The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 343

Chapter 343

They go back to the hotel room, Brian just holding her close as the elevator reaches their stop. He was happy with tonight’s events, he was also quite tired and relieved. He wasn’t sure his emotions could take anymore. He hoped now they could let go of it fully, that she got whatever she needed out of her system. It wasn’t something he wanted to talk about again. He was ashamed of what he did, that he was dumb enough to let stress and others let him crumble, almost ruining his life, his marriage and everything else. He was never this weak, it wasn’t like him. Normally he was a strong, man. He has dealt with a lot in his life and got through it. He feels what made him crumble was how much he truly loves her like he has no one else ever.

Feeling she didn’t trust him, made him hurt, made him react in a manner he should have never. He should have, stayed home that night, talk to her and work it out. He just made a wrong choice, and now he was dealing with it. It just happened that she didn’t through him out, didn’t leave him. So from now on, he would make sure he would make up for this, and never do it again.

They get back to their room, and head for the shower, cleaning up, from their adventurous night. Both also needing to get ready for bed.

“Tomorrow everything is back to normal, are you ready for it?” Brian says sliding into the king-size bed.

“I know, I miss our kids. I am ready for it, I will miss be alone with you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Me too, and thank you for accepting Tylor. It really does mean a lot to me. He needs both of us more than ever.” Brian says.

“You don’t have to thank me. I love him. He is a good kid. I am here for him, in any way he needs. This will be the first holiday without his mother, we need to remember that and make sure he is ok. I am sure all of this is hard on him. We haven’t been ourselves in weeks either, I am sure he has noticed. I just don’t want him to think it has anything to do with him being with us.” Elizabeth replies.

“We will, go slow and keep in mind his feelings. I know I have made things worse during this. I will try my best to fix that and to let him know everything is ok. I am sure he noticed you were different as well. Sunday at the dinner, things were normal, I hope that helped ease his mind some. Also, would it be ok to invite my brother and Martha over for Thanksgiving?” Brian asks, curling up to her.

“I think that’s great to invite them. I was going to say I wanted to have something special this year. Last year was very nice, just us, but this year we have Zach, Tylor and even my mother over. I would like to do a nice dinner. I will also talk to Tylor when we get home, I will let him know everything will e fine. That what we were dealing with, was between us and its over now.” Elizabeth responds.

“ Are we ok? Is it over? And, whatever you want, the dinner is fine with me.” Brian says

“We are not fully back there Brian. I am not going to dwell on it, but I haven’t forgotten it yet either. I am also not going anywhere, I do want this to work. We have a great family, I don’t want to lose it.” Elizabeth states.

" I don’t either. I am just sorry it took almost losing it all to see that. On a better note, we also have to go get a tree this year.” Brian states.

“Yes, we will take the kids, get some hot cocoa, then decorate the tree when we come home. I am so looking forward to it. I loved last year doing that with you. I love doing everything with you. It’s another reason it was so hard for me. I felt like we lost everything.” Elizabeth admits.

“I do know and I realize it’s going to take a bit. I am just glad it’s getting better and we are moving on. Tonight was incredible. “Brian says. “I feel the same way you do I love being with you. Tomorrow is going to be a long day at work. I can feel it from now. I am so tired. I am just glad things turned out great this weekend. I am not sure if I could have handled if it didn’t.” Brian confesses.

“It was great, it was also eye-opening how fast someone could make their move on someone you love.” Elizabeth answers.

“You don’t ever have to worry about that. I am fully yours, and I will do everything I can to make you know that.“Brian responds kissing her tenderly.

Elizabeth just smiles and lays down close to him. Both of them falling asleep within minutes. It was a long weekend, a long few weeks. They needed this more then each of them knew. Now going home would tell the true tale of survival. Would they make it? Or would things go right back to what they were weeks ago? Time would tell.

When morning comes, they both get up, Elizabeth gathering her items, Brian doing the same.

“I will see you at home tonight for dinner babe,” Brian says.

“That sounds good, I am going to go home and spend time with the kids and my mom. I will also be making Thanksgiving plans. I hope you have a good day at work.” Elizabeth replies.

“I should, I will be thinking about you all day. I don’t think I can get last night out of my mind too fast. I want more of that.” Brian comments.

“We will see.” Elizabeth giggles kissing him, as she grabs her bags.

“Be careful babe, text me when your home, so I know you’re ok. “Brian responds as she gets into the waiting car.

“I will. I love you.” Elizabeth responds.

“I love you too,” he answers.

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