The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Thanksgiving.

A few days go by and its time for Thanksgiving. Elizabeth is happy and very excited, she has her mom, husband and two sons to share it with this year. It made her smile, also knowing that in a few days her daughter would be arriving. She was getting more and more of her family here to be with her. She couldn’t ask for more.

In the last few days, she and Brian have been getting along just fine. Brian is doing his best to make up for what he did a few weeks ago. Little by little he is letting go of the stress he had, concentrating more on his relationship and home life. Also very excited about his new firm.

He does know that there would be one thing to make Elizabeth extremely happy, also knowing if he could get it to happen, it would be one less thing in Wisconsin, one less thing closer to Ethan. He just knew he would have to have a talk and see if he could get it. Just with how smooth he could be, he was sure he could.

Brian sees Elizabeth in the kitchen getting the food ready for today, the dining room table all done up with fancy autumn dishes, glasses, and silverware. He had to admit everything was perfect and smelled great.

He sees Joan, going to put baby Zach down for his nap, so he will be well-rested for dinner. Brian sees the opportunity to take the lead.

“Joan, Can I have a word with you?” Brian asks.

“Of course, What’s wrong?” Joan asks.

“Nothing is wrong, I know Christmas is coming and there is something your daughter would love more than anything. I just need your help to give it to her.” Brian states.

“You know I would do anything for either of you. What does she want?” Joan asks.

“For you to live here. I know you are pretty set in your ways, and love your own home. I also know you miss her as much as she does you. I know we talked a little bit before about you staying, you were just not sure about it.” Brian replies.

“You are not going to let this go are you?” Joan laughs.

“No, It is something she wants very much. She needs family here, I know she came here for me. I want to give her what she needs. She doesn’t want to go back to Wisconsin due to Ethan, but that also means, she misses out on you and her daughters. I am sure we can make this work. You are going to go looking for houses with her, Look for one that has a mother-in-law suite. A place you can call your own, on our property. That way you are close, yet still, have your own privacy. You can come and go as you like, yet still, see her every day. Sharing everything, and watching Zach grow up.” Brian says.

“I have to say, you sure do know how to seduce someone. Are you really ok with me living here Brian? It looks like you already have a full house.” Joan answers.

“You are not a problem for me, never were. Plus it’s not really living with me, it's living near me. If you are nervous about it, you can keep your own home in Wisconsin. In case you feel you want to go back. You don’t have to pay for anything here. Your welcome to stay, as long as you want, even for always.” Brian responds.

“Jesus, no wonder she fell in love with you and left her life. If this makes you both happy then sure. Ok, I will give it a try. I will go house hunting with her like I planned to and see what they have. I will look for a home that has a separate suite for me. I will also keep my home as you said just in case. I really don’t have anything in Wisconsin, except Sofia now. Izzy is coming here to as well, and I know once she is here, she isn’t going to go back. You are manging to take everything here, making Wisconsin seem like it never existed to Elizabeth.” Joan states.

“More like Ethan never existed. I know they shared a life together, a long one. I also know how he hurt her, and how upset she was. I want to make up for it all, giving her what she needs to make her happy now.” Brian comments.

“You are a very good man Brian, I see that. I am very glad she found you. Sometimes I still ask myself if you are for real. You just need to know, you can’t make up for everything Ethan did, no one can. You just have to be you. You seem to make her very happy, also I see you can make her fall apart, where he couldn’t.” Joan admits.

“I know, I see that. I am sorry for a few things I have done. I want to make up for them. To show her that I am here. I have no intention of leaving.” Brian answers.

“We all have done a few things we regret Brian, its life. We make mistakes, we are human. If we can learn from them and move past it, it makes us a better person. Its when we keep repeating them, that there is a problem.” Joan replies.

“I have no intention of repeating them. I was stupid to even do them in the first place.” Brian confesses.

“We all been there. Thank you for inviting me to stay here, It means a lot. I don’t want to be a problem for you, it was another reason why I wasn’t sure to move in or not. Ethan and I got along for the most part, but we did work on each other’s nerves as well. We just respected each other, and tried to keep things peaceful.” Joan says.

“You're not a problem for me. You don’t work on my nerves as of yet either.” Brian laughs.

“Oh give that time, my dear boy,” Joan answers with a chuckle.

“We will respect each other as well, and our space.” Brian states.

“Yes, exactly.” Joan nods.

Brian feels that was a good conversation, he got what he wanted. Joan couldn’t be any more of a problem then Ethan was to him. This woman honestly didn’t do a thing to him. She was there for months at a time, helping them so they could tour, and even when they were not. She always tried to make sure she wasn’t in the way. Even when things would go down around her, she shut up acting as if she didn’t see it. Knowing that is how relationships were. There were ups and downs. Ethan was the pain in the ass, where lately he seemed to be quiet after their last trip there.

Brian is sure that Izzy saying she was coming to live here, pissed him off. And sooner or later, he would return.

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