The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 348

Chapter 348

Brian goes back to his office, still trying to comprehend everything that the detective has told him, not to mention everything Adam said. Today was a big deal for him, he got something he really wanted, and also was finally free of the burden, he held on to with Victoria. It was time to put all the stress, hurt and pain in the past that he shared with her. Holding on to it, wouldn’t do anything but ruin his current relationship. And now with Victoria dead, there really wasn’t any point to hold on to it. Brian feels a great relief, to finally be able to put all of this in the past. Not only for himself but for his son.

He feels that Greg made a big mess out of all of it. Trying to pin the murder on one of them, bringing up DNA tests, going to Elizabeth and saying things that shouldn’t have been said. He was glad for whatever was going on with him now, he felt he deserved it. Greg had no problem destroying other people’s lives, now how did he like it?

He knew in one way he was only doing his job, just in another, he could have done it better without putting innocent people through hell. He also felt that to put doubts in everyone’s head that one of them could be the murder was terrible. Therefor a while, he was believing that Adam might have caused it. Then watching him, and seeing how he was responding, he saw he couldn’t have. He seemed genuinely upset with everything that was taking place, just for the first time, Adam wasn't in control to fix it. As for Matt, Brian didn't feel he was the kind of person to do anything like that. To be honest, he didn't have the balls to. That wasn't Matts cup of tea, and he didn't blame him, it wasn't his either.

Yet, Greg was sure one of them did kill her. Brian knew for sure, it wasn’t him or Elizabeth. Yes, there were times he hated her and would have loved to, but that wasn’t his nature. To think about it and do it, was two very different things.

To see that it was the car, and an accident made him feel relief in away. No one did anything, it just happened. It would be easier for his son to get over than to hear Adam killed her. Or even Matt. It would be a big problem, that would last for years with court cases, and press. Putting Him, Elizabeth and his son in the middle. Not to mention Victoria's parents. They have been through enough with all this, they didn't need more. It also would make a lot of the past come to light, Brian's affair with Victoria while she was married to Matt, Adam's little twist, and so much more, that was behind the closet doors. Now there were no worries, it all went away with Victoria, Everyone got a new beginning. And in some ways, it was a much-needed one.

Brian goes back to thinking about his own firm. Ecstatic to say the least. He can’t wait to share all of this with Elizabeth and tell her what really happened to Victoria. He hopes she is still in the same mood she was this morning. They were getting and staying past all the crap that has been going on lately.

He thinks about what happened last night in the club, how she reacted. What she did to him in that bathroom. How her mouth felt on him, How he felt inside her. The thoughts just stay on his mind, making him want her even more.

Brian: 3.00 Hey babe, I am thinking of you. I am thinking of everything you did to me last night, it's driving me crazy to be honest. I have so many things to tell you about today and yet that is taking over my mind. I never thought you would do that in a bathroom. It was so hot.

Elizabeth: 3:05 Really, I am glad you liked it. I want you to know when you have a fantasy or something you want to be worked out, I am the one to come to. I don’t mind role play or even the bathroom sex. It was quite hot for me too. And what do you have to share about today?

Brian: 308 I promise you, I will always come to you with everything. I want more of that, whatever came over you, I want again. I talked to Adam today and also a new detective today that is on Victoria’s death. I just would like to talk about both of them in person.

Elizabeth: 3:11 Ok, after dinner when we are upstairs in our room. I also have to talk to Tylor, I am waiting for him to come home from school. I hope this detective is leaving us alone, I have had it with that, and maybe you will get more of that if your good boy.

Brian: 3:14 Oh, Hell, I will be a good boy. (Brian laughs). This detective was wonderful and honest. We have nothing to worry about. I would love to text you more, but I need to get back to work. I love you and I will see you later on.

Elizabeth: 3:16 I am glad he is honest. I love you too, stay safe, and I will see you at dinner.

Elizabeth just hopes whatever Brian has to tell her about Victoria is good. She is tired of hearing all the negative things, which only seems, to put a strain on their relationship. Just no matter what he tells her tonight, she is going to keep her calm, and trust him. She didn’t want to a repeat performance of last time.

She also was glad that he was thinking about last night. That it was on his mind, and he couldn’t forget it. It was one reason why she did it. To keep things fresh, to get him going again for her, and only her. She had to admit it was a bit fun too. To feel that heat with him and between them, just made it even better. She was going to work on it, and keep that part going. After all, they were both in need of some fun these days. It was about due.

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