The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 352

Chapter 352

After Brian tucks in both of his sons, he walks to his bedroom, finding Elizabeth sitting on the edge of their bed in a towel, putting on her lotion. He just stares at her, seeing just how beautiful his wife really is. Her soft glowing skin, her long blonde hair falling down her back still wet from the shower. There were so many reminders today, letting him see just how lucky he truly was.

Brian walks into the bedroom going up to Elizabeth sitting next to her on the bed. Taking the lotion bottle into his hand, and putting some on, his so he can rub it on her legs.

“I had a talk with Tylor tonight. He is pretty worried that we may break up, leaving him without a family. He seemed scared you wouldn’t want him if we parted. Also scared I may do something to ruin all this.” Brian admits.

“I am so sorry, he is feeling this way. I should have watched how I reacted better. I was just so upset, I couldn’t control it. I don’t want him feeling this way or thinking that way. No child should always wonder, that he will be abandoned or lose what he has. I tried to talk to him today to let him know everything was ok. I guess he still had doubts. What do you mean by if I didn't want him?” Elizabeth answers.

“I think he had doubts about me. He saw what his mother and I went through, he also saw what his mother and Matt went through. It seems it really left an impact on him and it wasn't good. I feel terrible that he had to live through that, I had no clue and let him deal with adult situations. I was so immature, I didn’t realize any of this. You also wouldn’t have had to act or feel that way if I didn’t act like a damn fool. I believe he meant if we parted he wanted to stay with you, and he said if you didn't want him, he would live with his grandparents.” Brian admits.

“I want you to stop putting yourself down. What happened, sucked but it's over. We both learned from it, and need to move on. What happened with Victoria, she was his mother, if anyone should have known it was her. She was with him always. She is the one to introduce the Matt situation to Tylor and herself. I know she loved Tylor and I am sure, she probably thought he was young and didn’t know anything. That is just another lesson for us to learn from. Our kids are never too young to see how we treat each other.No matter what age, they do see and feel what is going on around us. I hope we never part, but if we ever did and he wanted to stay here, he could. I just didn't think you would let him since he is really your son.” Elizabeth states.

“I don’t want that to happen again. Elizabeth I love you, and I want to be all that you want me to be and more. I want our family to survive. I want to grow old with you. Watch our kids have their families. After hearing what he had to say, and how he feels, it made me want this to work even more. It also made me think if that was something he wanted, and you agreed, I would leave him here. I don't want to make him upset or hurt. He seems to have grown very attached to you, if we would have broken up, taking him away from you would have hurt him even more. But the fact that he wouldn't want to come with me, hurt me as well. It made me feel as if in some ways he doesn't trust me.” Brian says.

“I want the same thing. I want to be with you and only you. I also want you to know, you don’t have to be everything I want. You just need to be you. I see that you are under a lot of pressure to be what I need at times. You try so hard not to be like Ethan and protect my feelings. I am very thankful that you are not like him, but I need you to be you. I need for you not to stress yourself out. You are already everything that I want and need. I do see you for you. With this law firm, and fighting for everything, I don't want you to feel you have to because of me. I am happy with you having a regular job. If you do, do this, I want you to do it for yourself. Because its something you want and long for, not because you are trying to prove something to me or anyone.” Elizabeth replies. "I have also become very close to Tylor, he is like my own son. It would hurt for him to leave. I thought about that when I was mad at you, How it wouldn't only change our lives but our children's if we split. It's another reason I didn't walk away. I don't think he was trying to hurt you by saying how he felt, he is just tired like the rest of us from everything going on. It seems he has been dealing with a lot of it even before we got together. He could feel you would get with someone else and after all the breakups he wouldn't want to get close to anyone else." Elizabeth adds.

“That means a lot to me, that you see that. I do try to be everything you need. I want to. I want to make you as happy as you make me. I hate how much he hurt you. What he put you through. I would never want to do that to you, and I know what I did in that club hurt you badly, I can never say sorry enough for that. I do need for you to trust me, as you did when we first met, before all this craziness. If you can’t trust me and see me for what I really am, then there is no point in anything. I am thankful that you two are getting this close. He needs a mother figure, someone he can trust and go to. We don't have to worry where he is going, because we are not going to break up. We are going to make this work. I sweat to you, I am in this for the long haul.” Brian responds.

“I do trust you, with everything that I am. It’s why I am still here. Our marriage means the world to me. You mean the world to me.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Thank you, babe, same here,” Brian answers giving her a hug.

Brian knows it's not only him that needs this to work, and it was going just fine until he got weak. He knows, he can't do that any longer, for many reasons.

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