The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Spa Day.

After half the day at the spa getting pampered, they head back up to their room, to get ready for tonight. They take their showers getting dressed and all dolled up for dinner plans. Elizabeth puts on the dress that Brian just bought her, wanting to wear it for him and only him. Knowing how much he liked seeing her in it. She also figured for the price, she needed to wear this more than once and get some use out of it.

When Elizabeth walks out of the bathroom wearing the low cut body-hugging dress, Brian just stares at her, knowing tonight is going to be fun. His eyes just travel her body, thinking of all the things he wants to do to her later.

“Babe, you know where that dress, may get you into trouble?” Brian smirks.

“I was hoping it would.” She gleams back.

“You naughty girl, you. I love this side of you.” Brian replies.

“Good, I enjoy being able to let go with you and be myself. If I feel frisky and show it, you don’t look at me differently.” Elizabeth states.

“Why would I? I love that you want me, that I turn you on. I also love that you feel comfortable enough to share that side of yourself with me. It’s one thing we had from the start. You were not experienced, but you were eager to learn, and try. ” Brian answers.

“It just comes naturally with you,” Elizabeth responds.

Brian wonders, if Ethan didn’t like that side of her, or was there a reason she didn’t feel that way with him? He just figured to let it go, it wasn’t important, she might not have felt that way with Ethan, but she did with him. That was all that mattered. He wasn’t going to bring up the past, he wanted tonight to be nice. He knew he had nothing to fear with Ethan anymore, he wasn’t going to let anything invade his mind. It wasn’t worth it.

Brian and Elizabeth take each other’s arms and head downstairs into the lobby, going onto the city street. It was now mid-November, it was cold and even starting to snow. They walk really fast to a nearby restaurant. Tonight they were going to have some seafood, and celebrate everything that had happened this weekend. Neither one of them able to wait, they really loved spending time together.

They both sit there and enjoy their food, talking, laughing and enjoying each other. It felt just like it did when they were dating. Brian feels so relieved, things are going this way. When he got there he had to admit, he didn’t see this weekend end like this. He felt she might throw him out, tell him to go home. Maybe even ask for a divorce. Just it looked like things may be settling down.

“Dinner was wonderful, I really enjoyed the salmon stuffed with crabmeat,” Elizabeth says.

“So did I. We have to come here again. We really need to make sure we make time for each other. We need to have a date night at least once a week.” Brian suggests.

“That sounds great, that might be a little hard though with all your taking on,” Elizabeth says.

“It will be fine, there isn’t much I have to do. I need to find an office and take it from there. With Sean’s help, it will be fine.” Brian answers.

“Does he know about any of this yet?” Elizabeth laughs.

“I am sure he overheard it as you did at the dinner. About him helping and being part of it, no. I have to talk to him. I have just been busy with other things. I will talk to him tomorrow. Tonight is just us.” Brian states.

“I like that, I don’t want to go back to the hotel just yet though,” Elizabeth replies.

“That's fine, anywhere you want to go, we will,” Brian responds.

“I want you to take me to the club.“Elizabeth says.

“Why?.... Why do you want to go there?” Brian asks a bit nervous.

“I want you to show me what took place, I want to see if for myself. I know I told you, I didn’t want details, just now I am ready for them.” Elizabeth explains.

“Why? I mean we are getting along great, aren’t we? I don’t want to mess anything up. I don’t want to hurt you. We just got things back, I don’t need you to fall apart on me. Or to push away from me again.” Brian admits.

“We are good, the last few days have been wonderful. I just need for you to tell and show me the truth, the full truth. Me thinking of everything that could of or might of taken place isn’t doing me any good. I think it's making things worse. I want to let go of it, for me to do that, I need to see for myself. I want you to take me there and show me step by step.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian just looks at her, not really sure about this at all. He knew how hurt she was, and now sees she still was, just trying to deal with it. It was a shadow looming over them. In a way, he wasn't sure if she would ever really get over it, and after hearing what took place, it may be even worse. At the same time, knowing he has to be honest for this to work, for her to trust him. He just now feels this can go so many ways.

“Ok, Just please, talk to me, ask me, tell me what your feeling. Not shutting me out. We get over this together, working through it.” Brian says.

“We are. I promise.” Elizabeth comments.

"I hope you keep that promise, I need for you too," Brian answers looking into her eyes.

'It's something I need to do. You need to trust me as well." Elizabeth replies.

Brian just nods, still very unsure.

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