The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 332

Chapter 332

They stay close all through the night, Brian not leaving her side. Not wanting this to end or disappear as fast as they got it back. He is happy he made a little progress, he knew he needed more than just sex to fix this though. That was just an opening. He did feel relieved that it was still there for them though. That they both still felt the heat from each other. That even how mad she was at him, he was still good enough to make her forget it a bit and give into him, Now he would have to prove himself in everything else, starting all over again.

He knew how hurt she was, and how trust for her was a big thing, and now he finally sees how much he broke it. He also knows that today will be a big day for her, getting the award for the book. It was special and something he truly wanted to share with her and make even more special. He would have to pull out all the stops and be extra romantic. Brian knows just how much she loves that. He just hopes that in the morning, she doesn’t change her mind, wanting to bolt out of the room and away from him. She was scared in some ways, and so was he. He knew that just because of what happened, didn't change things in, he had a lot to prove. She could wake up and decide she didn't want to try anymore. That it wasn't worth it. He was still shook up.

Morning comes with Brian getting just a bit of sleep, thinking of everything he wanted to do today. Also, his nerves were still on edge. He does see that Elizabeth actually got some rest laying close to him, which makes him feel good. He knows she needed it, and was just as upset as he was.

Elizabeth gets up seeing Brian laying next to her just watching her sleep.

“Did you get some rest?” She asks.

“Some, my mind is still going from it all. I am happy to be laying next to you though. I am glad you let me stay.” Brian admits.

“I needed some sleep, I haven’t really gotten a lot since this all started. I’m glad your here too. I hate sleeping without you if I am truly honest.” Elizabeth states.

“Me too, and I thank you for being honest with me and telling me how you feel. It’s great to hear.” Brian answers a bit relieved.

“I am trying,” Elizabeth replies.

“Good. I think we should get up, get a shower and food. Then I am taking you out on the town today.” Brian responds.

“Really? What are we going to do?” Elizabeth asks.

“I have some surprises in store. Tonight is going to be a big deal and I want the day to be as well. I want to show you just how proud I am of you and everything you are accomplishing.” Brian says.

“I Can’t wait to see what you're up to,” Elizabeth answers with a smile.

“I think you will enjoy it all. You go get your shower and I will order room service for us.” Brian states.

“Ok,” She replies.

Elizabeth goes into the bathroom getting ready for her shower, she feels a bit better than she has in the last week. She is a bit happy but everything that has to happen still overshadows things. She just wants to try to let some of it go. She knows to make this work she will need to. At the same time, to give herself fully again scares the hell out of her. She saw just how much she missed and needed him in so many ways.

She just thinks back, to her first marriage, where she never felt this way. She was independent and did a lot on her own, never really sharing her life with Ethan. Most of the time it was like they lived two separate lives, going their own ways. This time was so different, Brian was always there and by her side. She wanted to share everything with him, she couldn’t even wait to tell him things. She wondered if getting herself into this was a good idea or not? Maybe the way she lived with Ethan was better, at least there wasn’t any hurt, because you were not close. You really didn’t care.

Then what she shares with Brian, is everything she ever wanted. She dreamed about having a relationship this close. Just can she let go of what he did? Then everyone makes mistakes, she sure has made her share of them. She would just see what the day would bring, and try to enjoy it. She knew it was worth it to her, to try.

Brian orders room service and waits on the bed, Elizabeth comes out wrapped in her towel.

"You smell wonderful babe," Brian says.

"Thank you, I see that breakfast is here?" Elizabeth responds.

"Yes, it just got here, come have a seat with me. This reminds me of all the times, we ate in the hotel rooms when we were dating, and when we first met. How I would look forward to it."Brian states.

"We have shared a lot in the small amount of time we have been together. I have thought about that a lot these past few days." Elizabeth replies.

"Me too, I want to experience even more with you. I want to grow old with you, watch our son grow up and have his own family. I want to share everything with you." Brian says.

"I want the same, I always have." Elizabeth answers.

"Good, then we will make it happen." Brian comments.

Brian saw her response as a good one, it left the door open. Or at least he hoped it did. After breakfast, they both get dressed and ready to hit the streets of New York. Brian was going to try to make it a day to remember. A day to help try to fix what happened, which he knew would take time and work. He was just ready for it. Knowing now more than ever just how much he wanted this.

Seeing himself grow as a person even though it almost destroyed him. He didn't want anyone else, the party life for him was over. There wasn't anything to miss or think he has lost. He really was ready to settle down and move on. No matter what anyone else thought or felt. The only problem with that, was he now had to make sure she saw it and believed it as well.

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