The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 347

Chapter 347

When Elizabeth gets home, she finds her mother in the kitchen with baby Zach, feeding him his breakfast. Elizabeth is so happy she is here with them. Also feeling so much better, then she was when she left here. She still had things on her mind but was doing her best to move on, the best she could.

Brian wasn’t going anywhere at least for the moment, he wanted to be with her, and she was going to believe in what he said. She did hope that she wouldn’t regret it in the end. Just if she didn’t try, she would never know.

“Your home, how was your Sunday? I know Brian had a few things planned for you both.” Joan says.

“It was nice, we got massages and dinner. We spent some time alone together. We really did need that.” Elizabeth says.

“The dinner was wonderful, I saw how close you two have gotten again. I was a bit worried when you came back to Wisconsin for the visit. He was distracted the first night you got there. Not really into anything, then things seem to lighten up the day after. I was just hoping things were ok?” Joan asks.

“We have our ups and downs. We have a lot of those, a lot of things get in our way. It's been hard, but we are still trying to make it work. We have glimpses of times when we first got together. I just hope now things stay this way. He wants to get a new home, and for us to have the wedding we never had. Plus get his own firm. I just hope he isn’t taking on too much at once.” Elizabeth answers.

“He has talked to me a little about getting a new home with a space just for me. About him taking on too much, you know right now, that new house and wedding would be on you. The only thing on him for both of those is to show up. The firm will be all his to take care of. IF anyone could do it, you two can. While I am here we can go looking around for a new home, see if you see anything you like or not. We can also start wedding plans.” Joan remarks.

“I guess so, I really do love this house. I am not sure about leaving it, then I think it is too small. We have grown so much, we need more space. I don’t even know where to start on wedding plans. ” Elizabeth states.

“If you fall in love with a place, then move if not stay. I have to say, for someone who is so in love with him, you sure are not into having a wedding. I thought you would want everyone to see you two together and how happy you are. I would think you would want to through it in everyone's face.” Joan comments.

“I do, we are already married its what matters...” Elizabeth answers.

“Really? Or is there something else? Are you still scared Elizabeth? I feel something is holding you back.” Joan asks.

“It can still disappear at any time. Having a huge party in front of my family and friends stating how much I love this man, and flops isn’t something I want. Two failed marriages instead of one. The first time, I was young, naive, and didn't see the signs. Now they would say I am an old lady, with a younger man, What did I expect? I should have known better.” Elizabeth admits.

“I knew there was something stopping you. Its been a while, you two were supposed to get remarried. Do you think it still can’t flop just because you didn’t do it in front of all of us?” Joan laughs.

“No, there were times, it almost has. It’s just like every time, we say we want to do this something comes up and makes me wonder. I don’t know. I guess I am still fighting some demons. I just can’t help it.” Elizabeth says.

“You need to just let go with it. I know how much you really love him, and his does you as well. You can’t stay scared for the rest of your life. I never saw you scared when you were with Ethan. You never worried if it would flop or if he would leave. You need to do that this time as well.” Joan states.

“I didn’t feel like this about Ethan, in the beginning, we were in love and happy for a bit. We had our kids, and everything was ok. As time went by things changed but I just went with it. I always thought about what it would be like, to be with someone else. I just never acted or left. Just figured this is what marriage was, get over it. This time is so different. I never thought Ethan would cheat or do what he did, so now it makes it even worse with Brian. Brian’s past doesn’t help, my situation at all either. I don’t want this to end. I am happy. In some ways, I can’t explain it, not even to myself.” Elizabeth answers.

“Ethan hurt you in a lot of ways, it will take time to get through all of that. He took parts of you away, bit by bit. Brian is adding those parts back, bit by bit, just sometimes things happen and you come to a halt. You retreat and think of everything Ethan has done and feel it's going to again with Brian. You just have to let go of it all. From what I see, Brian isn’t going anywhere. He is trying hard to make this work, to be all that you want and need. Sometimes I think that is a big strain on him, it puts more stress on him. He just doesn’t say anything. He wants to make you happy. He isn’t perfect Elizabeth, he is human. He is also trying his best not to be anything like Ethan, or frighten you.“Joan responds.

“I know he is, I love him just the way he is. I know he has put up with his share, just as I have. I see it can be a lot of stress for him, I know things get to him and he stays quiet at times. He doesn’t tell me things sometimes so I don't hurt. He has said he tippy-toes around me at times. Which made me feel terrible. I don’t want that.” Elizabeth admits.

“Make sure he knows, you see all he does and tries to do. Don’t make him suffer for Ethan. ” Joan replies.

“I will try not to. I know your right. I don’t want to fall back into that. ” Elizabeth responds.

“Good, I want to see both of you bloom. I never thought I would be the one to say that either. I don’t really believe in this love crap or happily ever after. All the marriages I have seen, only stayed because they had to, not really because they wanted to. I just see something different from you two. It's nice, it gives hope to others. ” Joan comments.

“You getting sappy on me?” Elizabeth asks.

“Hell no, Just stating the truth.” Joan laughs.

They both go on with their day, Elizabeth knew her mother was right. Brian didn’t need to suffer for Ethan any longer. She was trying her best to move on, just Brian almost cheating put a lot of doubt in her mind and almost destroyed everything they share.

She knows it hurts him terribly that she didn’t believe in him, that she had doubts. She would do her best to make that up to him. They both have grown a lot from everything that has been going on. It made things clearer to each of them that this really is something they wanted.

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