’t answer? How about if he doesn’t want her anymore? If he realized it was just sex to him. Or that she waited too long to answer his feelings. So many things were running through her mind. She was jittery inside, not knowing what to do.

She missed him so much, she was at the point she just wanted to leave and go with him. Not even caring what the outcome would be. Just not sure he felt the same anymore.

4:03 Elizabeth: Brian, I miss you. I need you.

Elizabeth writes on her phone. Just holding it there. Not sending.

“How about if he doesn’t feel the same. Or he doesn’t answer It.” She says to herself. Hitting backspace and removing it. Sitting there curled up with her knees in her arms. Holding the cell phone.

4:08: Elizabeth: You up? I Can’t sleep.

Elizabeth hits send this time. Feeling he may even be sleeping and won’t answer. There is so much panic inside of her she can’t even contain it. She needs him. Will he be there, or just let her go?

4:11: Brian: I was sleeping. What’s wrong? Are you ok?

4:12: Elizabeth: No, I miss you. I am so sorry. I want to be with you. I can’t wait to see you. I shouldn’t have done what I did, or said the things I did.

4:14: Brian: I am so glad you feel that way. I feel the same. I have been going crazy. I miss you, babe. So does this mean I am not just your fantasy guy?

4:16: Elizabeth: That’s just it. You are my fantasy guy. You are everything I ever wanted and more. I was so dumb to leave you. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was scared. I am so glad you feel the same way. I was terrified you changed your mind, that I waited too long.

4:18: Brian: I am not changing my mind. I told you I love you. I meant it, I want to be with you always. I know you were scared. I was hoping you would realize that and come back to me. I need you Elizabeth. I never felt like this before.

4:20: Elizabeth: Neither have I. I am going to call Monica in the morning. I want to see if she can maybe push up the dates or something. I need to see you IF you want to come here? If you want to wait the week, that’s fine. Just let me know. I know you have your son there. I don’t want to take time away from him. I just can’t wait to see you.

4:22: Brian: No, I want to come there. He is with his mother anyway. Let me know what she says. I will be there even if she doesn’t let it be for work. I need to see you also. I have been going crazy. I can’t take it anymore. I am so glad you messaged me. I haven’t had a good night’s rest since we left Washington.

The conversation keeps going, they don’t get any rest, or put down the phone. When six A.M. rolls around, Elizabeth gets dressed, going downstairs to make breakfast. Which she does fast, leaving it on the table. She then calls a cab, leaving the house before anyone wakes. Staying on the phone with Brian. Talking about everything they went through for the last three weeks. All they wanted to do when they were together. It picked up, right as it left off.

As soon as Elizabeth is in the cab she calls Monica. Putting Brian on speakerphone. Hearing his voice just puts her at ease. Making her feel everything will be ok. She felt so happy being with him. So alive. It’s what she didn’t feel being back home.

“Hi, Monica, “Elizabeth says.

“Hey girl, what’s up? I will be seeing you in a week. How are you liking your vacation?” Monica answers.

“It’s ok. Remember you telling me that I had to choose. Well, I have. Is there anyway Brian could come here this week? Say it’s for work. He is on the line too.” Elizabeth states.

“Hey, Brian. I guess you choose him. I don’t blame ya, I saw this coming. I can push up the hotel reservations for this week. I think that’s about it though. The work will start the following week. I can get him there to you, so you two can spend time together. You both owe me though.” Monica says.

“Thank you so much! I miss him so much. I can’t stand it.” Elizabeth announces.

“Great, just what we need. What am I doing about this?” Monica says.

“Nothing at the moment, I need it to stay on the down low. Just until after my daughter’s graduation. I don’t want it to be awkward that day. After that, I don’t care who knows.” Elizabeth admits.

“Ok. Then I need you two, to be good in public then. Once someone spots you and takes a pic and it’s put all over. It’s going to be hard to lie about. Since you both want to come out, just not now. We need to work this to our advantage. We can even wait until part two is out. Making it a publicity thing.“ Monica states.

“Whatever you want. We owe you remember?” Elizabeth says.

“Yea girl, you do!. Have a great week. I will see you soon.” Monica answers.

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