The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 346

Chapter 346

Matt goes back to his, office knowing this just couldn’t be a coincidence. All of a sudden, Greg got thrown off the case and may even lose his job? Who could be behind this? Was there really even a recall on the car? Matt goes online taking a look at the make and model number of his late wife’s car. Indeed there is a recall for the brakes. All that is legit. He gets up needing to know more, knowing there would be one person, that would know what was going on. His mother, did she do this? He just had to know.

Matt gets into his car and drives home, he has been staying with his parents for a few weeks now, not able to go home to the house he shared with Victoria. There were too many memories there, good and bad. Plus his mother was putting it up for sale wanting to get rid of it, and all that had to do with Victoria.

Matt gets home and walks in seeing his mother sitting in the living room, reading the morning paper with her cup of coffee.

“Sweety, why are you home so early? Don’t you have work to do?” Margret asks.

“Yes, Mother I just found out that Victoria's death was an accident.......” Matt says.

“That's wonderful, ” Margret answers.

“IS that true? Or just to get you out of her murder?” Matt asks bluntly.

“I talked to my friend, it seems that he never got the chance to rig the car. So it was an accident. So my hands are clean, and I still got rid of her.” Margret states.

“Really mother, You don’t seem like the type that would have a friend not come through for her. What happened to Greg?” Matt says.

“My friend takes care of everything for me, So I know that he would do anything I ask. It just seems he didn’t have to. When things first took place, I thought for sure he had gotten to her, I asked him to take care of her in any way he felt fit. After things died down, I asked him, what happened. He told me he never got the chance to do anything. The accident took place beforehand. So all that worrying was for nothing. I did take care of dear old Greg though, He wasn’t working to any ones advantage. Messing with Brian wasn’t any fun anymore and as you kept telling me, our Secrets were being revealed. Ones that shouldn’t be. I had to go crazy trying to change that damn DNA test to work in our favor. He was always lurking around, so I went to the commissioner. I talked to him, and we always give such a big holiday gift to him, that he listened. Once Ben took over the situation, he had a clear head and found the truth. It was the car manufacturer's fault, not anyone else. You have nothing to worry about or hide anymore my son.” Margret replies.

“Is this bullshit mother? I mean come on, now all of a sudden you're clean? This Ben just found this out when Greg didn’t?” Matt responds.

“I am innocent no matter what you think. I had my fun changing the DNA, hurting Brian. Making your father squirm but that is about it. Greg didn’t like that we were rich and big-time lawyers. He wanted to make trouble, I returned the favor. I want you to get on with your life. You need to forget everything about Victoria. Concentrate on your work, and maybe even meeting a good woman.” Margret comments.

“Dad gave me the main firm today. So I am able to show him what I can do. I can finally be myself. I want to concentrate on the firm for a while. Dating can come later. I don’t need another Victoria in my life any time soon.” Matt states.

“That is so very true. I am glad to hear you talk like this. What made your father do this? I thought he was going to give half to that inbreed?” Margret asks.

“Brian wants his own firm in New Jersey. He wants to get away from us. Be on his own, Dad is letting him of course. It was Brian who said to give this firm to me. Let us both have our own.” Matt explains.

“Well, who would have ever thought he would have gotten this far. Wanting his own, who does he think he is? Of course, your Father will go along with him. Anything that brat wants, but if you would have suggested it, he would never.” Margret spats.

“I think Dad is changing a bit. He didn’t have to give him a chance at this, then I did see him thinking, I would fail and just giving it all to Brian. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.” Matt says.

“You do what you need to, It's yours. Don’t let your father have any chance to take it away from you.” Margret states.

“I won’t. I just came home to see what was going on. I am glad you didn’t have anything to do with it. Even though you had plans to. This wasn’t something I really wanted to do to her. I am a lot of things but murder isn’t one of them. I am not like dad, capable of anything. Or like you mother.” Matt admits.

“You need to grow a hard shell, and be capable of anything. In the line of work that you are in, you have to make things work. You will see how it goes. I know you're not cut out for a lot of the hard stuff, but that's fine. Just don’t let anyone walk all over you, and always have someone who can do the dirty work behind you.” Margret answers.

“I won’t. I want this company, I have for a long time and nothing is going to get in my way.” Matt responds walking out the door.

Matt gets into his car, not too sure if he believes his mother. It didn’t make any sense to him. There was really a recall so there wasn’t much he could say. Everything was over. He would just have to take her word for it and hope it was true. Either way, that now let him be on a clean slate, the cops were over it, and they were all free.

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