The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 344

Chapter 344

Brian gets to work, wanting to go into Adam’s office to discuss things. He wanted away from him, and as soon as it was possible. He wasn’t going to let Adam forget, all that he said. That he would help him, with anything. He also felt he was owed, for everything that has been going on. All the lies, and deceit, all the stress that this was bringing into his life. He also knew deep down, he needed to let go of it all, it was just hard. For all his life, he was lied to and had no idea who his father really was.

Brian walks over to Adam’s office, knocking on the door, taking a big breath and walking in.

“Hey my boy, how are you? How was your weekend?” Adam asks.

“It was great, My wife and I really enjoyed everything. The dinner was really special. I was surprised to see you there.” Brian says.

“It sure was, it was even in the paper. When I found out, I just had to show my support to both of you. I am so glad you're both doing so well. So What Can I do for you today?” Adam asks.

“I came to talk more about my own firm. We talked only a bit about it at the dinner. I didn't want to overshadow my wife's night.” Brian comments.

“Yes, that's right, you want your own in New Jersey. I think is a great idea. As I said, I will help you out. We need to get a location that works. We want to make sure its where people can see, and go.” Adam states.

“I want to separate the firm. I want all the divorce trails and things that have to do with family. You guys take the rest. I have no need for criminal affairs. As I keep going I see that isn't for me.” Brian remarks.

“You know that is a lot to ask for? You are also very good at taking different trails, not only family.” Adam responds.

“You always said half the firm was mine, So I would like what's mine. Just this way, Matt can have this firm, and I will have my own. I think its best, we don’t work together. This way he has something to fight for, something that is his. As I do that same. We can both build the name, doing our own thing.“Brian states.

“I think that's a wonderful idea. He has been so lost without Victoria lately. I think he needs to focus on better things and this should help him too. I am not opposed to it. I do wish you would stay here with us and be one big family. We can give you your own, wing.” Adam replies.

“I would prefer doing this on my own. I will be closer to my home and family. I want to be there for my wife and sons. I spend a lot of time commuting back n forth. This way I wouldn't have to. I can get more work done also. I will start looking now and see what I can find. I also want my brother Sean to work in my office. I will take my secretary also.” Brian admits openly.

“I guess, if this is what you want, I can't talk you out of it. That's fine then, take whoever you need in that department. Or I should say ask, Not all will want to go, and some will not be able to wait till they leave. I just think it should be their choice.” Adam suggests.

“Absolutely. I only need a handful of people. I want my office small and done right.” Brian answers.

“ You have been planning this for a while, haven't you? I know you never really liked the big law firms. It wasn't your style. We also should talk to Matt together. I think that would be the best way for this.” Adam admits.

“Whatever you want, and I have thought about this, here and there. I just think now is the time to make it happen. I need to focus on my family. They mean the world to me.” Brian comments.

"I think that is great for you. I never could do that for myself, power and money always won over everything else. I guess we do differ there. It's a good thing though. You will never get this time back with your family. I will do all I can. Let me get Matt up in here too." Adam says.

Brian sees that Adam isn't fighting any of this, that he really is there for him, wanting to make him happy. He just stands there and wonders, do you know your not my father? Do you know who he is? As much as he wants to ask, now isn't the time. He would have to save that for another day. If he didn't know he wasn't his father, it might make the deal fall through? He may hate him or his mother. Brian has thought about so many different things, his mind gets fussy. He just knew he needed to keep his stress level down. And no matter what, keep Elizabeth part of this, not shutting her out as he has in the past.

Adam calls Matt up telling him to come to his office.

“What do you two need?” I have a lot of work to do, I really don’t have time to stand here and bullshit.” Matt answers walking into Adam's office.

“Aren’t you cheery this morning,” Brian replies.

Matt just gives him a dirty look. "Not all of us get laid every night like you." Matt stares.

Brian just stares back, keeping his comments to himself.

“Brian has made a proposal this morning, and I am going to take him up on it,” Adam says.

“Of course, As long as it comes from him, everything is fine and dandy. So what did Mr. Perfect Suggest now?” Matt glares.

“He wants his own firm, and you can run this one. You both will be separate. If you fail, it's on your own and has nothing do with each other.” Adam says.

“Well, Well, He gets his own, Why doesn’t that surprise me? I actually like the idea. I don’t have to see you every day. And of course, if I FAIL. Isn't that what you mean father?” Matt states.

“Nor, I you,” Brian replies.

“I would really like for you two to stop whatever this is. You should both be friends, not enemies. I meant if either of you fails not just you. What is going on? Your never this shitty?” Adam comments.

“Well, now that we will have some space from each other, it may better. Plus now He isn’t taking over what is rightfully mine. I am not sure why he needs to even be part of this Firm. Nothing is going on, I am just tired of working so hard, and he gets all the benefits. Not to mention, it has been a hard last month. ” Matt snaps.

Brian just stares at him, wanting to say its also mine, but he shuts up. Knowing this can lead to a big problem. He was getting what he wanted. It wasn’t time to be an ass, and who cared what Matt thought. Brian was going to move on. Leaving him in his dust.

"Brian is part of this firm, and I want him to have half. Not just you. The way he wants to do it, I see now is a really good idea. Giving you both one, so that you don't see the other stepping on the other toes. This isn't about competing, your suppose to work together. To build the firm up, not take it down. Also by doing this, If I see one of you isn't doing your share, or making the firm you own, benefit you or the firm, I will leave it to the one that will do right by it. So it's now going to be sink or swim." Adam reveals.

"It doesn't surprise me, anything to see me fail, so he can get it all, and I can be on the outs." Matt hisses.

"It's not that at all, I am just not going to leave my firm to someone that isn't going to make it the best. It will all be up to you, Not Brian, you will be the one running the main firm. Do you know that that takes? Can you handle it all on your own?" Adam asks.

"I have been working here for a long time, way before Brian entered. I know what I am doing." Matt states.

"You both do know that I want you both to succeed. Both of you Matt. I just don't want you to play games. This is a big thing." Adam responds.

"I will prove to you both that I got this," Matt says.

"I know you do, I think we will both do just fine." Brian answers.

Matt just looks at him, lightening up.

"Thank you," Matt says.

Brian just nods.

As they are all in Adam’s office, his secretary beeps in on the intercom.

“Yes, Marcy?” Adam asks.

“There is a Detective here to see you,” Marcy says.

“It's is Greg?” Adam asks.

“No, its someone else. He says he has news on Victoria's death.” Marcy explains.

“Send him in.” Adam answers. Wanting to know what was going on.

Matt just looks at the floor, scared shitless. He knew if it came out that his mother killed Victoria, they would be in deep shit. He knew for the first time in forever Adam was really innocent, and so was Brian.

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