The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Growing Family.

Joan goes into the kitchen to help Elizabeth with the food, as Brian heads to the living room, feeling he did well. The doorbell rings, which gets him excited as well. He knows its Sean. Brian has been looking forward to this all week.

“Hey Bro, come on in, Hi Martha how are you?” Brian says.

“I’m great. I take it Elizabeth is in the Kitchen? I am going to go to help.” Martha answers.

“Yea, Joan is in there as well,” Brian replies.

“Oh great, I love her!” Martha comments walking to the kitchen.

Brian and Sean walk over to the sofa and take a seat. Sean is very curious about how things are going.

“So? How have things been? I see you're still living here.” Sean jokes.

“Things have been great, I think we are over the hurdle I made. Things seem back to normal.” Brian answers.

“I swear bro, only you can pull the shit you do and get away with it. Anyone else would have been out on his ass. Or still, at least have some fall out from it. You are the luckiest bastard I ever met.” Sean responds.

“Trust me, I went through fall out, she was so pissed off at me, I wasn’t sure this could be fixed. She didn’t want to even talk to me or look at me. I think the sight of me made her sick. It was awful. When we were away, she wanted me to take her to the club and tell her everything that happened. I was terrified that was going to be it. She would hear everything and I would be a goner, not to mention making a scene in the club. She just used it against me, in a different way, being very mature about it. It was the hottest thing ever.” Brian admits.

“You hurt her, you took away the trust she did have for you. She never thought you would do that or want to. She has been through so much, she just learned to push things back and make it better. That doesn’t mean she is totally over it or forgot it. She is just trying. You two have a lot here to lose. Plus two children in the mix now, she isn’t a woman that play games, Brian. You found a good one this time if you don’t step up, in time you will get booted. You will regret it.” Sean says.

“I have learned my lesson. I swear. I even asked her mother to stay here for good. I want to try to make things better all the way around. That way she has some family here as well.” Brian remarks.

“What did she say?” Sean asks.

“Joan said she would, I am sure that will make Elizabeth very happy.” Brian states.

“That's good, she will have her daughter and mother here. Heh, so much fo Ethan wanting to use that against her.” Sean laughs.

“Oh please, I can’t stand him. It is a bit of a reason why I want her mother to come here. She won’t need to visit there, she can maybe let go of there even more. She deserves some peace.” Brian says.

“She sure does,” Sean responds.

“Also another big thing happened at work.” Brian states.

“What now? I don’t think my heart can take anymore.” Sean jokes.

“Funny, I asked Adam for my own firm. I want to make one right here in Jersey away from New York and Adam.” Brian claims.

“I heard you talking that over with Adam at the dinner party. So what did he say in his office?” Sean asks.

“He said yes. We are going to get started with it. I just have to find a place to rent for an office. Matt will take over the New York firm, and I have this one. I want you to come to work with me. I want it to be ours.” Brian suggests.

“I am really glad you are getting your own, or what you think is your own. You are still part of his firm and under his thumb. I am not sure I want any part of that.” Sean explains.

“I know how you feel about them, but this is yours as well. Together we can make this huge without them. We just need some of their clients and name to set it off.” Brian announces.

“We will see, Get the place and we will see how it goes. I do think it's great that at least you will no longer be seeing them every day. You will be closer to your family. I hope you take this opportunity to work on your marriage and not put your self fully into the firm. I know you want to succeed, I am proud of you for it. Just don’t lose what really matters in the process.” Sean advises.

“I know, I already thought about all that. Its why I want the firm to remain small. Something easy to handle. Yet, still, make money and do well. Between both of us, we can do this. I know your not a lawyer, but you are a great accountant. You can take care of the books, and run the office, while I take the clients and go to court.” Brian remarks.

“You sure have this all worked out, don’t you? I am happy that you thought about me with this bro. Like I said we will see. It sure sounds good, if it goes the way your planning. Does Adam care that I would be there?” Sean asks.

“No, I already told him, he is fine with it. I am also taking a few from his firm to help with the office and such. Just not a lot. Less to pay and handle. We can always add more if we need to as we grow.” Brian states.

“I bet Matt is just loving this,” Sean replies.

“He is getting a large firm. I didn’t take anything away from him. He should be good.” Brian answers.

“What about our so-called father? Are you ever going to ask about that?” Sean says.

“Yes, I just want to get through this first, then I still do want to know. I think we have a right to know.” Brian comments.

“True. For now, let us just enjoy the dinner your wife is making and have a Happy Thanksgiving.” Sean states.

" You got it,” Brian says with a laugh.

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