The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 341

Chapter 341

Brian gets into the car, not sure about this at all, just knowing he won’t be able to get out of it. No matter what he would say, it wouldn’t sound right. It would sound as if he was trying to hide things. He didn’t want that, or for her to not trust him even more, then she was already. At the same time, knowing this could be a complete disaster.

The car ride over to the club is a bit quiet as Brian is just thinking so many things. Not to mention, hoping that Red wasn’t here tonight. He didn’t need to add more to this. For Elizabeth to see what Red looked like, and to really visualize everything, it may make things worse as well. He also hoped that Rick wouldn’t say anything about when he saw him last. He knew the comments, wouldn’t make this any better either. So many things were going through his mind, he thought it would explode. He just knew he had to remain calm, to get through this.

“Brian are you ok?” Elizabeth asks staring at him, seeing he is a bit uptight.

“No, to be honest, I am more than willing to tell you everything that took place, I just don’t want it to push us back. I know I hurt you, and I have a lot to do, to gain your trust back, I just am not sure if this is going to hurt us more. I can't go back to last week, how far apart we were, how you looked at me the way you did. You couldn't even stand to be in the same room as me.” Brian admits.

“You told me, you would tell me everything and I now want to hear it all. The way I need to trust you, You also need to trust in me. I am not taking you here tonight to start any fights, or to push myself away from you. I just need to know the real facts. That’s all. I had plenty of time to think about all this, I am not as enraged as I was when you first told me.” Elizabeth answers.

“Ok, When I got here I was feeling pretty down, in a way betrayed. Feeling that you didn’t trust me already, so what the hell? I parked the car and went in to sit at the bar.” Brian states.

“Then let’s go to the bar,” Elizabeth responds without flickering an eyelash.

They both get out of the car and head inside the club, taking a seat at the bar. Brian looks all around and to his relief, there is no Red. There are not that many people at the club, which was a good thing. Maybe this could go down a bit quietly. He hoped.

“Your back so soon,” Rick asks.

“Yea,” Brian answers dying inside.

“I see this time you took your lovely wife. Its great seeing you again. What can I get you?” Rick asks.

“It’s nice seeing you again also. I will take a club soda.” Elizabeth replies.

“I will take one also.” Brian answers.

“No drinking tonight?” Rick says.

“No, I did way too much of that last time I was here. I just don’t feel the taste for it. ” Brian comments.

“I bet, you were pretty smashed when you left here. I was glad to see your brother picked you up.” Rick remarks.

“So was I,” Brian replies.

“What took place next?” Elizabeth asks, not letting him get out of this. Keeping a one-track mind. She already knew he was smashed, that wasn't a newsflash. She wanted to know what else took place.

In a way, she enjoyed watching him squirm from this. Maybe it was an act of slight revenge? She could see him, sweating from this, not sure what to answer, or how to react. The smooth lawyer wasn't so smooth at the moment. Which she found to be genuine, it made her know he cared, this wasn't an act that he puts on for his clients. This was the real him, who loved her, and was afraid of this going south.

“I sat at the bar, for a bit, drinking my bourbon, Then a lady came up to me and sat down, buying me a drink. We talked for a bit, about the weather and small things, nothing serious.” Brian states.

“So far, this is boring.........I can have a conversation with a man, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a conversation. You didn’t talk about sex? ” Elizabeth asks bluntly.

Brian just looks at her, a bit surprised.

“No, we didn’t talk about sex, I did see she liked me in that way though. But it started out as a conversation. She wanted to dance, and took me out onto the dance floor. She did move her body close to mine, trying to get me in the mood, I just saw you and sat back down.” Brian admits.

“Hmmm, Ok. Take me to the dance floor.” Elizabeth says.

“Last time I took you out there, you surprised me. So much I never forgot it, its all I saw when she was trying to get close to me.” Brian answers.

“Good,” Elizabeth answers taking Brian by the hand to the dance floor. Her sequin V-neck dress, shining in the light.

So far Brian doesn’t see her upset or getting pissed. She is just listening to what he says, finding it boring at the moment. He knew that would change soon.

Elizabeth takes Brian to the center of the dance floor, swaying her body back and forth in front of him, moving seductively to the music. Brian puts his hands on her hips, pulling her body close to him. Elizabeth turns around, moving her backside closer to his crotch, rubbing it up and down. Brian knows what happened here the last time, it was happening again, and he liked it. In some way, she was making him forget about what happened with Red even more. He wasn’t thinking about anyone or thing at this moment but her. She was hypnotizing him, with her body movements.

She was so sexy moving in front of him, her slender figure, her round bottom. He couldn't believe this woman was his.

Elizabeth tilts her head back, resting her head on his shoulder, Brian whispers in her ear, “Your doing this on purpose aren’t you?” Letting his light breath hit her ear.

“Of course I am, I will make it that you won’t be able to dance like this with anyone else. Or do anything else with another woman when it comes to sex. Even if you try, you will remember all I can do for you. How I make you feel.” Elizabeth remarks. Pushing her body even closer to his.

Elizabeth’s hips roll back, her ass pressing against his hardening manhood, proud to elicit such a quick reaction from him. She just smirks to herself, knowing its working. Her arm reaches behind, as her fingers travel up the nape of his neck, then stroking through his long grey hair. Brian lets out a moan, from the touch of her soft fingers going through his hair.

Brian was already very uncomfortable, his pants were getting tighter as the moments go by. He starts nipping at the sensitive skin on her neck, his teeth marking their way down until they get to her shoulder, where he licks her hot skin with his tongue. Gaining his own moan of out Elizabeth.

“Did she make you feel this way? Did she get that rise out of you?” Elizabeth asks breathlessly.

“No, I didn’t feel anything. I went to sit back down. I wanted you.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth smirks, taking Brian's hand again and going back to the bar, the sexual tension, growing. She got him all hot and bothered, and now sat down at the bar. She was also very turned on, wanting him, needing him. She was just going to make him, wait a bit. She wasn’t done showing him, how she can get him. Making him know, there was no point for anyone else. She had her own mission.

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