The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 350

Chapter 350 New Openings.

Later in the day, Brian gets into his car to head home for the evening. Still thinking more about what happened last night at the club, then anything that happened here today. He wasn’t sure what made it so hot, but it was something lingering on his mind. Making him a bit horny as the day progressed. He was far from being a teenaged boy, Yet, last night Elizabeth turned him into one. Making his desires skyrocket more than usual. It was amazing to him how she made him feel, Afterall, he has been with quite a few women in his lifetime. Just none of them made him feel like this. Even after being together close to two years, the feeling was still the same. He felt alive in every sense of the word.

When he gets home, he parks the car in the driveway, then getting out and walking into his home. The scent of food filling the air greets him. He hears talking coming from the kitchen and he knows, things are normal again. The way he loved it. This was always special to him, to walk in and see his family in the kitchen together. How Elizabeth accepts Tylor as her own, letting him be apart of everything. He knew losing this would be the dumbest thing he could ever do. He is just happy that Elizabeth is accepting his mistake as well when she could have just left and never looked back.

He walks into the kitchen, seeing Tylor, Joan and Zach at the small table working on homework and talking, as Elizabeth is at the stove cooking. The smell of Lasagna, garlic bread, and meatballs filling the air.

He goes up to Elizabeth not able to control how happy he is seeing her, putting his arms around her waist and kissing her passionately on her lips, taking her breath away. Elizabeth can’t help but for her arms to wrap around his neck, and kiss back. Feeling her own contentment at this very moment.

Brian knows as much as he would like to just carry her up to bed at this moment, he can’t. They have a full house, he will need to compose himself, saving it for later. Just the fact that she is there and their life is the same means the world to him.

“I missed you,” Brian says putting his head on hers.

“I missed you too, I am glad your home. Dinner will be ready shortly so you can go get comfy.” Elizabeth answers.

“Ok, I won’t be, long. I will tell you about work at dinner. I can’t wait to share. I wanted to tell you earlier but I was so busy at work, and wanted to tell you in person.” Brian states.

“I can’t wait to hear, I hope everything went the way you wanted it to,” Elizabeth replies.

“It did, maybe better,” Brian responds walking out of the kitchen.

Joan just looks at Elizabeth seeing how happy she is, how happy Brian is. This is what she wants for them both. Tylor also sees their love is still there for each other, which makes him feel great. He sees what Elizabeth said earlier was the truth, and now feels there may be nothing to really worry about.

After Tylor finishes his homework, he fixes the dinner table, everyone sitting down to eat, including Joan.

“Everything smells and looks delicious babe,” Brian says.

“Thank you, I hope all of you enjoy it.” Elizabeth answers.

“I went to talk to Adam this morning, he is still very much on board with my own firm. We made it be that Matt takes over the large firm in New York, and the one here is mine. ” Brian replies.

“That's wonderful.” Joan answers.

“That is great, so he is ok with giving you his clients? Matt is ok with this? I know how Matt feels about you.” Elizabeth says.

“Matt was a bit upset at first, then he saw it as an opportunity to show Adam what he can do. He will have his own firm without me, and the same for me. Which allows us to be ourselves and do what we want. Matt will have more to control but I think that is fair, he has been doing this longer than I have. I am fine with the smaller firm, plus I am closer to you and can have a regular life.” Brian responds.

“I think it's all great, I am very proud of you and I am also glad you're going after something you really want. I just don’t want you to take on more then you can handle, with the firm, and thinking about a new home and such.” Elizabeth admits.

“Babe, I am fine. Looking for a new home is really going to be your thing. If you find something that interests you, let me know and we will go see it together. I want you to love the place like you did this one. Maybe even more so, I don’t want to sway you in any way, so if you're looking and tell me you love it, I know its special.” Brian comments.

“Ok, I think that's fair, I just want you and Tylor to like it as well.” Elizabeth states.

“I am sure whatever you choose I will. I love what you have done to this one, it’s just we really do need more space.” Brian says.

“Tylor would you be ok with moving?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am fine with it, will I get a bigger room?” Tylor remarks.

“Yes, and one you don’t have to share with guests,” Elizabeth responds.

“Then I am all in,” Tylor answers happily.

“I guess that's two to one, that wants a new house Elizabeth.” Joan laughs. “You're being outnumbered.” She adds.

“I see this, I guess we will see what I can find,” Elizabeth replies.

“Our family is growing and moving on, I think it's great. Just the house we choose this time will be the one we stay in. I know you don’t like to move around, and you want stability.” Brian states.

“Yes, I lived in the same house for twenty years. I would like to do that again, just this time for good. A place our children can come back too, filled with memories.” Elizabeth says.

“I feel the same,” Brian answers with a smile on his face.

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