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Chapter 349

Chapter 349

Elizabeth puts the phone down, waiting for Tylor to get home from school. He took the bus today and should be home any minute. She wanted to talk to him and make sure he was ok. She knew that things, that were taking place around him, were not the best lately. She didn’t want him to think it was because of him in any way. She knew he was old enough to notice that her and his father, were having problems. She knew before she left, for the dinner, she wasn’t acting herself at all. She just couldn’t help it, her emotions were all over the place. It was something, she did to protect herself. She would act cold and uncaring. That was just her defense mechanism. She learned that from being married to Ethan, and it was something that remained with her till this day.

When Three eighteen in the afternoon rolls around, Tylor walks in, seeing that Elizabeth is home. He just wonders to himself, for how long? And if things were back to normal or if his father screwed up royally this time, enough for Elizabeth to call it quits. He saw what happened with his father and mother, and even his mother and Matt. He knew the signs, he was used to it. Just this time, he didn’t want these two to split. He has gotten very used to living with both of them and enjoyed it here. It was stable, and he saw his father happy, happier then he has ever seen him. He didn't want that to go away. He just knew, if Brian would act as he did towards his mother, Elizabeth wouldn't stay. There was always that lurking in the back of his mind.

“Hi, Tylor How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed the dinner on Sunday.” Elizabeth says giving him a hug.

“It was nice, I was happy to be apart of it. It was also nice seeing you and my dad on talking terms. I know things have been hard on you lately. I just hope you don't give up on my dad.” Tylor admits.

“Yea it was nice... I want to say, I am sorry for how I acted before I left for the dinner. I want you to know none of that had anything to do with you. I have no intention of giving up on your dad. Just sometimes, grown-ups have disagreements.” Elizabeth states.

“I know my father, I am sure he did something to piss you off. I am just surprised it took him this long.” Tylor says.

“Relationships are hard, we just had a disagreement. It's normal to have them, in a marriage. It doesn’t mean anything. You just learn from them and move on.“Elizabeth answers.

“I hope not, I really do want you two to make it. I already know if it doesn't, my father will fall apart. I never really have seen him want something so much. I also really do enjoy living with both of you. I think you are great for each other. He finally met someone that he wants to settle down for.” Tylor replies.

“You have nothing to worry about, you're a little boy, you're not supposed to be worried about things like this anyway. Your father and I are fine, no one is going anywhere. I also know the holidays are approaching, I am sure that is hard on you. I don’t want you to hide your feelings. If something is bothering you, just let us know. We are both here for you and will try to make it better the best we can. Also if there is any tradition that you would like to keep that you had, I am more than happy to add it in. I want you to know you are part of this family. Your feelings and wants matter.” Elizabeth responds.

“Thank you, I will think about it and let you know. Maybe if it's ok, we can visit my mother's grave and give her flowers for Christmas? I know you were not fond of her, so if it's too much to ask I understand.” Tylor says.

“This has nothing to do with how I felt about your mother. This is for you to her, I will gladly take you and even help you pick out the flowers. I think that is a wonderful gesture. We can make that a tradition for you every Christmas.” Elizabeth answers.

“I like that. Thank you. I am glad your home, I missed your cooking. Dad is ok, at it, but its nothing like yours.” Tylor confesses.

“Thank you, I am going to get started on it, while you get your homework done, and tell me how your day went. I miss spending time with you. After Thanksgiving, I would like for all of us to go to pick out our Christmas tree together, would you be ok with that?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, That's nice,” Tylor responds.

“Great,” Elizabeth replies.

They both go into the kitchen, with Zach in the high chair and get ready for dinner. Tylor sits at the round table near the kitchen window working on his homework, as Elizabeth cooks. Things going back to normal and the way they were before all this mess started.

Elizabeth wants to bring back the stability in their lives, needing it as much as Tylor does. She missed this, being a family, feeling at home, and like this is the place she needs to be. She had to admit, nothing compared to that feeling.

Tylor sits there talking to Elizabeth and being like they were before his mother's death. He is happy to see things are back to that, he had to admit he liked it. He didn't want to lose it. For the first time in his life, he was with people that really cared for each other. He knew if his father messed this up, he was a fool. He also knew if he messed it up, he was never going to get anything like this again. It worried him, not only would his father lose a wife, and the life they were living, but so would he. Elizabeth treated him very well. She might not be his real mother but she was there and tried her best. Wanting to make him happy, and part of this family. He wasn't too sure another woman would do the same. Then after all this, Tylor wouldn't trust another relationship to last, if his father couldn't make this work, nothing ever would.

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