The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 334

Chapter 334

Elizabeth and Brian start walking down the street, Brian stops when they get to a fancy boutique. Opening the door and walking in with Elizabeth.

“What are you up to now?” Elizabeth asks.

“Well, tonight is a very important night. I want you to pick out something special to wear. I know when you found out about tonight, you had other things on your mind, and you were not too happy. You also just grabbed anything out of your closet. So I want to fix that. Tonight is your night. I want you to look and feel your best.” Brian says.

Elizabeth just looks at Brian, he has always treated her well, always wanted to make her happy. Just today he was doing even more. It was nice, she loved it. She loved the surprises, the gifts. Who wouldn’t? She just always wanted him to know he didn’t have to buy her things to get back in her good graces. No matter how hard she tried to push him away, and block him out of her heart, she couldn't. He held the key to it, its what scared her so much.

“You know you don’t have to spend all this money right?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I want you to forget about it just for today. Remember it's your day, your going to be pampered, and taken cared of like you always do everyone else. I want you to know just how special you are to me.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth just smiles, she loved clothes, loved shopping and he knew it. She just walks around the store, looking at all the gorgeous dresses, not sure which one to pick for tonight. She also would look at the price tags. Doing her best to be reasonable, she couldn’t help herself. She loved to shop but never spent all this money on one item, but she was going to let go, she did deserve it. She worked hard to get where she was today. And like Brian kept telling her, today was special. Who would have ever thought anyone would be having a dinner to honor her, and for her writing of all things. It was awesome, and now she finally could see how so.

What’s the good of all the stress, to make the money if you can’t enjoy spending it some times? She thought to herself.

While walking around, she spots this two-toned sequin mini V neck dress. It stands out and it's gorgeous. She looks at Brian, who just smiles. Knowing whatever she chooses she will look great in. She takes it and goes into the changing room, to try it on. Just looking at the dress, feeling she would never get to wear things like this, where was she going before? She was just a stay at home wife. The only place she ever got to go was the supermarket, and sure the hell wasn't wearing anything like this there.

She slides the dress on, hugging every single curve she has. She just takes a look in the mirror and smiles at herself. She was proud of herself. "Look at how far you have gotten?"

When she comes out, Brian’s jaw just drops the all over sequins two-tone ombre dress with hugging style and deep V-neck complements every curve that Elizabeth has. He can’t help but stare at her. The glow of happiness written all over her, made her look even better. She was gorgeous, and most of all, she was his. He would do everything he could, to make that be for always.

“Babe you look hot, no one is going to even notice that Zach is there tonight,” Brian says.

“You really like it?” She asks.

“I Love it, you look great.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth just smiles as she looks in the mirror. She picks out a Gold pair of high heel shoes and is ready for tonight.

“I want to thank you for everything,” Elizabeth says walking out the door with the bags in her hands.

“You don’t need to, I am happy to be able to spoil you, I do have to say it's going to take everything I have not to touch you while you're wearing this dress tonight.“Brian states.

“I will just have to wear it for you afterward, where you can do whatever you want with me in it.” Elizabeth smiles.

"That sounds wonderful," Brian answers feeling things are a little like they use to be.

Brian sees she has opened up a lot from a few days ago, he knew keeping things nice and romantic would help. He was trying to be just them, without any of the outside influences. Spending some quality time together, letting her see that the couple they use to be before all the drama was still there. That could still be if she would let them. Just not only her seeing this, but he also did as well. Seeing just how much he could have lost, and what a dumb move he made.

Brian was relieved that today was going so well, He was sure she was still going to hold a grudge. He knew the sex didn't fix anything last night, but now thinking about it, maybe their talk helped. Maybe him being there for her, when she needed him most did also. Also thinking about it, the sex made them closer, or at least for him, it did. He loved to hold her and be that close to her. To show her how much she turned him on. They never had any problems in that department. They both turned each other on and made the other feel good. He just didn't want things to be just sex. He wanted it to go back fully to what things where.

Before they go back to the hotel to get ready for tonight Brian picks up the ring from the jewelers. He knew it was just the icing on the cake. Something Elizabeth really deserved. Tonight would be her night, and she would look fabulous. He wanted to make up for everything he has done, not only almost cheating but for the weeks before that. He hoped that this was showing her, how sorry he was, and just how much he really loved her.

He figures he would find that out, once this trip was over and they were back home, into their regular routine. Would it stay this way? Or go back to fighting and all the craziness? Only time would tell.

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