The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 351

Chapter 351

When dinner is over, Brian heads upstairs with baby Zach to get him ready for bed. Tylor follows him wanting to talk to his father. Needing some answers only he could give. He knew Elizabeth was real, that she wanted this. He wanted to make sure his father did as well.

“Dad, can I speak to you?” Tylor asks.

“Of course. You know I am here for anything that you need. I know things have been rough lately, I am so sorry to do that to you.” Brian answers.

“With mom's death, it just brings up a lot of questions for me. When I first came here, I thought everything was great and going to last. I just saw that last week, things could change really fast.” Tylor states.

“I know there have been times in your life, that things were not stable for you. I am sorry about that. I know me and your mother’s breakup was hard on you. That her marrying Matt wasn’t any easier due to their rocky relationship. I found more out about that after she died, how rough that was for you. I am sorry that from a young age, you had to suffer from this, and I promise you, that you will not have to worry about anything like that ever happening again. I want to make up for all that I couldn’t give you when I was younger, not only in material items but in life. I want you to have a real life. An upbringing with a mother and father, one who love each other and respect each other. I want the same for Zach.” Brian comments.

“Really dad? I am not sure about what took place last week and the week before but Elizabeth wasn’t herself. I know that you had to do something to make her feel that way. To act that way. Are we really going to stay here? If you mess this up, your not the only one that gets thrown out. I like it here, I know things were fine before my mother’s death. We all had it great, I want it to go back to that and stay that way.” Tylor remarks

“We just had to get through something last week, we have now and it's over. Relationships are not always happy, son. No matter how much you love someone, disagreements take place. People are only human and do things, that the other one may not like. It's just getting over it and moving on. I think what took place made us stronger in the end. I know I have learned from it, I have no intention of ever doing it again. I also know for a fact Elizabeth would never do it either. A lot of the problems we were having, were caused by others, and they are no longer in the picture. Things have been taken cared of in a lot of ways. We can move on from it.” Brian says.

“I hope so, I like the idea of getting a new home and starting a new life, all of us together. I love you dad, but if this doesn’t work, and Elizabeth doesn’t want me to stay with her, I will go live with my grandparents. I can’t watch, more relationships fail. I have been in the middle of a few and I don’t like it. Mom’s and Matts was never as stable as this one, I was always on edge wondering what was going to happen. I don’t want to do that anymore. To be honest, if this is what Relationships are, I don’t want one. They just seem to bring hurt to each other. What’s the point?” Tylor responds.

“I understand how you feel son. I want you to know you don’t have to worry about this one. YOu don’t need to worry about any of this, your just a child. You will be taken cared of no matter what. Not all relationships bring hurt and pain either son. Sometimes you have to go through that to find the real one. As my marriage to Elizabeth goes on, you will see that it does last, through thick and thin. That love can conquer all, as long as you both try.“Brian replies.

“I would love to see that. Elizabeth is great to me, we are even going to bring mom flowers for Christmas. She said that we can do it every year as a tradition. I really like that.” Tylor answers.

“I think that's great as well, she is a good woman. Very caring its why I fell in love with her.” Brian admits.

“Yea, I can see that.” Tylor states.

“Are you ok now? Are you feeling any better? I want you to feel at home, and stable. I want you to know nothing is going to change.” Brian says.

“I feel better now, I talked to both of you and you're on the same page. I just wanted to make sure.” Tylor comments.

“I want you to get some rest, and stop worrying. No need too, I promise you. Have I ever lied to you?” Brian asks.

“No, you have always been very honest with me. So has Elizabeth.” Tylor answers.

“And we are being so now. Go get your jammies on, and I will come to tuck you in.” Brian says.

“Ok, I want to play a video game before bed too,” Tylor responds.

“Uh Huh, Not for too long though, tomorrow is school.” Brian states.

“I know,” Tylor replies walking out of Zach's bedroom.

Brian knows that Tylor has been through a lot, not only with his mother’s death but with everything in his life. It hurts him to know just how bad it was to live with Victoria and Matt. He sees the destruction that it caused, and if he kept screwing up, he was going to do the same.

He knew more than ever, that this relationship had to work, not only because he loved her, but he needed for both his sons to have the life he never had. One with both parents, that was always there for them. Making them feel content happy and stable. Also, both boys would see that relationships would work if you really cared and tried.

He knew Elizabeth would make it work, it was him that almost messed the whole thing up, just for feeling hurt and stressed. It’s another reason he was trying to change his life around. He wanted the firm, and to be something but with less stress. Not having to be around Adam and Matt. He now resented Matt, as much as he did him. The main reason being putting his son through so much, if Elizabeth and he could see it, didn't Victoria and Matt?

He made a promise to himself that night standing in front of his youngest son’s crib that he would never do something like that ever again. He would make both of them have a happy home life, no matter what it took. His own demons he would work through, making sure no one else suffered while he did.

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