The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 337

Chapter 337

Brian and Sean go back to the table, Adam just looking at Brian.

“Brian I want to say, how proud I am of both of you. This is a great honor here tonight for both of you. I knew the books were doing well, I just never thought it would get here.” Adam says.

“Thank you, Elizabeth has worked hard for all this. We had a lot of stress over the last book, it just seems like now it is panning out.” Brian responds.

“It sure has. You are doing very well on your own, I must say you are a fabulous lawyer. I am so glad you came to work at the firm. It’s wonderful having you there.” Adam replies.

“I truly thank you for the opportunity for all this. I have just been thinking, that working there isn’t really working out in some ways. I know now that Victoria isn’t there to egg things on, but Matt and I are not the best of friends. He rather I was not there.” Brian says.

“I know Matt has his moments, I just wouldn’t let him stop you. You’re too good at this to make anyone stop you.” Adam answers.

“You always said if I needed anything I could come to you. I have been thinking, I may want to open my own firm, in New Jersey. Close to where I live, but still, be apart of your firm. We can work together, I just don’t have to be there with Matt, he can be in charge of the New York Branch. I would have the New Jersey Branch.” Brian comments.

“That’s actually a wonderful Idea. We can talk more about it in my office on Monday. If this is something you really want, I am sure we can work something out. I will even help with financing, the new office.” Adam states.

“That would be great. Like you said more on Monday. Tonight is my wife’s night. Let’s give it to her.” Brian answers.

Adam just nods, as Elizabeth just smiles at Brian, overhearing what he was saying. She saw he wanted to move on from them, not being in the same office, but still needing their name to succeed. Elizabeth knew Brian was smart, he wanted the money he was entitled to, at the same time wanting to get away from them and do this on his own. She thought it was very clever.

“Sorry babe, I will talk more about it later with you also. I just thought about it now, and wanted to ask him if it was even possible before going into depth about it.” Brian whispers in her ear.

“That’s fine, I think its a great idea. I would love to have you closer to home, not to mention away from them.” Elizabeth replies.

Brian smiles back, glad she is on the same page, he knew he needed to talk to her about it, it just happened so fast. He was thinking about what his brother just told him, that he had to stay on the right track. He felt having his own office far away from them, would be a big help. He just needed the clients and the name, until he would be able to build his own. Plus Adam always said it was half his, so why not? Someone in this crooked family was his true father.

As they are all sitting there eating, drinking and talking to each other, Monica stands in front of the room, with a microphone asking for everyone’s attention.

“I want to thank everyone for coming tonight to honor our very own Elizabeth McGinnis. I am very happy, to be handing her this award for a job well done. We love your books, I truly hope that there are more from you in the future.” Monica says.

Everyone starts clapping, and Elizabeth knows she has to go up and say something.

“You got this babe, I am right here. Just look at me while your up there.” Brian says.

Elizabeth nods to him, feeling her nervous set in as she walks to the front of the room. Surrounded by tons of people. When she gets up there, Monica hands her, the award and they both hug.

“I want to thank you all for reading my books, and for being here tonight. This means the world to me, more than any of you can ever imagine. When I wrote the first book, I never dreamed it would get this far, or I would meet the love of my life. I owe a lot to this for the life I now have. I also want to thank my husband, who without him, I am not sure, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. He has been here from the start with me, making me know what true love really is. Helping me write and feel it. I love you, Brian. ” Elizabeth says looking straight in his eyes.

He just mouths, I love you too back to her. Feeling things were moving on, he just needed it to stay that way.

Elizabeth comes back to the table, hugging Brian, really happy that he was there tonight. That things, turned out as they did. She wasn’t sure if they didn’t, how tonight would have been. She was glad she was giving this another try.

Sean sees that things are better, still not sure what his brother has, that can get him out of almost anything. He was just glad that whatever it was, it worked. He knew this time, things could have been over, and if so, he didn’t see Brian going in a good direction. He saw him going back to his old self not caring about anything or anyone. Brian wasn’t a child anymore, he was a man, who needed to step up and be one. Not only for himself but for his family. He had two children and a wife. It was time to prove to everyone he was, what he said he was.

The rest of the night goes smoothly, Elizabeth signs some books, talking to other writers, having an enjoyable time. Brian on her arm, experiencing everything right beside her. Her daughters and mother also. It was a great night.

They both have come a long way from where they started two years ago. Owing most of it to the book, it changed their lives forever.

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