The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 336

Chapter 336

Monica waits for them in the lobby of the Hotel, hoping and praying, that they are doing better together. She just wonders, what really took place for Elizabeth to be that upset with Brian. She hated that she had to get in the middle of it, and go behind Elizabeth’s back, and invite him to this, but she felt she had no other choice.

She couldn’t stand by and watch as their marriage fell apart. She loved them both and wanted this to go on for the long haul. She also knew that Brian was here from the start, of Elizabeth's success. They did this together in many ways. Monica wanted Brian to share in it. She was torn, and wouldn't know what to do if they really did fall apart.

As she is waiting, the elevator opens, Elizabeth and Brian step out of it, Elizabeth wearing a knee-length black fur coat, looking wonderful. Brian in his black wool coat not looking bad himself. Monica also takes note, that Elizabeth is smiling and her arm is wrapped around his. Monica breathes a sigh of relief. Feeling whatever was going on, is now over. Brian worked his charm, getting back into her good graces.

“Well, you two look better than ever. Not to mention the smiles on your faces.” Monica says.

“Thank you, We had a very nice day together.” Brian answers.

“I am very happy to hear that. A lot of people will be there tonight, to see both of you. I have some special people coming as well, to witness this tonight. I thought I would do a little surprise. I am just glad the both of you are in better spirits.” Monica states.

“We are doing good, we still have a long way to go, but right now we are good.” Elizabeth answers.

Monica nods,” Let’s get this show on the road.” she says.

They all get into the limo, Elizabeth holding Brian’s hand, Monica can’t help but notice the ring.

“Damn girl, where did you get that?” Monica asks.

“Brian got it for me today, isn’t it gorgeous?” Elizabeth replies.

“It sure is! Geez, I guess it pays to fight with him if you’re going to get that as a sorry gift.” Monica says with a laugh.

“I rather he behaves, I don’t need the gifts. I need him. ” Elizabeth answers looking up at him.

“You have both,” Brian says.

“If I didn’t love you two so much, you would both make me sick.” Monica laughs.

Brian and Elizabeth both laugh at her comment.

After a short ride, they get to the Hall holding the dinner and award ceremony. Elizabeth just takes a look at the size of the place, her nerves get nervous. The place is huge.

The three of them walk into a bunch of tables and people sitting at them, some standing and talking. Drinks being served by waiters going around asking who wanted anything. Everyone done up and looking good. Large photos of the book plastered all over, the place.

Some are fans that read the book that paid to join, some are from the book store, Joann and Monica from the agency. Some are even other writers that came out to wish her luck and ones that read her books.

Elizabeth just looks at Brian, not believing that these people are here for her. It is amazing.

“I have a surprise for you, Elizabeth. If you follow me to this table.” Monica says.

Taking her to the table, where Joan, Sofia, Izzy, Tylor, Martha, Sean and even Adam are sitting.

“I couldn’t have you celebrate this without the most important people here with you,” Monica says.

Elizabeth just hugs her as tears roll down her face.

“Thank you so much,” Elizabeth says.

“You deserve it!” Monica answers.

Elizabeth goes over and hugs her mother and daughters. So happy that they are here to witness this. It was the best surprise ever.

Elizabeth takes a seat at the table, being with her family.

“I am so proud of you Elizabeth,” Joan says.

“Thank you mother, I am so glad you made it. All of you. I am so happy to share this with all of you.” Elizabeth comments.

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world mom,” Sofia says.

“I think this is awesome,” Tylor responds.

“It is son, Elizabeth has worked really hard to get these books done, and make them what they are. ” Brian replies.

Sean just looking at Brian, wanting to talk to him. Wondering what is up. Seeing that Elizabeth seems in better spirits than when he last saw her.

“Mom, where did you get that ring?” Izzy asks.

“Brian bought it for me, as a special gift for tonight.” Elizabeth comments.

“It's gorgeous, I never had a man buy me things like that. ” Joan says.

“Hey bro would you mind getting a drink with me?” Sean asks.

“Sure,” Brian responds getting up. "I will be right back babe." He adds before walking away with Sean.

“Damn, did you have to buy the ring to get out of the dog house?” Sean laughs.

“No, I wanted to show her how much she means to me, that I am not going anyway. She is scared I may just up and leave all of this behind. It’s why she was acting like she was. I am trying to prove myself. I have a lot to build up her trust for me again.” Brian answers.

“How did she take you being here?” Sean asks.

“At first she was cold, she tried to keep her distance, tried to block me out, but I went out to dinner with her, and did my best to work the Zach angle. Which worked, I got her to open up and let me know what was going on.” Brian states.

“I bet you did. Only you can use sex to get what you want. Do you really think playing Zach is fair? Using that card against her in a way?” Sean replies.

“Even after the sex, she was wanting to get up and walk away. I just used it to see if I could warm her up. She is so hurt, I didn't know what to do. It just seems it helped and so did the talking. Today I made it as nice as I could, by buying her the ring and dress. I didn't use sex the whole time, we need to get back in all departments.” Brian answers.

“I guess if that's what you want. Buying her love and affections?” Sean asks.

“No, showing her how much I appreciate her and everything she does for me. She gave me this watch, saying it was my night as well. Why must you always think bad of things? Sometimes you know, things are not as complicated as your thinking. Or even being used in that way.” Brian says showing him the watch.

“Holy shit, do you know how much they cost? I swear bro only you could almost cheat and get a freaking Rolex. What the fuck? I must be doing shit wrong, cause no one ever gave me one of those. You would be an ass to let her go. I don't always think negative things, I just wonder. I haven't ever been in half the situations you have been in, and I sure the hell wouldn't want to. I just try to make you see things from every angle.” Sean replies.

“I know, she cares, but so do I. Its not about money or sex. It's about being with someone who gets me. Who makes me happy. You sure do see every angle that's for sure. By the way, what the hell is Adam doing here anyway?” Brian asks.

“He said he wanted to come, be a part of this. So Monica said ok. He wanted you to have some family here also. He is trying.” Sean states.

“I guess so. I still have to talk to him. Once I get back to work I will. Tonight let’s just enjoy ourselves. I really do need a night to just be normal. So does Elizabeth for that matter.” Brian responds.

“I intend on it. Free drinks, and food, I am loving this. Martha is as well, we never get to go to anything like this before. I do have to say Elizabeth has done well, and so have you. You just need to stay on the right track.” Sean answers.

"I am, I want everything to go back to the way it was before Victoria's death. Before the father crap. I have a lot to let go of, and I am doing it bit by bit." Brian says.

"I sure hope so," Sean responds.

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