The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Reenactment.

Brian takes a seat at the bar, needing a drink desperately, just doing his best to drink the club soda. He wanted to be fully aware of everything going on, just in case this turned badly. This wasn’t the time to get drunk. He is so flustered it's hard for him to even sit down. She got him extremely worked up, and she knew it. He also knew she had to be feeling the same way. If nothing else, the chemistry between them was always there. It’s what made them always forgive the other, even when they were pissed off. The need they felt took over.

“What happened next?” Elizabeth asks as she sips her drink as if nothing just took place.

“We came back here and talked a bit more. Nothing major at all, I kept pounding down the drinks, hoping they would take away how I felt, but they didn’t. After a while, I needed to go to the bathroom.” Brian says, knowing what is coming next.

“And then?” She asks.

“I went to the bathroom, just when I got in there, she followed........” Brian states.

“Did you invite her? Tell her you wanted to screw her? Did you do anything to show that?” Elizabeth asks.

“Not really, not that I remember. There was no sexual talk. I didn’t invite her in there! She took that upon herself.” Brian answers.

“And what did she do?” Elizabeth glares at him.

“She came in and kissed me............she put her hands down my pants,” Brian replies.

“She felt you up... Where were your HANDS?” Elizabeth asks abruptly.

“I just stood there, my hands were at my sides. I didn’t touch her, I was taken back by the feel of her hands at first, to be honest. It was awhile since we did anything and it felt good. Just when she undid my pants and wanted to give me a Blow job, all I saw was you. How hurt you would be. How this was wrong and not what I wanted. I pushed her away and walked out of the bathroom. Her mouth never touched me, just her hand.” Brian responds.

“You didn’t touch her crotch? Didn’t rub your hands all over her? ” Elizabeth asks keeping her composer.

“No, I swear, I was too drunk to...and didn’t want to. I know I let her get too far, I should have pushed her away from the kiss, I just wanted to see if I could. .....but I couldn’t. Brian explains.

“I see, I am a bit pissed you let her get to opening your damn pants. Not to mention touching you down there.” Elizabeth says catching herself. “But you stopped it before it got way farther and couldn’t be undone,” Elizabeth adds.

“Yes, Babe, then Sean was out here and took me home,” Brian replies.

“Everything was pretty boring except for your bathroom encounter.” Elizabeth comments.

“Yea I guess so,” Brian answers not sure what to say, or if he is in hotter water or not. “Before we leave, I am going to use the men's room. I think we should get out of here.” Brian states.

“Ok, You go do what you need to.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian gets up and goes to the bathroom, walking in and taking a big sigh of relief. It was over, she knew everything. He had to admit, he was still a bit horny from her doings on the dance floor, even though his nerves were getting to him. He was glad this was over. He just hopes in his mind it truly was and didn't start up things all over again. He wasn't sure from the way she acted if she was totally pissed or not. She did her best not to let on.

As he is washing his hands, Elizabeth walks into the men's room, locking the door behind her, just looking at Brian.

“Babe, I was just washing my hands, I will be right out.” He says.

Elizabeth goes up to him, shoving him against the wall pressing a quick hot kiss to his lips taking him fully by surprise. This feels different than it did with Red, he wants it. He wants more, he is so turned on, by Elizabeth, he can’t help himself. His hands run through her hair.

Elizabeth’s hands roam Brian’s slender body, they reach his pants and undo his buttons placing her hand inside and rubbing his hard firm, member. She pulls it out, stroking it, with her hand.

“Oh god Elizabeth, you're driving me crazy here tonight, I don't know how much more I can take.” Brian whimpers out.

“You haven't seen anything yet.“She replies. Sliding down on her knees.

Brian just looks at her in front of him, not sure she is going to do what he thinks. Just the thought was getting him even more turned on. Brian feels her warm breath and hot lips, her tongue that slides over the head of his member, licking it, and then the underside of it. Brian moans and lifts up on his toes, his hands rubbing against the blue-tiled wall behind him. Her lips start mouthing up the side of his rock-hard member, taking his breath away.

Elizabeth then takes him into her mouth, sucking his head and her way down. Brian can’t help but pant at the feel of her warm mouth on him. There is a slight brush of teeth, as she goes down again, further. Taking him in, and going up and down. Brian knows if she keeps this up he is a goner. This is the best blow job she has ever given him. He wasn’t sure what it was if it was because it was in the public bathroom, or because of Red. Or what, but he felt like a teenage boy not able to control himself. He wasn’t going to just get all the pleasure out of this though. He wanted her and inside of her.

He stops her pulling her up to his mouth kissing her passionately, at the same time trying to compose himself a bit.

“I want you, I want to be inside you.” Brian pants.

“I want the same.” She says.

Brian pushes her up against the wall, cupping her core with his hand through her underwear. Elizabeth gasps at the feel of him.

“Your dripping wet babe. You want me just as badly I see.” Brian smirks.

He moves the fabric of her panties to the side, his thumb quickly finding her clit, rubbing the right spot. Elizabeth jerks her hips down, wanting more. Her mouth going for his, as her hands go around his neck, needing to be as close to him as possible.

“I want you to fill me. I need you.” Elizabeth says.

“Are you ready for me?” Brian answers moving his hips up against her.

“Yes, please.” She pants.

Elizabeth leans up exposing her neck, which Brian licks, up to her chin then kissing her again. In an instant Brian turns her around, sliding his hands up her dress, rubbing her ass. She hears the rustle of his pants behind her, as he pushes her panties to the side.

Brian pulls out his member pumping it before he strokes the tip of his pulsating member against her bottom lips. Then he slowly slides himself inside. Elizabeth’s eyes close from the intense feeling of being stuffed by him. She claws at the walls as he slides in and out of her. He places his hands on each of her ass cheeks, Parting them to watch as he penetrates her, which turns him on even more. Making him want to lose it right there. His slow movements, start to get faster and harder, as he now pounds into her, needing the fiction, Elizabeth backing up onto him matching his thrusts. Till she screams out his name and let's go, him following soon after.

His arms wrap around her as he tries to gain his breath back.

“God babe, that was incredible. I never saw this going like this.” Brian states.

“No one is going to make you feel like this,” Elizabeth says turning around cleaning her self up. She pushes him up against the wall again, placing her hands on his chest.” IF you have a fantasy, or anything else. You tell me.” She adds.

“I will, I promise you.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth leaves the bathroom, with Brian following shortly. They get into their car and head back to the hotel room. Brain still on a high after the bathroom session. Their sex was always hot, but something tonight took it to a new level. He saw she wasn’t mad at anything he told her, in a way she used it against him, in a good way. He saw she was maturing with it. She didn’t break down, she rose above it. Taking control of it, and letting him know. If he needed something like this, to go to her. He had to admit, she was something and it was quite hot to say the least.

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