The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 34 Getting Ready

Chapter 34 Getting Ready

Brian gets off the phone, so happy and alive. Feeling this deep relief inside himself. For the last three weeks, he has been going insane. Not knowing what she would do. Feeling she may pick her old life over him. Then he would have nothing. He wouldn’t be able to work with her. Wanting to always touch her, be close to her. Now he knew he didn’t have to worry about any of that. She wanted him too. He was going to do everything he can to make this work.

“Hey bro. I will be leaving. Monica got me a flight for tomorrow to Wisconsin.” Brian states.

“You’re going there a week earlier?” Sean asks.

“Yes. She called me, she wants me. I am going to be with her. She needs me just as much as I do her. I am not going to let anything stand in my way.” Brian states.

“Victoria is going to love this. What about Tylor? I thought he was coming this weekend before you leave?” Sean asks.

“Just tell them I had to go to work. He will understand. I need to get her now, now that she misses me. I want to take her away from him. I will see Tylor when I get back.” Brian comments.

“That will be a few months. I know you care, but this is crazy. She says jump, you say how high? I never have seen you like this before. I think I’d rather have the sarcastic asshole you use to be.” Sean answers.

“He is still here. He just happens to be in love. She makes me happy.” Brian remarks.

“For how long? What happens when it wears off. Or the sex dies down. When you’re a regular everyday boring couple?” Sean asks.

“Then we are an everyday couple. So be it. For right now we are so much more. I want to see when I get there If the feelings are the same. If this urge to touch her is there. If she feels the same about me. I can’t just let it go. I need to find out myself. “Brian responds.

“I hope this goes well for you bro. Otherwise, you just fucked up a lot.” Sean answers.

Brian knows that Sean is right. Just at the moment, he could care less. He wanted this. He was going after it. Nothing was stopping him, he needed her. She was like his drug. These feelings were unusual to him. He was following his emotions. Something he never did before.

He goes upstairs packing his bags, getting everything ready for tomorrow. Monica calling him, letting him know that everything was taken care of. Letting him know the time his flight would take off. Also warning him to behave himself. Not letting anyone see them in a romantic state. It would blow it from now. If they would be caught, Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to wait till June. She would have to come clean now. He would try his best not to touch her in public. OR show any emotion. He just figured that would be hard.

They loved to touch each other. It just happened without thinking. It wasn’t all sexual either. He would touch her hand or back lovingly. It was just the way they were.

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