The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 331

Chapter 331

Brian holds Elizabeth close to him, as he tries to catch his breath. Now that it's over, he is still worried, she may just get off of him and tell him to leave. He knows that didn’t fix anything. He knew it wouldn’t fully, he just wanted to break down some of her walls, and show her she can feel things towards him again. Trying to get her to want to talk to him and let herself go. He knew she still hurt and would for a long time. This was just a start.

He sees she doesn’t move, her body is still on his lap, with her head on his shoulder trying to catch her own breath. If nothing at least the passion and lust were still there for each other.

Once Elizabeth catches her breath, Brian sees she is going to move off of him. He stops her before she does, wrapping his arms around her more, she turns her head to him, just looking at his face, which he kisses her lips tenderly. Wanting her to know what they just shared was more than just sex to him. The kiss lingers, as they fall into each other, Elizabeth’s hand goes for his face touching him lightly.

When they stop kissing, her head goes on his shoulder again, her emotions all over the place. She just breaks down and starts to sob in his arms, feeling even more confused than before.

“Babe, what’s wrong? Talk to me please.” Brian asks concerned.

Elizabeth just continues to cry, Brian lifts her head up to look at him. “Babe please tell me what is going on. Tell me what your feeling?” Brian says.

“I don’t want to need you like this. I don’t want to love you as I do. I don't want to be so vulnerable to one person.” Elizabeth admits.

Brian feels hurt but still holds her tight, needing to know more. Feeling its good that she gets it out instead of holding it in.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“I don’t......want to be so in love with you. It hurts. I want to distance myself so if you change your mind, and don’t want this anymore. I will be able to survive, just like the last time.” There is just a big difference, I didn't care the last time as I do now. I never was in love with anyone before. Elizabeth admits.

“So that is what this is about? You think I am going to leave?” Brian asks.

Brian now knowing for sure that this is what the problem was, just like Monica said to him before, and as he was thinking.

“After our fight and you left, all I thought was I wanted you home. When you did come home things were wonderful for that morning and night, then in a heartbeat it was gone. You could have said you wanted out, and it was over. You found someone new. I don’t want to be so vulnerable so hopeless in love with you. I’m scared. It only took one fight, one night for you to feel you needed someone else. I would be left alone with an infant, I don't want that.” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh god babe, I really did mess up the trust we had, just in a different way, then I thought I did. I have no intention of leaving you. I love what we have, I saw it even more after what I did. It was a big wakeup call and I am so sorry. I need you to trust me, that everything we will fine. I want you to love me as you have, I feel the same way. Don’t push me away, its been killing me. I am so empty without you.” Brian reveals.

“I feel the same. Like part of me is missing. I was trying to fight my feelings, to push you away so I didn’t hurt, it just seemed to make things worse. I was here and thinking you should be too. We did this together. My emotions have been everywhere. What you did hurts, and put so many things in my head. I have never felt so broken before in my life.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know, I was wrong. Can we move past it? Can I make this right?” Brian asks.

“I want to, move past it. I am hoping you can, I am just going to need time.” Elizabeth comments.

“It’s a start, I just need for you to let me in. Tell me what you're feeling, and not push me away. Just like you told me. We really need to keep that no matter what your feeling, no matter how we think it will hurt the other. It is hurting us more by keeping it to ourselves.” Brian says smiling at her.

“Ok, are you sure you still want this? That I'm not too old for you or you're changing your mind? Maybe you wanting to see if you could sleep with someone else was because you did want out?” Elizabeth replies.

"I know I put a lot of doubts in your mind, but I will say it as many times as you need me to. I am not changing my mind, I was dumb and acting on stress and others saying shit. Your not too old, your not old at all. I need for you to believe me." Brian explains.

"I just needed to hear it again." Elizabeth answers.

Brian feels the trust is going to have to rebuild, he did more damage then he thought he did, but now that he knows why she was acting that way, he can try to fix it. He didn’t want her to be scared of letting go with him. Or loving him the way she did. It’s what he loved about this relationship. He would make sure to get her fully back.

He kisses her head and picks her upbringing her to the king-size bed, sitting her on top of it. He didn’t want to move from the sofa, but being in the trench coat and the rest of his clothes were uncomfortable. He was all sweated up from their lovemaking and needed out of them.

“Hey, you're going to take off that trench aren’t you?” Elizabeth asks looking at him.

“Yea babe, sorry but I am dying in these clothes. ” Brian admits.

“That’s fine, Just take them off slowly. I want to watch you.” Elizabeth confesses.

Brian sees she is opening up a bit, and he likes it. He also finds it very sexy. Not much was fixed, but the sex was there, the desire was there. And he also knew she still did love him very much. She just needed reassurance he really was in this. He would make sure he would build that again and make her feel safe.

“Ok, I will be your stripper for the evening.” Brian laughs.

" Well, Mr. McGinnes Let's see what you got," Elizabeth smirks.

Elizabeth just watches him, take off the trench, then his white shirt that was already unbuttoned by her. She couldn’t help how he made her feel, their sex life was always fresh and fun. Brian opened new doors for her in that department never having any of this before. She felt safe with him, and open to trying new things. Even after everything that part seemed to stay. As much as she still wanted to keep herself closed off, she couldn't help but open up to him.

After all his clothes are off, he goes up to Elizabeth picking her up so she is standing up. He unzips her dress letting it fall to the floor.

“It's only fair if I am only in my underwear so are you,” Brian smirks.

“I enjoyed your little show,” Elizabeth responds biting her bottom lip.

“I am glad you did. I have more to show you.” He replies sliding them both into bed.

“I am sure you do.” She responds with a smile.

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