The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 335

Chapter 335

They go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, Elizabeth Happy but at the same time, a bit nervous. There would be A lot of people there tonight, and she would have to go up and say thank you for the award. She was glad that Brian was with her, by her side like he has been for the last two years. When it really counted he was always there, just things have gotten in their way lately.

Things from their pasts always seem to crop up, invading their current lives and taking over. It wasn't only Victoria, or Brian's sexual past. When she really thinks about it, it has been Ethan, and a lot of things in her past as well. Just both now tired of it all, and taking it out on each other. Which she knows needs to stop, they both need to put the past in the past and move on from there. Neither could go back and fix the things that took place, they had to move forward. Being happy with each other, concentrating on what is happening now, with each other, and not what happened before their relationship.

Victoria was dead, and in a way so was Ethan. Elizabeth wanted nothing more to do with him. She said her goodbye's when she left Wisconsin the last time. She said she was going to let go, of everything and she was. Including the mistake that Brian just made, it hurt her deeply but at the same time, she knew he was just as scared of this relationship, as she was. Neither of them feeling like this before. They needed to enjoy it, they both needed to fully let go, to be fully each other's. It was do or die. Give yourself fully, even though it scared the crap out of you, or walk away because of your fright. Elizabeth wasn't a quitter, she wasn't going to give up on this just like that. If he was willing to try to make this work, so was she. She did just hope that in the end, it was all worth it, that it all worked out. It was a big chance to take. She just needed to trust in herself and in him.

She goes to put on her new dress, which was even more special since it came from him. It just made her smile to even look at it. To see, how he was so trying to make everything right again. To make tonight special in every way. She hopes it lasts, and when they are old and grey they can just look back at this, like the time he acted a fool and then saw the light.

Brian also gets dressed putting on his black suit, and blue tie. Looking Dapper as ever. Also thinking about things, that took place and wanting more than ever for this to work. Also hoping tonight is everything she could want and more.

When Elizabeth is done, she comes out of the bathroom. Just eyeing up Brian, seeing how great he looks, which was nothing new.

Brian lifts his eyes to meet hers as he does his tie, seeing her in the tight short dress hugging every curve, that now looked even better here than at the store.

“You look, wonderful babe, it looks like you were poured into that dress,” Brian says going over to her.

“Thank you, you look pretty great yourself. I know you always wear a suit for work, but I never get tired of seeing you in it.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad, I also would like to give this to you now,” Brian says opening the jewelry box to the new ring.

“Brian it's gorgeous! I love it.” Elizabeth states.

“I am glad you do, Let me put it on you. ” Brian comments, taking her hand and sliding the ring onto her finger then kissing it.

Elizabeth just stares at the ring in awe. She had to admit it was something. The diamonds just shine, as she moves her hand.

“Thank you for getting me this I really do love it. I really did enjoy today, it was a fun getaway. It also made me see how well we get along when it's just us. That we can be what we were before all this. That we really do need to fully let go of our pasts for this to work.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am so glad you saw that I was hoping you did. I am very proud of you, and everything you have accomplished. I hope you enjoy tonight. I know its hard to let go of our pasts, but you are right, we need to to make this work. I want this to work, I know now, I can really be the person I want to be with you.” Brian says with a smile.

“I will, I also got something for you. You have been here with me from the start, always telling me I can do it, even when I thought I couldn’t. Even when the stress of the writing the last book was getting the better of me. I also want to say thank you to you. Without you, I am not sure I would have gotten this far. I want the same as you do, I always have.” Elizabeth responds handing Brian a box.

“Babe, you didn’t have too but thank you. This means everything to me, that you feel this way.” Brian replies, opening the box

“BABE! Holy shit!? Really?” Brian shouts, with surprise.

Elizabeth starts to laugh, ” Yes, Really, I see Matt and Adam wear them all the time, you needed to have one also.” Elizabeth says.

Brian takes the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Men’s Automatic Watch out of the box to put it on.

“I am scared to ask how much this was? I thought we were going cheaper? You didn’t want the 9,0000 ring, I was fine with paying it though.” Brian answers.

“Its ok, I got it on sale, I talked the salesmen down since we were buying the ring also. It was as much as my ring.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I love it! Thank you so much.” Brian responds, hugging her tight.

This just made him see how much she did care, how giving she was. He bought things for her today, but in return, she got him something he really wanted. He can’t believe how lucky he has gotten to find her. She was one of a kind.

Brian just stares at his watch, gleaming from one ear to the other. Like Elizabeth, this was the most expensive gift he ever has gotten. They both might have been suffering, during this, but they made enough money to spoil each other and live comfortably. They were not rich by any means, but they had enough.

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