The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 330

Chapter 330

When dinner is over, they both leave the restaurant, Brian getting another cab to take them back to the hotel. He just hopes that Elizabeth lets him go with her. That she doesn’t send him away. That fear stays in the back of his mind, seeing she is hiding a lot of her feelings towards him. Which he had to admit was new, she never did this before. She was always all over him, sharing everything with him. This was something to get used to. Not really sure if he could, if she stayed this way.

“Are you staying for tomorrow’s dinner?” Elizabeth asks in the cab.

“Yes, I would like to. I hope that is ok with you?” Brian says.

“Yea, it is. In a way, you should be there. It's just as much your award as it is mine.” Elizabeth states.

“Thank you, that means a lot to me,” Brian answers, feeling a bit better.

He sees that maybe he can get her to open up a bit more.

"Did Monica get you your own room?" Elizabeth asks.

"No, she didn't change anything she planned. I don't think she felt you wanted me, in another room, or that we were that far apart. Are we that far apart you want me to go to another room?" Brian asks with a pain in his heart. Feeling if she sends him to another room, he is shit out of luck.

"I don't know." She says. " I guess we are both adults and can share the room. It's not a big deal." She adds looking out the cab window.

Brian isn't sure if he should feel relieved or not. This was far from the two who couldn't keep their hands off of each other. The chemistry was still there, neither of them denies that. He just wasn't sure if he could use it, to get her to open up to him.

Once they get to the hotel, they both walk in together going into the Elevator, Elizabeth just looks at Brian, how hot and sexy he looks tonight. How great he looks in the trench coat, and how the white shirt just clings to his body. How even though she is trying to fight her feelings, they are still there. The chemistry was hard to resist or ignore.

Brian stands with his back against the elevator wall, looking at Elizabeth. Seeing how the black beaded dress would ride up when she moved, showing a bit more thigh. He just looks at those cream silky thighs he loves to touch. He feels himself heat up in his face as he looks at her curves, not able to help himself.

Elizabeth knows Brian’s eyes are on her, she was no better, the way he looks in that long trench coat makes her want to jump his bones. Yet, she stays on her side of the elevator. Not saying a word.

Brian can’t help himself but to move over to her, hitting the stop button and pushing her lightly up against the wall. His body lightly touching up against hers.

“Why did you stop the elevator?” Elizabeth asks, looking up into his blue sparkle eyes as her heart starts to pound.

Brian moves in closer, putting his hands on each side of the wall, as his lips brush up against hers. The heat building in both of them. Their lips keep brushing over the other, as both their hearts pound. Elizabeth’s hands caress Brian’s chest making tingles go through his spine. The gentle feel of each other’s lips teases the other.

“We can’t do this, It’s not going to fix anything,” Elizabeth says panting to his touches.

" Look at me,” Brian says gently lifting her head to look up into his eyes. ” Just let go. Tonight I am your Zach in every way. Let me in, don’t fight it.” He adds.

His lips move closer to hers, and her hand touches his face moving close to him. Their lips touch, igniting a fire in both of them.

Brian’s lips press against her neck giving light kisses and gentle love bites, which in return makes Elizabeth move her body even closer to his, undoing his shirt so her hands can touch his hot flesh. Once his shirt is unbuttoned, Elizabeth moves her mouth making her way down his chest, stopping to suck on his nipples until they are erected, before she continues down to his lower stomach, giving him goosebumps.

Brian knows she can’t resist Zach, that the sex should be ten times better, with him in character. It will bring out the beast in her, and make her let go. Its why he is doing this.

Elizabeth’s hand moves over his crotch, stroking his hard member outside the fabric of his black denim pants, which only makes him harder. Her mouth moves back up to find his lips, as they both go in for a long passionate kiss. Brian’s hands roaming her curves.

He knows he wants her and now, he just knows that he can’t have this elevator locked for much longer. He also doesn’t want her to change her mind. He hits the button to make the elevator start working again, grabbing Elizabeth in his arms, he picks her up as the elevator stops. Carrying her to the hotel room, her hand in his hair, and mouth on his.

He opens the door with the card key, not letting go of her, he opens it and walks in, pushing it closed with his foot. He keeps the connection with her, going for her lips. Doing his best not to give her any time, to unthink this or push him away. He wanted her to feel the need for him, to want him, like she use to.

He carries her over to the sofa in the room, sitting down with her on top of him. The kiss doesn’t break, it just intensifies. With their hands going for the other, Brian removes her coat throwing it to the side, as she unbuttons his pants. His hand slides up her dress, rubbing her ass and pushing her body closer to his.

He sees she isn’t taking off his clothes, that she wants him, in them. He knew being Zach would get to her, and it was working like a charm. At the moment she wasn’t thinking of all the bad stuff that took place. She was in a lust-filled haze, going after her desire which was him. He knew it would wear off, but he was hoping it would be enough to get her to open up to him again. Where before it was like she felt nothing and it bothered him greatly.

She slides her body down on his hard erection, letting it enter her hard and deep. Brian’s hands around her waist. She pushes her self up and down on him, going at a steady pace. Her arms going around his neck and lips on his. The feelings going through them both, intense. She keeps going up and down harder and faster, as the fire inside her burns. Needing him like no other, she keeps going as she takes him in deeper, moaning into each kiss.

She feels the fire in her stomach let go, as her core wraps and tightens around him giving her a shockwave throughout her whole body. Brian following letting go the same time she does.

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