The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 333

Chapter 333

After they get dressed, they head out into the New York city streets. Brian dressed up in his dark wash denim jeans, black soft pullover, and his black wool coat. Elizabeth sees that he is still a bit in the Zach Character from last night. She just smiles at him, seeing that he is trying so hard.

Brian offer’s his arm to her, and she takes it gladly, doing her best not to push him away. Today she was going to just see how things went, if, after all that, they were the same, not only in bed but out of it. Fears still filled her mind, she just knew to make this work and even last, she was going to have to let go. She would have to trust what he did was just a mistake and not something he would do all the time. She was with him for going on two years and this was the only time, he has done this. She knew Trust was going to be a big thing.

“So where are you taking me?” Elizabeth asks walking down the busy street arm in arm.

“I am taking you to a jewelry store, I want to upgrade your rings. When I bought them, I didn’t have that much money, now I can do better.” Brian states.

“You really don’t have to though. I am very happy with what you gave me. It’s not how much they cost that matter, it was that they were from you that did.” Elizabeth answers.

“That's exactly why I want to upgrade them. You never ask for anything, even when you deserve more.” Brian responds.

“The engagement ring has A lot of meaning to me. I will remember that day for always. It was the first time we put up a tree together, and then you surprised me with the ring. I didn’t even know how much I wanted one from you, till you gave it to me.” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Brian is happy she is remembering this, its what he wanted, for her to remember the good times, and what made her love him.

“It’s still yours, you will just have a new one to add to your collection. I remember watching you stare at that ring all night, and how you would smile. I know it meant a lot to you. It did for me also.” Brian states.

Brian walks up to Shimansky Diamonds Jewelry store on 5th ave. Opening the door for Elizabeth who is taken away. The showcase room is breathtaking. Elizabeth just looks around not even sure they should be in here. Everything is beautiful but very expensive.

“May I help you?” The salesman asks.

“Yes, I would like to get my wife something special. We have only been married going on a year, and she is very happy with her rings but I would like to upgrade them.” Brian says.

“Ok, if she is very happy with them and since its only, a year, how about an Anniversary ring? Just one to add to the rings she always has?” The salesman asks.

Brian looks at Elizabeth and she just nods yes.

“Yes, that would be perfect. Can we see some?” Brian replies.

“Of course, here are some right here if she sees something she likes just let me know. We can have it fitted and ready to go today.” The salesman answers.

“Wonderful, today is a very special day and I would like her to have it for tonight,” Brian replies. “Babe, do you see any you like?“Brian adds.

“Yes, they are all so gorgeous. I don’t know which one to try on.” Elizabeth answers.

Elizabeth tries on the double row full diamond eternity ring with 50 matching My Girl diamonds weighing 4.98ctw. She looks at the price tag and takes it off handing it back to the salesman.

“Brian, can I speak to you for a second?” Elizabeth says.

“Of course babe, what's wrong?” Brian comments.

“I know you mean well, and I am extremely grateful, but with what that ring costs we can add another room to our home,” Elizabeth says with worry.

Brian just chuckles. “Babe, I already knew the price of the jewelry here. I don’t want you to worry about that. I have it. I worked hard to get here and I want to spoil you, so please let me. I won’t be able to do this every day but I can today. Do you like it?” Brian asks.

“Yes, it's gorgeous but....” Elizabeth starts to say.

“But nothing, if you want it, get it. Please don’t hold back. ” Brian responds.

Elizabeth knows Brian's heart is in the right place, she also knows he is trying his hardest to win her back. It makes her happy to know he cares this much. She just can’t take advantage of this. nine thousand nine hundred for a ring was crazy. She loved fancy things, but this was too much. Even with him being an ass, she still couldn’t.

“Let me try the other one on, I think I like that one better.” She states.

“Ok, try away,” Brian responds.

Elizabeth now tries on the full diamond eternity ring set with 28 matching My Girl diamonds weighing 1.89ctw, it's still gorgeous just instead of being a double its a single. She takes a look at the price, still a bit much but a lot better than the last one. Being only three thousand eight hundred.

“Do you like this one?” Brian asks.

“Yes, very much,” Elizabeth replies.

“Great, can we get this one sized to her finger and ready for today?” Brian asks.

“We sure can, I will get everything ready for you. It will take at least an hour to get it sized. Is that ok with you?” The salesman asks.

“Yes, that is fine, we are going shopping, and when we are done. We will return for the ring.” Brian says.

Elizabeth just looks at him, thinking about shopping? What else can he plan? How more can he surprise her?

“Are you ready for our next adventure?” Brian smirks.

“Yes, but are you sure about all this?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, babe more than sure.“Brian says taking her hand and heading out the door.

Once outside, Elizabeth feels there is something she wants to do. Telling Brian to wait here, and going back into the store. After about ten minutes, she returns.

“Was there something wrong?” Brian asks.

“No, nothing at all. There was just something I wanted to tell him. Everything is perfect now.” She states.

“Ok, as long as your happy?” Brian replies.

“Yes, I am happy.” She responds, with a smile.

Brian saw that she watched what she picked not going overboard even though he said she could. It just made him smile, that in the position she was in right now, she could have taken the most expensive thing in the place, and he would have agreed just to make her happy. She just didn't use it. It just made him love her more, for being true, for being her. It also made him know he picked the right person to spend his life with.

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