The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 353

Chapter 353 About The New Detective.

Elizabeth sits there looking at Brian, she knows just how serious all this really is. This relationship wasn’t about only them anymore. They were now bringing in innocent people, stuck in the middle of them. It was just like Ethan and her relationship now, children were to be thought about, before doing anything harsh. The only difference was, she wanted more than anything for this to work. It just scared her, even more, to think that two children would be stuck in the middle of this again. This affair wasn’t just “fun” anymore, it involved, into a lot more. Turning both their lives around, adding a lot of good things and also a lot more complications.

“Babe are you ok?” Brian asks.

“Yes, you had to tell me something about the detective didn’t you?” She replies.

“Oh, yes, I was so distracted with Tylor, and other things, I forgot all about him. This new detective came into Adam’s office today.” Brian responds.

“Why a new one? What happened with Greg?” Elizabeth asks.

“Supposedly, he got kicked off the case for being an ass to everyone. I have to say, I am not sad to see him go. He could have cared less about who he hurt. Someone turned him in, and they are now looking at suspending him from his duties.” Brian answers.

“Wow, I wonder who did that? I hope this one is better than him, and not as much of an ass as him. I didn't appreciate him coming here, telling me different things about you to egg things on.” Elizabeth laughs.

“I don’t know who turned him in, someone who had a lot of pull. This guy Ben seemed nice and to the point. He had no intention of bothering any of us. He solved the case and was there to tell us what happened.” Brian responds.

“Wait it's over? What happened to her?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, my love it's over. We are all free of Victoria, and hopefully, she can rest in peace now too. It seems there was a recall on her car. It was known that the brakes on her model were no good. She just didn’t get the recall. So it was just a freak accident.” Brian says.

“Oh, that's sad. I know I wasn’t her greatest fan but I didn’t want this to happen to her. I am glad no one did that to her on purpose. It’s good to know Adam isn’t a complete monster. Why couldn't Greg find this out then? It doesn't seem that hard to find out what Ben did instead of dragging us all through hell. Greg was an ass but I don't see him doing it for no reason.” Elizabeth comments.

“I felt the same way. I know Adam is a lot of things, I just didn’t want to add that to his list. I am glad to be getting away from him though. I am looking forward to having my own. I am not sure why Greg, didn't just come out with this, or what he was up to. Maybe he was just another one against Adam and wanted payback. ” Brian remarks.

“I am glad you're getting away from him as well. Yet, in another way, it's not completely. You are still part of his firm, still part of what he created. As long as you do this, you will never be really free of him.” Elizabeth says.

“I know, I have no choice. It will help me build mine, I need his backup at least for now. It still won’t be like it is now that I have to see them every day, he isn’t the boss, I am. It should help things calm down.” Brian answers.

“I hope so, have you talked to Sean about this yet?” Elizabeth asks.

“Not yet, too many things took place today. It’s been crazy. I will talk to him on Thanksgiving when he comes. That way it will be in person, and we will have all the time in the world.” Brian replies.

“That sounds good. I can’t wait to see what he has to say about this.” Elizabeth jokes.

“I know he will be a bit unsure. I am just hoping I can get him to see what I do. I know he knows what he is doing and would be a great help to me. I want him to be part of this. It’s his as well.” Brian comments.

“You see it that way, he may not. He isn’t into this stuff like you. He isn’t into Adam at all.” Elizabeth states.

“I know, I guess we will see. You do know that all day, all I thought about was you, and last night right?” Brian admits.

“You really did like last night didn’t you?” Elizabeth smiles.

“Yes, you made me crazy and feel like a horny teenaged boy,” Brian confesses.

“Are you still horny? Is there anything I can help you with?” Elizabeth smirks.

“I been horny all day, I wanted you in the kitchen, I just knew better. We had too many guests there at the time. You can help me with a few things. One thing is removing that towel that is wrapped around you.” Brian says in a sexy voice.

“I can help with that,” Elizabeth answers sitting up and undoing her towel, letting it fall to her sides. “Is this what you wanted?” She adds.

“Yes, ” Brian answers.

Brian sits up close to her, sliding his hand up and over her breast. Touching her lightly as he looks deeply into her eyes. Elizabeth gives out a light moan, from his feathery touch. His lips move close to hers, as his arms wrap around her body moving her in close to his.

She wraps her legs around his waist, as her arms go around his neck, kissing him passionately. Her hands going through his long silver-gray hair.

Brian holds her tight, on his lap, as his hands slide up and down her back, taking in the feel of her smooth soft skin.

This is what he dreamed of all day, being this close to her. He craved it. It made all the craziness go away. They spend the rest of the night in each other's arms after making slow, soft passionate love to each other. Their bodies entwined in each other's. Their closeness getting even stronger than before.

It made them both know this was right where they needed to be. With each other, nothing else mattered, just the love they have for each other.

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