The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 338

Chapter 338 Ano

After the dinner is over, Elizabeth and her family all go back to the hotel. Elizabeth’s daughters would leave in the morning to go back to Wisconsin.

“I am really glad all of you could have made it, I know this was short notice,” Elizabeth says sitting in the back of the limo.

“We were glad that Monica called us and told us to come.” Sofia answers.

“I have another little surprise for you.“Brian says.

“What did you do now? I have been getting one surprise after another today.” Elizabeth answers with a smile.

“Your mother is staying for Thanksgiving with us,” Brian says.

Elizabeth just looks at him, filled with happiness.

“That's wonderful! I am so glad your staying mom. I was wishing you would.” Elizabeth states.

“Brian asked me to, and I couldn’t refuse him. He said since I was already here, and next week was Thanksgiving, I should stay and spend more time with you and Zach.” Joan answers.

“He is right, We can do a nice dinner, I wish you would be here also Sofia but I know it will be better if you and Izzy stay with your father for this one. Izzy will be coming back here after Thanksgiving to live. So you should give him that.” Elizabeth replies.

“Maybe I will come for Christmas, I will see mom. My husband would also like to do Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family. So things get a little complicated.” Sofia responds.

“You do whatever is best for you. I understand. It is great having you here tonight. Thank you” Elizabeth answers.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything mom.” Sofia comments.

Once back at the hotel, everyone goes back to their own rooms. When Elizabeth gets to hers she knows she has to pack, tomorrow they will be heading home.

“Babe, you don’t need to pack right now, you need some rest. Plus, We are staying in New York another night. I figured on Monday, I would go to work and you could go home. I want another day, of it, just being us before going back to the madhouse.” Brian says.

“That sounds great, Thank you for everything you have done while you were here. Letting my mom be here all week and for Thanksgiving means a lot to me. I didn’t think I would be seeing her for a while.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know you miss her, and like I have said before I am going to get her to move here. I want to talk over an in-law suite for her. You just need to let me know if we are staying in our home or looking for a bigger one?” Brian responds.

“Don’t you think you're taking on too much at once? I mean now with wanting to open a new firm?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, Adam said he would help finance it, I am going to take him up on it. I was thinking if I move it closer to where we live it will be so much better. Less traveling every day, closer to you and the kids. And best yet, away from them. I may need them to keep up the success, but I won’t have to be around them all the time. It would be my own office. I would even like it if Sean would come to work for me. ” Brian states.

“I have faith in you, I know you are very good at this. I am also glad you will be away from them. We need space from them, they are shady people. If you are still in business though, that does still link you to them. I guess you do need them though to keep your clients and so everyone knows who you are.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Yes, I was thinking of making my firm for divorces and things of the heart. So I would get all of those clients and they would take the rest. Dividing it up, so in a way, we don’t have anything to do with each other.” Brian comments.

“Do you think Adam is really just going to give up half of his firm?” Elizabeth asks.

“He claims he likes the idea and will help. So I guess we will see. I do still need to talk to him about other things, I just never got there. So much happening and I guess in a way, not wanting to really know. I just do know that part of that firm is mine, Sean and Matt’s. I want my share. I just want to do it my own way.” Brian replies.

“I can understand that. I just don’t want you to stress out about things. I also don’t want this to affect our marriage. We need to keep working at this to make it successful.” Elizabeth states.

“I know, its another reason I want to be closer to home. I won’t have to leave so early to get there or return. I can be around more to pick up the kids from school, and not rush to be home for dinner. I promise you, it won’t interfere with us. I am not ever going to be that stupid again.” Brian replies.

“Ok, I am going to trust you. I also don’t want to hold you back.” Elizabeth responds.

“I know and I love you for it. I also think that maybe you should go look at some other homes, even if you just go look. You can see if anything is out there that fits us, or maybe even get ideas to add to ours. I do feel with the upgrades we are looking to do, it might be cheaper to just get a new home. I know you are partial to the one we have for certain reasons, but if we left it behind, we are also leaving a lot of pain also. Starting fresh in every way. Getting married again, new home, new job. Lets put all the old in the past like you were saying, let's do this right this time, with no interference from anyone. I know its starting all over again, but I think it may be best. I will do whatever you want though, that is just my opinion.” Brian states.

“I see your point. I will go look around if I find something I will let you know. This time it would be without Ethan in the way, without rushing to get married because I was pregnant. Rushing to find a home, because we didn’t want to stay with Sean for too long. I get it, I see it. Our life just always seems like its never-ending. We don’t seem to get a chance to settle down.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I guess we can never say we are boring.” Brian laughs. ” I do see where you are coming from, after we do all this, it will settle down. We also don’t have to worry where we go now. Before I had to make sure I wasn’t too far away from Tylor, now he is with us, so it doesn’t matter.” Brian adds.

“True but I want to be in the same school district. I don’t want to change his life all the way around again. I want things stable for our children. I want them to feel safe.” Elizabeth comments.

“It's just another reason I love you so much. You are great with them. I want the same, I saw how stable we were before all this, and I want to go back to that. I also have to say I like coming home, to you cooking and them with you in the kitchen. Us eating as a family and doing family things. I want this all to continue. If you want to write more, I am here and by your side with and for it. If you don’t I am still fine, but that's your choice because I don’t mind you not working.” Brian admits.

“I need a break from writing for now. My brain needs a rest, but I will go back to it. I also want to enjoy Zach as a baby. We have more touring to do with the last book, so I think the break will be a good thing. I want to put our family first.” Elizabeth answers.

“Sounds good, I am beat babe, I am so glad everything went well tonight. ” Brian says.

“Me too,” Elizabeth answers kissing him on his cheek.

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