The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 35 Time so slow

Chapter 35 Time So Slow

Monica also called Elizabeth, letting her know what time Brian would be getting in. Elizabeth’s nerves set in, so does her happiness. Not able to contain her emotions. She goes upstairs, making sure her bags are packed. She never really unpacked them. She had everything waiting. Just taking in the days till she could be back on the road with Brian. She gets her laptop, placing it in her bag. Having everything waiting at the front door for tomorrow.

Later that evening, Ethan comes home. Seeing the bags at the door. Wondering what is taking place now.

“I thought you had another week to go?” Ethan says.

“I do. We are getting things ready for everything. I will be leaving tomorrow, to get ready. I won’t be home at all tomorrow night. Not sure when I will be this week. I will be very busy.” Elizabeth answers.

“When will you be returning for good?” Ethan asks.

“In June, I will be home for Sofia’s graduation.” Elizabeth answers.

“Will things calm down then? How long will you be doing this? You have a family here.” Ethan snaps.

“I am not sure Ethan. I will have to go to other parts to promote this book. She is waiting a bit till she puts out part two. Then I will have to promote that one. ” Elizabeth comments.

“This is crazy. You have no regular life. You’re always on the road. What about our children?” Ethan says.

“They are fine. Sofia is going to be nineteen, Izabella seventeen. One will be off to college. They don’t need me as much.” Elizabeth comments.

“You don’t seem to care about anything in this life anymore. You’re too busy off with your fake man and book. What happens when the book isn’t big anymore. Then what?” Ethan shouts.

“Then it’s not big anymore. It’s not about that, it’s about being able to be me. The real me. I am learning so much. Seeing the world. You should be happy for me, not scolding me. I told you I am not that person anymore.” Elizabeth replies.

“What about our marriage?” Ethan asks.

“We will talk more about it when I get back, after Sofia’s graduation,” Elizabeth responds.

Walking away, too happy to let anything he says get to her. Even if the book didn’t sell anymore, she had Brian. She got something out of this she wanted more than anything. A real relationship, A best friend. Something she never had before. Something Ethan couldn’t give her. If that didn’t work at least she could say she tried. She could say she had it once. Where before this, she never had any of it.

She goes upstairs after dinner, trying to get some rest. Which she doesn’t get much of, not able to wait till morning. Till she could be with Brian. See him, touch him. The time was ticking so slowly, it seemed like forever. She couldn’t believe she felt this way. That she yearned so much for one person. It was an awesome feeling yet at the same time a very scary one. To make someone be able to control your feelings like this was something she wasn’t used to.

She just laid next to Ethan, wondering how things got so bad. How they just let things get away from them. The sex, the want, even the friendship. They had none. They barely talked to each other. When they did lately it was turning into fights. It was getting worse instead of better. She knew in June when she came back, she would have to tell him. She was leaving. She was planning on leaving soon after the graduation. Not wanting to stay here or lead him on. She just wanted that day to be peaceful for her daughter. Knowing she had to tell them as well. That would be hard. She would have to figure out a way to do that

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