The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 345

Chapter 345

Brian takes a seat in the chair next to Adam’s desk, wanting to hear what the detective has to say. Wondering what now could possibly be going on? He hoped nothing more to do with him, everything the last detective was saying was putting doubt in Elizabeth’s mind when things were not what he was saying. He had to do with a lot that was going on as well, and Brian didn't need for that to happen again. Things were calming down and headed in a great direction, he wanted things to stay that way.

Ben walks in Adam's Office, a tall, dark-skinned male with dark brown hair and eyes.

“Excuse me for bothering you today, I just wanted to let you all know, that I took over Greg’s investigation.” Ben states.

“May I ask why?” Adam asks.

“It was brought to our attention, that Greg was harassing people while working on the investigation and having no evidence to do so. He was making a Mockery out of your daughter in law’s death. We are all sorry about that and wanted to say sorry.” Ben answers.

“He was a bit pushy and said a lot of things he shouldn’t have. I can't deny that. I am not even sure he knew what happened to my daughter in law.” Adam answers.

“He did that to everyone, it was his way. Just someone very important turned him in, and now he may be in hot water, even losing his license.” Ben comments.

“Who was the person?” Brian asks.

“I am not at liberty to say,” Ben replies.

“So what have you found out, while you took over the case? Are we finally getting somewhere?” Matt asks.

“Now that I am in charge, I looked at everything, it seems that the make and model number of your wife's car was recalled a month before her death, due to safety issues with her breaks. It seems neither of you knew anything about it. She kept on driving the car. From my findings what happened was just an accident. If anyone is to blame, it would be the maker of the car. Greg just liked to overthink things and make them out to be things they were not.” Ben responds.

Matt stands there relieved to no end, not able to even take in what Ben just said. Also, wondering how this happened? What was going on? What recall? His brain was jumping in all directions, he just had to stay calm and act otherwise.

“It’s very sad this happened, I am glad we now know the truth, Who would have thought this?” Adam says.

“I am sure you all are upset over it, you can grieve in peace now, knowing what happened, It's the closure you all needed,” Ben remarks.

“Yes, I am glad its over,” Brian replies, happy this is over as well, also thinking it's sad she had to go out like that. Something that could have been prevented. Something that was no one's fault.

“We all are, We can finally move on in a peaceful way. We all are thankful for your findings.” Matt says.

“I will not be bothering any of you anymore. I am very sorry for your loss. My department and I are also very sorry about what Greg put you all through. I know it had to be rough, but it's over now.” Ben admits.

“It was, He was an asshole at times, and nothing could take that back, He put all of us through a lot of pain and suffering. Not even over her death but over things he brought up from our pasts that had nothing to do with her death. He harassed me and also my wife, who had nothing to do with this at all in any way. ” Brian confesses.

“He was so sure, someone hurt her, there was nothing to prove that? He couldn't just make that up? Something had to lead him to believe it.” Adam asks a bit shocked.

“Nothing, he had the brake lines checked for fingerprints, there wasn’t any found on little pieces that were left. It was just an awful mishap, that took two people’s lives. Also with the DNA tests, he was strongly out of line. We are sorry for any pain, that brought to you, Matt.” Ben states.

“That was out of line, and no need for. That was between us, not your department or anyone else.” Matt answers.

“We are sorry again. I will let you all get on with your day.“Ben says walking out the door.

“You mean to tell me, all that shit, and it was just an accident? The car was faulty? He put us through all that for weeks for nothing?” Brian asks.

“It looks that way, I am glad that Greg got what he got. He was an ass at times. It still doesn't seem real, I meet a lot of detectives being a lawyer here, none ever thought something and it wasn't for a purpose.” Adam admits.

“He sure was, At least it's over. She can rest in peace and now so can all of us. Who cares, what he thought or why he thought it.” Matt answers.

“I guess, your right. I need to get back to my office, I have a ton of paperwork, and also clients this afternoon. I am happy to put Victoria in the past, now she can hopefully finally stay there.” Brian remarks.

“Same here to both,” Matt says, not caring that he is showing no feelings at the moment. How could he?

After everything Victoria has done to him. All the men she cheated with alone, then finding out the child wasn't even his. He wished his mother would have done things differently but there was no turning back now. It was only time to let go and be free. Now it was all over, somehow, someway, it came back to the car to be faulty. They were all set free in one way or another.

“I will see both of you later, Have a great day,” Adam replies. Still wondering what the hell was really going on.

Both Matt and Brian walk out of the office together, at the moment there wasn’t any hatred. Matt didn’t even care about him wanting his own office, it was a great idea. All the stress that was looming over Matt was now gone, his mother was free. The only thing was he would have to live with the truth. Which he would, since it was his mother, he would never go against her.

“Good luck with your new firm, I hope you get what you want. And thank you for saying I got this, in front of the old man.” Matt says.

“Thank you, and I know this firm is safe with you. You deserve it, it's yours. We both will show him, we don’t need him.” Brian answers.

“You know what, I like that idea. If you need anything just let me know. There is no point in holding resentment towards you anymore. Victoria is gone, the large firm is mine. It’s not your fault my father is an asshole. With the case being over and Victoria's death being accidental, I need to let everything else go. I can finally be the man I always wanted to be.” Matt says.

“Same here, I know this may sound really rude, but I am relieved she is gone. My life can maybe finally settle down.” Brian comments, shaking Matt’s hand.

"I feel the same. I know exactly what you mean. It is very sad to say or even think but its true. She only weighted everyone she was around down. That's not a person to be with, to spend your life with. I know I made a mistake by marrying her. I just really cared for the wrong person." Matt confesses.

"You're not the only one, I was in the same boat as you were. I just made the mistake before you did. Let's just concentrate on our new lives. Let's build our firms and make them what we want."Brian states.

"That's exactly what I am going to do." Matt answers.

They both go back to their own offices, feeling like a weight has been lifted from each of them.

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